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A Cursor Park or Cursor Parking Lot is a space on a Google Docs page designated for placing your mouse cursor when you're not actively editing the document. The lot is defined by a design made out of keyboard characters, often in a rectangular shape but sometimes more elaborate, resembling things like parks, zoos and picnic areas. The idea of a cursor park was first posted to Twitter in May 2019 and went viral on the platform in July 2021, spreading over the following year and becoming increasingly popular in late 2022.


On May 16th, 2019, Twitter[1] user @alindeman posted a now-deleted image of a "cursor park and nature preserve," meaning an area for people to place their cursors on a Google Doc when not active that resembles a nature preserve in design (shown below). The tweet resulted in numerous comments from users sharing their own Twitter parks, including Twitter[2] user @jenniferdaniel who shared an elaborate ocean-themed cursor park, garnering over 40 likes in four years. The user also shared a link to a Google Doc containing several cursor parks for people to copy and paste

Andy Lindeman @alindeman ಹಿಂಬಾಲಿಸು Does your team's agenda document have a peaceful place for everyone's cursor to hang out in nature? h/t @aniero for the idea Papahana Planning Meeting & Standup Add a new Header 1 for each date. Beneath each date, add topics for discussion or your standup. Cursor Park & Nature Preserve 2 MASH


On July 29th, 2021, Twitter[3] user @ahl posted an image of a cursor parking lot with several cursors inside of it created on Google Docs, writing, "Always be sure to provide ample parking when presenting a google doc," garnering over 119,000 likes and 16,000 retweets in eighteen months (shown below). It was reposted to /r/BrandNewSentence[4] on August 3rd, garnering over 23,900 upvotes in roughly the same amount of time.

Adam Leventhal AHL @ahl Always be sure to provide ample parking when presenting a google doc ------ cursor parking lot ------+ +-- 7:19 PM . Jul 29, 2021 --+ ...

On October 6th, 2022, Twitter[5] user @_inundata posted an image of his own cursor parking lot, writing, "This has been really helpful in Google docs," garnering over 103,000 likes in three months (shown below). The meme gained viral spread over the following weeks, including a post by Instagram[6] user kalesalad that garnered over 55,000 likes in three months and a post by Facebook[7] page Humans of Tumblr, garnering over 8,000 reactions and 1,100 shares in the same rough span of time.

Karthik Ram @_inundata This has been really helpful in Google docs. Cursor Parking Lot | │ │ | TT 3:40 PM Oct 6, 2022 ...

On October 12th, the official @Lenovo TikTok[8] page posted a video about cursor parking lots, garnering over 9.5 million views in three months (shown below, left). On November 2nd, the official @Google TikTok[9] page posted a video showing a more elaborate cursor parking lot designed to look like a cafe, garnering over 11.5 million views in two months (shown below, right).

@lenovo now this is creative #googledocs #lenovo #presentation #cursor ♬ Aesthetic – Tollan Kim

@google Relax and grab a cup of joe at the cursor cafe ☕️ #GoogleWorkspace #GoogleDocs #Cursor #GroupProject ♬ Strawberry – Prod. By Rose

On December 30th, TikToker[10] @ochemlover posted a video of a cursor parking lot, wondering what the point is, garnering over 6.6 million views in five days (shown below). On an unknown date, a "cursor park" layout was added to[11] allowing interested people to copy and paste it onto their Docs.

@ochemlover what is the point 😭😭 #why #euthanizeme #helpme #school #college #chemistry #chem #ochem #organicchemistry #womeninstem ♬ original sound – lakii101

Various Examples @jenniferdaniel I love this idea so so so much I had to make one and then I made five. If you wanna add your Cursor Park, see what other folks are making and or copy and paste into your own docs you're welcome to contribute to this google doc! +kk = k k k k k k k ž k k k k k k k kkk. kok ={{ IISTIS 320 ... :))) Plastic Islands in the Ocean Cursor Park and Ocean Preserve BO DE Open Stacks (Feel free to browse) VOLA YALE eeeeeeeeeeee

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