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Google Ultron is a fictitious, super-powered version of the Google Chrome web browser that is said to be powered by Adobe Reader and used by the National Aeronautics Space Administration (NASA).


This meme was spawned by an anonymous 4chan user in 2014 who claimed to be an IT consultant, despite having no credentials. In one of anons' passages, he is asked for his opinion on the best web browser. Anon forgets the name of the Chrome browser, and trying to save face, replies that he uses Google Ultron.

Anonymous (ID: 19PWPzZB) 03/20/14(Thu)17:27:40 UT Hib i's the IT gy from yesterdag day 25 > even though I'm shit at IT > he asks me what my favourite browser is >"Google...Ultron "'Is it like chrome?" > shit thats what I meant >"yeah...but's what nasa uses" > "cool could you dl that for me?" >"yeah no worries" > literally start shaking the mouse back and forth so fast you can't see the cursor > then ctrl alt deleted into task manager done. It looks like g > to this day he still thinks he runs google ultron

The OP further elaborates the lie by saying it's used by NASA, but looks exactly like chrome. Harkening back to previous posts by the same anon author where he proves his 'skills' by (sometimes) downloading Adobe Reader, this software is also frequently referenced in the meme.

O Anonymous (ID: BPWPzZB) 03/20/14 (Thu)22:36:57 UTC +1 No.538 168305 Replies:>>5381688622:538169059 > day 26 > some woman calls me over > "it'll just take a sec, it's super simple > shit > asks me to hook her up to a new printer > she hops out of her chair and lets me sit down > forget how to add network printers > her and her friend are talking right over my shoulder staring at the screen >"s this going to take long?" > I fake deep thought as I stare at the screen with one hand on my temple > "Anon? I have a deadline is this going to..." >"What the fuck..." > both of the women are startled > "THERE'S A VIRUS ON THIS MACHINE > and I just storm offlike I'm pissed Replies: 538168862 538169059 O Anonymous (ID:旧PY PzZB) 03/20/14(Thu)22:44:20 UTC+1 No 5381693 12 Repies >-538169674>>5381700232-538170。23 >day 27 > learn about a remote access tool that the whole office uses > decide to haunt the old nice old lady from before > i randomly move the mouse for a few hours > she struggles to do basic tasks > she comes and asks me for a new mouse > oblige her > hook it up and leave > look back at remote tool > mouse is moving again, she opens up word > I begin to type > "Hi" > no response 3 "Hi" > "Hello? Who is this?" "It's death Replies: 538169674 Anonymous (D: 19PWPzZB) 03/20/14(Thu)22:49:11 UTC+1 No.538169931 >day 28 > a guy asks me to burn him a copy of a dvd for a presentation > holy fuck I know how to do that > burn it for him > march back down to his office, proudly holding the dvd high in the air > Woman tries to stop me "Hey can you... > "Not now... Ive got IT business to attend to" > hand the guy his burned dvd s this might be one of the first things Ive done right here > tear in my eye >so proud of how far I have come >I am true IT 5 minutes later I get a call "Hey...yeah there's nothing on the dvd... Anonymous (ID: 19PWPzZB) 03/20/14 (Thu)18:04:38 No.538171954 day 30 >here's where shit starts to really hit the fan s as you know i had setup a bitcoin mining rig in the server room > it was just eating up all the bandwidth > the whole network was barely operational s and now because of my ineptitude and blaming things on viruses people started a rumour > that the whole network was being attacked by a rogue hacker group > after lunch I get pulled into a meeting by with all the execs > the jig is up > "As you know we ve been experiencing a multitude of issues with our network.. > I'm fucked > "from the lag to the viruses" > so fucked > "We want you to head up the investigation and find out who's doing this and why" ROFL s I am the fucking dirty cop on the force who's tasked with finding the dirty cop > I am the fucking law
Anonymous (D: 19PWPzZB) 03/20/14(Thu)23:14:21 UTC+1 No.538173375 > day 32 > for some reason the entire office is having to fill in a captcha every time they google anything s have no idea why this happening >Google ultron guy asks me if this has to do with the virus and if he should be backing up his data > "First. Always back up your data. > he nods to my tech sawy > "Second. It's a security measure Ive put in place. There are robots afoot. > he nods again like my word is law Anonymous (ID: BPWPzZB) 03/20/14(Thu)18:46:40 No. 5381 78074 Replies: 쯔53817850722538178684>>538178684 > day 33 > Ultron guy blabs and tells everyone about google ultron > now everyone in the fucking office has a sharepoint ticket asking for it to be installed > a few of the more competent people are asking me what the fuck google ultron is > I just give them finger guns until they walk away > have to spend entire day going from desktop to desktop pretending to di google ultron > literally spend 3-4 hours pretending to dl software that nasa uses > one girl asks me if this even legal > "Are you a cop?" > she reports me to HR for "criminal like behaviour" > have already explained to HR what google ultron is... > HR thinks its real >HR thinks nasa uses it HR tells the narc to stop interfering with important technological matters because the narc doesn't know anything about IT like me > doesn't know anything about IT like me Replies: 538178507


A Twitter user (@ashwinning) made a page to download 'Google Ultron', which if clicked leads to the installation of Google Chrome.

ultron DOWNLOAD ﹀ CHROME CHROMEBOOKS-- CH ROM ECAST NAS Google Ultron Used by NASA, Powered by Adobe Reader.

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