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Did You Mean?

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"Did You Mean…" is a search engine function that scans for potential spelling or grammatical errors in user queries and recommends alternative keywords, similar to the autocorrection feature found in mobile messaging services. While the feature is designed to assist users in refining their search results, it has been frequently exploited by Google search users for comedic purposes.


It is unclear exactly when the spell-checking function was first introduced, but Google has been widely credited for incorporating this feature into the search engine during its early years, which in turn led to an instant doubling of the site's traffic. One of the first mentions of Google’s “Did you mean?” function can be found in a personal blog post written by Steven Garrity[1] on October 17th, 2002, in which he brings attention to a glitch in the algorithm that mixes up the Microsoft database management system "MSSQL" with the open-source management system "MYSQL."

Google Advanced Search Preferences Language Tools Search Tips MSSOL Google Search Images Groups Directory News-New Web Searched the web for MSSQL Results 1 - 100 of about 186,000. Search took 0.60 seconds Did you mean MYSQL Categories ramming > Languages > Perl > omputers > Software > Databases > nve MSSQL DBlib and MSSQL Sallib MSSQLDBlib and MSSQL:Sqllib. What is it? Manuals. The manuals are included in the zip files, but you can also read them here: MSSQL modules and web servers. www.algonet.se/-sommar/mssql/ - 7k - Cached - Similar pages Sponsored Links Download free tools for Microsoft SQL Seer (MSSQL7 and 2000) www.datadino.com Interest: MSSQL DBlib Call DB-Library for Microsoft SQL ve .. MSSOL DBlib. A simple Perl script using MSSQL DBlib could look like this use MSSQL: DBlib; use MSSQL::D LDBlib::Const.


In early 2003, Steven Lerner of Albino Blacksheep[3] created the first known parody of Google's "Did You Mean" feature with a mock-up search results page for "French Military Victories,"[22] which would prompt an error message that read "Your search – French military victories – did not match any documents. Did you mean French military defeats?" Lerner's tribute to the long-running joke about the perceived incompetence of the French military quickly became a hit, racking up more than 50,000 hits in less than 24 hours of launch.

Google Search Tips Advanced Search Preferences french military victories Lanquage Tools Google Search Search:the web Web Images Groups DirectoryNews Did you mean: french military defeats No standard web pages containing all your search terms were found. Your search french military victories -did not match any documents. Suggestions Make sure all words are spelled correctly Try different keywords. Try more general keywords. Try fewer keywords. Also, you can try Google Answers for expert help with your search Google Home -Advertise with Us -Search Solutions Services & Tools-Jobs, Press, & Help Parody transcripted @2003 Albino Blacksheep This Parody is not sponsored or endorsed by Google

Creating fake “Did you mean?” screen shots became popular in the mid-2000s and became even more popular with the rise of social media sites like Myspace, where it was easy to share the fake screen shots.[5] On November 15th, 2009, online game site Kongregate[8] published a round-up of notable Google “Did you mean?” suggestions titled "101 Funny 'Did you mean' Google stuff-ups." Sometimes “Did you mean?” suggestions gave way to more serious discussions. On October 23rd, 2009, news and culture site Salon[7] published a piece that pointed out when “bad fathering” was searched on Google the searcher was asked “Did you mean: bad mothering?”

Notable Examples

HTTP:l/EUGE.CA So you mean: else wmw deedle deedle dee ww www wwww deedle deedle I WISH SEARCH ENGINES DID THIS, Google anagram About 9,840,000 resuits (0.06 seconds) Everything Did youmean nag a ram @jmanes I SEE WHATYOÜ DID THERE. Google romey san win Search About 1,390,000 results (0.14 seconds) Everything Did you mean: romney cant wir Panic at the disco Most Recent Most Popular Best Did you mean panda at the disco? wwwamatkephotography umbircom www.google.com/searc C Google me Web Images Videos News Did you mean: sexy beast Idina Menzel Web News Images Videos About 35,500 results (0.26 seconds) Did you mean: Adele Nazeem

Did You Mean: Recursion

In 2009, a Google Easter Egg was discovered; if a user searches for the “recursion” Google will ask “Did you mean: recursion?” sending the searcher into an endless loop. This is a computer science joke, as recursion is computer science word defined as, “A recursive process is one in which objects are defined in terms of other objects of the same type.”[6]

Google frecursion Search: the web C pages from the UK Web Show options . Did you mean: recursion Recursion -Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia A visual form of recursion known as the Droste effect. The woman in this ima object which contains a smaller image of her holding the same en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Recursion-Cached-Similar- 凶 Recursion (computer science)- Wikipedia the free encycl Recursion in computer science is a way of thinking about and solving

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