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Dave On Wheels

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Dave On Wheels is the nickname of David Rose, a fictional blogger who writes about living with cerebral palsy. David Rose gained notoriety shortly after The Chive published screenshots of his Twitter account in October 2012, when a tweet message from Rose's sister was posted on his blog announcing that Rose had passed away. The blog was soon revealed to be a hoax.


The now-deleted blog Dave On Wheels[1] was created in August 2012 to chronicle the life of a young deaf man suffering from cerebral palsy[6], a series of disabling motor disorders. In October 2012, two users of The Chive, Sarah Hill[2] and Erin Willet[3] tipped off Chive editor John to Dave On Wheels' Twitter account[4], which had 8 followers at the time. On October 8th, 2012, John posted a collection[5] of screenshots (shown below, left) from Rose's Twitter, followed by a group photo of Chive staff holding up a sign reading "Chive On, Dave!" (shown below, right). The post was shared on Facebook 1.7 thousand times and garnered more than 180 comments.

David Rose 오, ,, Follow my mom and @NicholeRose85 waiting for me fall asleep so they can leave lol. i should fake it so they go have a life 25 PM-7 Oct 12-Embed this Tweot


In the first 24 hours after the Chive post, Dave On Wheels gained more than 7500 Twitter followers. The following day, the Chive posted a second set[7] of his tweets, noting that his sister's account, NicholeRose85[8][9] had tweeted that Rose had fallen ill. By October 11th, Rose had allegedly slipped into a coma, as his sister updated his blog to note he may not make it through the night. Later that day, a blog entry titled "Three Friends And A Whole Lot More" was posted, allegedly written by Rose on October 8th in case he passed away from pneumonia.

ON. WHEELS A BLOG BY DAVID Rose HOME ABOUT DAVID FAQ FACEBOOK! Thursday, October, 2012 Follow by Email mail address Subnst THRee FRIenDS AnD A WHoLe LOT MORe Popular Posts Written on Monday, October 8th, 2012 today 1 found out i have pneumonia. it not the nice kind either, where you cough for few days then go home and have ice cream. it the bad kind where you probably donot go home. . Three Friends And A Whole Lot More . Update On David it kick ass on able bodied people who go gym and can lift carsl so i do not know what going happen to me, I have never been to a gym and have been in 2 comas. although second one was very nice because i had silly dreams, mostly about my best friend kate. KSWO Crazy videos! David is in the hospital but in my life i have 3 friends have severe cp like me and got this kind pneumonia. they went to hospital because they have it and never came home. first was girl name tabitha we only 10 year old she was same cass as me in special school, that was hard because i did not understand why she never came back Iwas too young and growing up deaf it hard for teachers explain things like that. i did not understand what happen to her untii a few years The Archive ▼ 2012 (27) October (7) Three Friends And A Whole ▼ later. when t 17 have friend name john in my rec group, he had bad cough one day and they took him to hospitaL I never saw him again. he used to run his motor chair into me and we both laugh. no one do that since john. Lot More Update On David KSWO Crazy videos!

The day he passed away, there were nearly 1100 mentions of his handle on Twitter.[11] In the days following, his blog post began circulating the web with stories appearing on Radar Online[20], the New York Daily News[12], British tabloid the Mirror[13], the Huffington Post[14] and ABC News[15], where it was later retracted. Reality star Kim Kardashian also tweeted[10] a quote from his post, which was retweeted 4768 times in a day.

Hoax Revealed

On October 15th, a blogger known as Kristi-Anne launched a blog entry titled Dave-On-Wheels Exposed[16], noting that they became suspicious after thinking about how Rose would be able to communicate via sign language with cerebral palsy. After doing a reverse image search of a photo of Rose available on his Facebook page, she uncovered that the photos were taken from two separate articles about a man named Hunter Dunn from Danville, Virginia.[17][18]

Article leads to act of kindness in Danville Recommend Be the first of your friends to recommend this. 11Recommend this on Goc Credit: File photo Hunter Dunn poses by a window gazing at a 30-foot Christmas tree the neighborhood decorates every year for him in 2010. This year for the first time, the huge tree is topped with a star, thanks to Gary Horsley of Gary's Sign Service.

45 minutes after the blog post went up, several comments from Nichole Rose's Blogspot account were posted, in which the person revealed that he was an older man and David Rose was just a character he made up in 2007. He did not expect the character to ever gain internet fans and after he did, the blogger did not want to keep up the ruse. He apologized to the fans he hurt, specifically Sarah Hill and Erin Willet, as well as to Hunter Dunn. The same day, The Chive[19] published selections from post Kristi-Anne's findings, noting their dismay with the revelation.

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