Deathbed Smalls

Deathbed Smalls

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Deathbed Smalls is a cut content leg armor item from the 2022 video game Elden Ring. A thong worn by character Fia, the item gained notoriety in the Elden Ring community after some players used cheats to obtain it and transfer it to unsuspecting players, which resulted in them getting soft-banned in the game.


On February 25th, 2022, open-world action RPG video game Elden Ring was released. Pre-release builds of the game included leg armor item Deathbed Smalls,[1] which appears as thong underwear in-game, which was cut from the release version of the game but can still be seen worn by character Fia, Deathbed Companion (shown below).

FE DEATHBED SMALLS Dmg Negation 'Resistance Phy 1.5 VS Strike 2.3 VS Slash 1.5 VS Pierce 1.5 Immunity 24 Robustness 7 Focus 39 Vitality 66 Magic 6.8 Poise 1 Fire 6.5 Ligt 6.8 Holy 7.2 Leg Armor Wgt. 2

On March 8th, 2022, Twitter[2][3] users @Waero_Re and @tfwPhoebe both shared an image of the item as it appears in-game worn by Fia, with the tweets gaining over 7,700 retweets and 54,600 likes and 6,300 retweets and 60,800 likes in one month (shown below, left and right).

WAERO @Waero_Re 1:36 AM 路 Mar 8, 2022 路 Twitter Web App Phoebe @tfwPhoebe MIYAZAKI???? THEY WAS DIFFERENT WHEN MAKING ELDEN RING BRO DEATHBED SMALLS T Dmg Negation * Resistance Phy 1.5 VS Strike 2.3 VS Slash 1.5 Immunity 24 Robustness 7 Focus ??? VS Pierce 1.5 Vitality 66 Magic 6.8 Poise ??? Fire 6.5 Liat 6 8 3:35 PM 路 Mar 8, 2022 路 Twitter for Android


On March 9th, 2022, Attack of the Fanboy reported about the item, with the article stating that the item can be obtained by using Cheat Engine by item ID (1930300).[4] On March 15th, Polygon[5] posted an article about the item, writing that "FromSoftware opted not to be horny on main"

Starting on April 6th, 2022, Elden Ring players reported that obtaining the item, either by using Cheat Engine themselves or by acquiring it from other players, resulted into them receiving a warning about receiving a quarantine penalty (getting soft-banned) in the game for a period of 180 days,[5] meaning that they would be put in a separate online pool with other cheaters. On April 7th, Redditor[6] JeSuisLePamplemous made a PSA post which warned that acquiring Deathbed Smalls could you soft-banned in the game (shown below, right).

Has any body else had this message pop up? I'm curious as to what I'm doing wrong, is it bc I back up my save or what? I play on PS5 in case you're wondering. I also heard that people w/ deathbed smalls are getting this message so if you have an idea why this is popping up for me Please let me know. INFORMATION Warning: Unauthorized tampering with the game has been detected We have detected unauthorized tampering with the game from your account. If any unauthorized tampering with the game is detected, a quarantine penalty of 180 days will be imposed. Tampering with the game, such as illegally enhancing parameters, illegally acquiring runes, or altering the game's behavior, is a violation of the Online Service Terms of Use. If you continue to play the game while tampering with the game, you will be penalized. Please make sure that your account has not been tampered with in the past, :Scroll :Close ELDEN RING" & 漏2022 BANDAI NAMCO Entertainment Inc. /02022 FromSoftware, Ic. LG Posted by u/JeSuisLePamplemous 11 days ago PSA: Deathbed Smalls can get you Softbanned Discussion & Info Hey all, A couple days ago I traded someone for the Magic Scorpion Charm (progressed to far and Selevus died, so I couldn't get it) and they dropped the Deathbed Smalls as well. Also, I mostly play offline and did not use a cheat engine. Yesterday, I log on and get a message: After some testing, it turns out I was Quarantined (Softbanned). This meant that I could only play with other Quarantined players. Because there are far fewer players in this "queue", there were no summon signs. If you think you may be softbanned, this is one way to check. Anyway, I removed the Deathbed Smalls, and my status didn't change. So. I went to and submitted a ticket. There's an option to select "Account Banned". This was their response: TLDR: Don't pick up panties you dont know about, and if you get softbanned, submit a ticket with Bandai Namco. EDIT: While Quarantined you can still be password summoned, see messages and blood stains, and get group password rune buffs. UPDATE: I messaged Bandai Namco a week ago to see if deleting the Deathbed Smalls would be enough- they said they could not guarantee that the character would be safe from a permenant softban unless I deleted the entire save file. I messaged back saying that it doesn't seem fair as I myself did not actually break any of the rules. I asked if there would be a way to reverse that decision. We will see what happens I guess.

On April 15th, 2022, Redditor[7] OK-Communication7125 made a post titled "after 220 hours, I pick up some underwear and it's all over." in which they reported that they received the quarantine warning after picking up the item from another player nicknamed Pantsu Dealer[8] (post shown below). In the post, Ok-Communication also shared screenshots of communication with Bandai Namco support in which the redditor was advised to delete all game files and reinstall the game to avoid getting put into quarantine. The post received over 11,100 upvotes in the /r/Eldenring subreddit in four days.

after 220 hours, I pick up some underwear and it's all over. 1/3 73939106 Apr 12, 2022, 22:26 PDT My account was soft banned because I acquired and item from a player in multiplayer called the deathbed smalls, at the time I did not know this was unobtainable and would ban me, I deleted the item and would like to get my account deactivated. Ok-Communication7125 OP O 路 3 days ago Would also like to note that the person who gave me the underwear had the in game name of pantsu dealer lol. 10.0k Reply Give Award Share Report Save Follow Arkhire +2路 3 days ago Hahaha thats hilarious. Don't pick up items from strangers tho. 3.6k Reply Give Award Share Report Save Follow titor420 +2路3 days ago This sucks because I always drop boiled crabs for people. And almost everyone picks them up. 2.1k J Reply Give Award Share Report Save Follow

Following the post, several gaming websites reported that Elden Ring players had been getting soft-banned after picking up the item from other players, including articles by VICE[9] and Kotaku.[10]

On April 19th, 2022, the ability to drop Deathbed Smalls was removed as a part of the 1.04 Elden Ring patch.[11]

Various Examples

So about Deathbed Smalls and a wave of soft bans... Game Help was one of those 'unfortunate' people who had picked up the item without knowing that it was an item that is not available for the retail version (a.k.a. only available through exploits/hacks). Currently, I'm getting a warning message at the main screen menu stating, "Warning. Unauthorized tempering with the game has been detected...". According to some users, when you get this message it's literally game over and you've been permanently soft banned. It appears that if you get soft banned, you will not be able to access any multiplayer functions. However, as of right now, I am able to use the multiplayer functions (can see heaps of summons on the ground, can do invasions etc) without any issues. All in all, I have discarded the item after seeing that viral reddit post. I was wondering if there are any other indicators of knowing whether you're soft banned or not. Yall got anymore of them Deathbed Smalls? AnonBrier B aming @BanonBrier Replying to @tfwPhoebe Pierce resistance is low 11:43 PM 路 Mar 8, 2022 路 Twitter for iPhone
Posted by u/HR_Reddit1 1 day ago Just deleted my 200 hour character due to the forbidden panties. Discussion & Info That's life. Tarnished. Be careful. Reinstalling too. Make Up A Tarnished Guy @MakeSouls tarnished guy who resets his elden ring speedrun to install a "fia's panties texture pack" 7:52 AM 路 Mar 26, 2022 路 Twitter for iPhone

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