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Love you babe! goodnight! My love for you is strong I would buy you a casket if I could castle. I promise I meant Autocorrect why do you Emily? castle. have to ruin me so? Hello?


Autocorrection is a spell-checking function commonly found in word processors that automatically corrects spelling and/or grammatical mistakes made by the typist. However, because it is designed to make certain corrections presumptively, the system has proven to be counter productive at times, leading to undesirable changes that go against the typist's intent. On the web, such flaws of the autocorrection system are often exploited and shared for humorous purposes.


Autocorrection was first introduced in 1998 as a part of Microsoft Word '97[1] and has since become a part of many Microsoft and Apple Inc. devices, especially on mobile phones and tablets. In 2008, stories about autocorrect blunders began hitting the news when the Guardian[4] published an article on the American Family Association's oversight of running a story in which the last names of people with the surname "Gay" had been changed to "Homosexual." In November 2008, Flickr user Merrick Monroe[5] uploaded a screenshot of a conversation between her and a friend in which the autocorrect function humorously changed the meaning of their messages.

Nov 13, 2008 19:32 Lazy moms buying dinner for spawn Eminent diabetes family P *imminent Hat *hardcore Coat! Dammit. "har" That was supposed to be "had" Duck I'm stopping now. ROFL :P stupid autocorrect.


Discussions surrounding the autocorrect function began appearing on the Mac Rumors forum[6] in June 2009. The following year in June 2010, David Pogue wrote a piece for the New York Times[7] which chronicled many humorous autocorrect blunders that had been submitted to him via Twitter. That September, a single topic blog called Stupid Autocorrect[8] was launched on Tumblr, inspired by Pogue's post. The blog posted eleven times in one day before going on a hiatus until February 2011.

AT&T 3G 11:19 PM 81 % Messages Melissa Trippy Edit Jul 15, 2010 11:11 PM The video is like 9 mins you think its too jammi? Whoops too long* Typo fail! No0berizor! :-) Send Q WE RTYU O P A SDFGHJK L ?123 space return all. AT&T ntl 2:47 PM CancelEdit Notes Save Steve ballmerl baloney x A S D F G H J K L ?123 space return lAT&T 3G 9:19 AM Messages Edit Jun 30, 2009 11:36 AM Dude that Ferrari Tint guy is still in business! Haha no way! "I dunno pero... " farts × Fjd garys Send A S D F G H J K L ?123 space return

In October 2010, another single topic blog Damn You Autocorrect[3] was launched, followed by F You Auto Correct[2] in November. In 2011, Cheezburger launched Autocowrecks[9] to showcase a variety of autocorrect malfunctions. In 2012, collections of humorously autocorrected SMS screenshots appeared on several internet humor blogs including Buzzfeed[10], Mashable[11], Funny or Die[12], Complex Tech[13], Glamour[14] and Cracked.[15] Bloggers often share these screenshots on Tumblr[16] and Instagram[17] with the hashtag "autocorrect." In December 2012, the Facebook fan page Autocorrect Fails[18] launched, gaining more than 78,000 likes by January 14th, 2013.

Notable Examples

nill Verizon令 12:11 PM MessagesLuke<3 Edit Jul 16, 2012 12:06 PM Chicken vaginas sound good for dinner? No...not really. And...ROFL btww ? What would you rather have? Omg, hahahaha! Chicken fajitas. W--, phone! Definitely not chicken vaginas. Oh that sounds much better :p Messages Edit Jakes mom is here. I'm taking a s--- with her right now. Imma give it to her. It will be ultimate payback for him f------ my gf I knew u were wasted but dude leave the bathroom now that's nasty I'm not in the bathroom You said u are taking a s--- with her.. LMAO I meant s--- shot FU Auto Send .AT&T 3G 10:50 AM Messages Edit Hey what are you up to? Just finished Masturbating. It makes me feel so relaxed so I can go to sleep easier. Awkward S---. I meant menstruating Not any less awkward. OMFG I meant meditating! What is wrong with this phone
AT&T 3G 7:30 PM 61% Tyler Messages Edit whats up babe Nothin, I was just thinking about how much I hate your baldspot. wow. okay. well if we are being honest i hate your saggy t--- and your fat ass. What the f--- Ty?? I wrote bosssss and it f------ autocorrected You f------ a------ this is awkward. TELUS2:27 PM MessagesOutgoing To: Derek, Charles 94% Edit Details Jul 18, 2011 2:26 PM Omg I'm watching Tyra and she is talking with mothers who smoke pot all the time and think they are a better mom because of it lollipop plop Omg. Not lollipop plop. W--. I meant lolololololol DAMN YOUAUTOCORRECT.COMSend 7:50 PM 71 % Messages James Edit You looked so hot in your glasses today. Mmm. Oh yeah? You liked?;) Mmm. Yes. You know what else I think is really sexy? Boyscouts S--- F--- S--- Boyshorts not boyscouts W--!!! Damn this p------------ phone!!! Wow babe that was bad lol. I was like W--

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