Drive Jacket depicting ryan gosling in the movie drive wearing a white jacket with a yellow scorpion on its back.

Drive Jacket

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The Drive Jacket, also known as the Scorpion Jacket, is a white satin jacket with a yellow scorpion embroidery on its back worn by the Driver, the protagonist of the 2011 film Drive. As the Driver character grew to embody the Literally Me archetype, the jacket became associated with Sigma Males and became a subject of jokes and memes online throughout the 2010s and 2020s.


On September 16th, 2011, the action drama film Drive, directed by Nicolas Winding Refn and starring Ryan Gosling as the unnamed protagonist known as the Driver, premiered.[1] Throughout the film, the Driver can often be seen wearing a white satin jacket with a yellow scorpion emblem on the back, commonly referred to as the Drive Jacket (shown below).


In January 2013, Drive became a meme on 4chan's /tv/ board, with users semi-ironically recognizing the Driver as a relatable character in what later would be named Literally Me Syndrome. During that period, multiple users made posts in which they shared mostly made-up stories of themselves behaving like the Driver in real life. Such stories were often shared in Times You Acted Like the Driver threads on /tv/, /b/ and other boards, with many examples including the narrator putting on a Drive Jacket (examples shown below).

For example, on June 29th, 2013, an anonymous 4chan user made a Drivepost that mentioned him buying a Drive Jacket (shown below, left). That day, Redditor[2] barbja14 posted a screenshot of the post to /r/4chan.

File: 1372561919126.jpg-(60 KB, 800x800, Feel Drive.jpg) That Feel > She walks away. > Ride home listening to Kavinsky. > Get home. > Watch Drive for the 8th time. > Masturbate to Carey Mulligan. > Think about the lookalike. > Think about what could have been. > She could have been my Love Foxxx > Cry. > Fall asleep. Anonymous 06/29/13(Sat)23:11 No.34598169 Replies: >>34598812 >>34598885 > Watch Drive. > Get obsessed. > Want to become like The Driver. > Buy Scorpion jacket and driving gloves. > Drive around in my car with toothpick in mouth. > Stop at a red light. > Get dirty looks from car next to mine. > Don't care. > See a Carey Mulligan lookalike on the sidewalk. > I drive up and park next to her. > I stare at her. > She seems to be waiting for someone. > "What do you want?" She says in an angry tone. > I wait 47 seconds to reply. > "I want to drive you through the night, down the hills" > "Get away from me creep." File: 1383555899491ipg-(149 KB, 1600x1200, real human bean.jpg) A ロAnonymous 11/04/13(Mon)22:04 UTC+13 No.38483388 Replies: 2238483453 ITT: Times you acted like The Driver >be 23 years old >at Halloween party >wearing scorpion jacket and leather gloves >everyone's dancing, getting drunk while 1 stand silently in the corner >every girl there is drawn into the aura of mystery I exude nod at the girls and step outside >silently watch the party from the outside drunk 7.5/10 comes outside >smiles at me. I nod and flash a half-smile >asks for a smoke >offer her a toothpick instead >"Umm....thanks" >Ask her what her name is >Break eye contact and stare intensely into the distance >Her boyfriend comes outside and lights a c-------- for her >Hear her tell him she wants to leave >He's too f----- to take her home >This is my chance >Boyfriend leaves >Turn to her and say, "so you need a ride?" >"Uh, yeah "I drive "Great, you think you could drop me at my place?" >Silently nod >"Thanks, you're a lifesaver" >Start walking down the driveway with her >"So, where's your car parked?" >realize I don't have a car >realize I can't even drive >realize l caught the bus to the party >silently panic >look around, trying to find an escape route >She keeps asking where my car is >"T don't feel like driving tonight" >"Why not?" "1 just cleaned my car, and hands a >"But you're wearing gloves" >F--- >continue walking silently fidget in my pockets for another toothpick realize I spent my bus money on my last box of toothpicks >"where is your car!" >Need to get out of here >Walk to the bus stop >F--- it, here goes nothing >Start playing Drive soundtrack on my phone >Lean in for the kiss "WHAT THE F---?" >Pushes me away >Panic and shove her to the ground >Go through her purse for bus money, and find it >She's getting up >One thing is left to be done >Go to curb stomp her so no one ever finds out >Had too much to drink >Awkwardly trip and fall flat on her neck >Hear a snapping soung >Quickly hide her body behind the bus stop and board the bus >Real hero and a real human bearn Anonymous 08/19/15(Wed)11:19:15 No.60101903 >>60101945 >>60102011 >>60102075 >>60103638 >>60103935 >>60104121 >>60104274 >>60105956 File: GKWZ6Xn.jpg (222 KB, 1241x1600) A Real Human Bean >>60098093 (OP) This really happened. >decent looking guy, having a good job. >Not many friends and single because of job, work 3rd shift. >Watch Drive for the first time ever. And A Real Hero >Changes my life, I want to be Driver. >Get my haircut like Driver and start wearing clothes like Driver, no Scorpion jacket because I'm not Autistic. >Start behaving like Driver. Quiet but cool. >Buy brand new 2011 Mustang GT 5.0 because Driver drove one and I make enough so f--- it. >Start eating at this little diner erry night, staff remembers me, always saves me a spot. >qt pie waitress always chats me up, gives me free pie. >I reciprocate but remain vague and brooding. Waitress wants me. >Ask her if she wants to go for a drive. She gladly accepts. >Cruise the night listening to Drive soundtrack. >Drop her off at her apartment, ask if I want to come inside for coffee. >Oh f--- yes >play it cool, brood for a sec, reply with a "...yeah" simple. >We f--- >Waitress and I start dating. >Keep up my Driver shlick. >She introduces me to her friends, they think I'm cool as f---. >Some of her dude friends start wearing skinny jeans, white tees like me. Holy f--- lol. >One night her and I are sit down to watch a movie on demand. >She's browsing movies, stops on Drive. >Oh f---... >"You seen this yet Anon?" >S--- s--- s--- play it cool man, what would Driver do. >Brood for a sec, "...nah. it's not my thing". >Ended up watching Bridesmaids. Still dating today and still doesn't know I've been pretending to be Ryan Gosling for 4+ years.

Prior to June 23rd, 2014, Twitter[3][4] user @margbaramerica created a collage of photographs posted by 4chan users who bought the jacket, posting it to the /tv/ board (shown below). The image has been widely circulated online in the following years.

27900 CER M ARA

Following the initial popularization of Drive and the Drive Jacket on 4chan between 2013 and 2016, the clothing item gradually became recognized as an iconic film outfit. On March 11th, 2016, Pajiba[5] blog published an article titled "An Open Letter to the Guy Wondering If He Should Buy a 'Drive' Jacket," which warned against buying the jacket due to it being nearly impossible to pull off. On May 20th, 2016, GQ[6] published an article about "the jacket that made Ryan Gosling a style hero."

By the end of the 2010s, the Drive Jacket and the those who wear it became recognized subjects of jokes and memes online. For example, on April 19th, 2019, comedian Andy Richter made a joke about the jacket that received over 60 retweets and 4,500 likes on Twitter[7] in three years (shown below, left). On July 23rd, 2020, Twitter[8] user @nopoweradeinusa posted a joke that received over 3,400 retweets and 26,800 likes in two years (shown below, right).

Andy Richter @Andy Richter I didn't feel one way or the other about the passerby who saw me crying in my car during my phone therapy session (had an appt immediately after) but when he passed and I saw his satin jacket was a Drive scorpion jacket I felt p----- that he might've pitied me for even an instant 2:22 PM Apr 16, 2019. Twitter for iPhone . christian @nopoweradeinusa girl: it's cold... me wearing the scorpion jacket from Drive: yeah it is, that's why I wore a jacket 1:57 PM. Jul 23, 2020 Twitter Web App

In June 2022, memes about the Drive Jacket saw a minor surge in popularity due to the release of promotional images of Ryan Gosling as Ken in the 2023 film Barbie, which inspired memes about the actor's general association with Literally Me roles.

Various Examples

INSIDE ME THERE ARE TWO WOLVES schizo.pilled File: br2049.png (228 KB, 325x570) Anonymous 11/27/21 (Sat)01:09:10 No.159735798 >>159735816 >>159735873 >>159735919 >>159739580 >>159739689 >>159739723 Anyone here bought the bladerunner coat from Amazon? Is it good? Anonymous 11/27/21 (Sat)01:09:35 No. 159735816 >>159735864 >>159736148 >>159737183 >>159738451 >>159739246 >>159739465 >>159739580 >>159739639 >>159739741 >>159739884 >>159742766 >>159743101 >>159735798 (OP) # I wear it over my drive jacket.
Hard Drive @Hard Drive Mag Tension Grows Between Guy in Drive Jacket and Guy in Akira Jacket at Local Party 900⁹ FOR HE HEALTH UCATION Tension Grows Between Guy in Drive Jacket and Guy in Akira Jacket at Local P... A party had its vibes completely f----- last night after a palpable tension grew between two attendees due to their Akira and Drive jackets. 9:01 AM - May 12, 2022 Buffer . Harol

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