Emosido Engañado

Emosido Engañado

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Emosido Engañado is a misspelling of the phrase "hemos sido Engañado" which translates to "we have been deceived." A photograph of graffiti on a wall in Spain reading "emosido Engañado," a phonetical spelling of the phrase, went viral among Spanish web users in 2016. The phrase took on popularity on its own as well, often used as a reaction to content on the web.


On July 5th, 2016, misstrainwreck uploaded a photograph to Twitter[1] depicting graffiti on the side of a building reading "Emosido Engañado" along with a tweet that roughly translates to, "When a question that the teacher said was not included on the exam appears on the exam" (shown below). The image received over 2,700 likes and 1,800 retweets in 4 years.

maria. @misstrainwreck 000 Cuando cae en el examen una pregunta del tema que el profesor dijo que no entraba Translate Tweet PRETORIA EMOSIDO ENGANA DO

In a 2020 interview with Verne[2] misstrainwreck said she took the photo to send to her sister and friends as an inside joke. Her friends told her to upload it to Twitter with the exam caption and she did, after which it went viral.


The photograph and phrase took off among Spanish web users, the photo used in various image macros (example shown below, left) and the phrase as a reaction (example shown below, right).

Yo:Profe cuanto duro la guerra de los 100 años. Profesor:Duro 116 años E MOSIDO ENGAÑA DO Diego Dance @diegoanibal8 000 Emosido engañado Cris6 Boceko

On April 26th, 2017, misstrainwreck posted two photos of the emosido wall in the comment section of the original tweet.[3] The first photograph is the original emosido wall, and the second is the wall without any paint, revealing that someone had cleaned it off (shown below, left).The accompanying tweet roughly translates to, "I am forced to be the one to break the news that this work of art died months ago when the entire facade was renovated." On July 16th, unmundolibre tweeted[9] a photograph of a building belonging to Real Academia Espanola spray-painted with "emosido enganado," garnering over 1,200 likes and 1,000 retweets in 3 years (shown below, right).

a 000 @alisaurio HAN PINTADO LA PARED DE EMOSIDO ENGAÑADO I FEEL BETRAYED Preložiť Tweet EMOSIDO ENGAMA DO unmundolibre @unmundolibre La RAE acepta "Emosido engañado" Translate Tweet REAL ACADEMIA ESPAÑOLA EMOSIDO ENGANADO

On February 10th, 2020, CaoWenToh tweeted,[4] "Google Maps es eterno" along with a screenshot taken from Google Maps showing the location of the graffiti, revealing it to be on the side of a building in Alcalá de Guadaíra, Spain. The post gained over 27,000 likes and 6,500 retweets in 10 months and was retweeted by Google España[5] along with a caption that roughly translates to, "It has never 'been forgotten'" garnering over 29,000 likes and 7,700 retweets in the same rough span of time (shown below).

maria. @misstrainwreck · Apr 26, 2017 Me veo obligada a ser yo la que dé la noticia de que esa obra de arte murió 000 hace meses cuando renovaron toda la fachada. #RIP EMOSIDO ENGAÑA DO

On December 10th, the videogame Cyberpunk 2077 was released. On December 13th, ElTrujimelas uploaded a video to YouTube[6] in which they show the location of an in-game wall adorned with Emosido Engañado graffiti (video shown below, left). Several Spanish entertainment and news sites published stories covering the easter egg over the next few days, including La Vanguardia[7] and explica[8] (screenshot from Cyberpunk 2077 shown below, right).

6:04 PM GEMSIDO HEROES 4 Meet Mama Welles at El Coyote Cojo. ENGANA DO ICPD HINOSE PURA! 125M Draw Weapon ALT CONNECTION 281.89.4a 40 2 ED 0 日 国

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Hpar Arafle
Hpar Arafle

I could like to add to this article that the word "Emosido" doesn't exist in the spanish langauge, it's a misspelling by putting together the words "Hemos sido" (We have been).

How one could write it like that it's because in Spanish, the letter H is silent (so, Hemos y Emos sound the same, and if you don't know about the H in the word Hemos, one could write Emos just by listening the word) and the S in Hemos and Sido make it sound like one word (Phonetically, "Emosido" and "Hemos sido" sound almost identical)


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