2014 Winter Olympics

2014 Winter Olympics

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The 2014 Winter Olympics (XXII Olympic Winter Games) was a major international multi-sport event held in Sochi, Russia between February 7th and February 23rd, 2014, followed by The 2014 Winter Paralympics, a similar competitive event for athletes with physical disabilities, between March 7th and March 16th.


Sochi was elected as the host city of the 2014 Winter Olympics on July 4th, 2007, beating out other competing cities like Salzburg in Austria and PyeongChang in South Korea.[14] The venues for the games will divided into two main sections-the Coastal Cluster and the Mountain Cluster. With a total budget of $51 billion, the 2014 Sochi games is expected to be the most expensive Olympics event ever organized and it will be the first time Russia hosts the game since the Soviet Union was dissolved. Over the course of sixteen days, more than 2,500 athletes from 88 nations will participate in 98[15] events over 15 disciplines in seven winter sports: skating, skiing, bobsleigh, biathlon, curling, ice hockey and luge.

Anti-Homophobia Campaigns

On October 30th, 2013, FCKH8 announced a new campaign on its official Tumblr blog[2] pledging to deliver 10,000 copies of pro-gay coloring books to Russian children via mail during the Olympics, if the post receives more than 100,000 likes. In the press release, the group explained the direct mail campaign as a way to protest against the Russian government's enforcement of its controversial anti-gay propaganda laws, and secondly, to inform kids in Russia that being gay is okay.

SO RUSSIA MADE IT ILLEGAL FOR PRO-GAY WORDS TO BE SPOKEN? THAT LAWS IS ABOUT TO BE BROKEN! 100,000 TUMBLR REBLOGS & WE'LL SEND PRO-EQUALITY COLORING BOOKS TO RUSSIAN HOMES 0,000 Misha & His Moms TY Go to the Olympics! WITH KIDS DURING THE OLYMPICS! FCKH8 A CHILDREN'S COLORING BOOK BY COM FCKH8 CoM © 2013 FCKH8.com Equality T-Shirts. No permission needed to reproduce. Use of Olympic logo is protected political commentary speech permitted under "fair use" laws. Not a product for sale. 0 0 My name is Misha. I live is Russia. My family has two moms and a dog named Laika. 2013 FCKH8.com Equality T-Shirts. No permission needed to reproduce. Use of Olympic logo is protected political commentary speech permitted by "fair use" laws. Not a product for sale. FCKH8 COM My My moms and I went to the Olympics where l met new friends from around the world! HoBblx Apysen co Bcero MWpa! © 2013 FCKH8.com Equality干Shirts. No permission needed to reproduce. Use of Olympic logo is protected political commentary speech permitted by "fair use" laws. Not a product for sale. FCKH8 COM My new friend Pascal has two dads who are married. They live in France. It mad up p MHe © 2013 FCKHB.com Equality T-Shirts. Nopermissionneeded to reproduce. Use of Olympic logo is protected political commentary speech permitted by "Tair use" laws. Not a product for sale. FCKH8 COM
ds who ce. It made me feel sad to see the police beat up people who are gay like my moms. 2013 FCKH8.com Equality T-Shirts. No permission needed to reproduce. Use of Olympic logo protected political commentary speech permitted by "fair use" laws. Not a product for sale. FCKH8 COM Two Olympic athletes kissed to show the world gay people deserve to be treated equally. © 2013 FCKHB.com Equality T-Shirts. No permissionneededtoreproduce. Use of Olympic logo is protected political commentary speech permitted by "fair use" laws. Not a product for sale. FCKH8 COM world lly. I'm scared when the men on TV say they want to take me away from my moms. Bce. 2013 FCKH8.com Equality T-Shirts. No permission needed to reproduce. Use of Olympic logo is protected political commentary speech permitted by "fair use" laws. Not a product for sale. FCKH8 COM 1J 0 0 SOME CHICKS MARRY CHICKS. GET OVER IT. O I dream of a Russia where my family can be treated equally like in other countries. © 2013 FCKHB.com Equality T-Shirts. No permissionneededt reproduce. Use of Olympic logo is protected political commentary speech permitted by "fair use" laws. Not a product for sale. FCKH8 COM

Jamaican Bobsled Team Dogecoin Fundraiser

On January 19th, 2014, an Indiegogo[1] page was created by members of the Jamaican Bobsled Team to fund their trip to Sochi. On the same day, a fundraiser was launched by the Dogecoin Foundation[2] for the bobsled team, which gathered $35,000 in donations in the first 24 hours.[3]

Jamaican Bobsled Fund Home Dogecoin Foundation Total Donated: 1,243,545 DOGE + 35 BTC (117.79%) $35,337 Donated $30,000 Needed 100% Thanks to all your generous donations, over $30,000 in Dogecoins has been raised towards the Jamaican Bobsled Team! The foundation has withdrawn and converted around $30,000 worth Dogecoins to 35 BTC. The figures shown above are based on the current balance of the wallet, with the added 35 BTC equivalent.

Twin Toilets

On January 20th, 2014, BBC reporter Steve Rosenberg tweeted a picture of two toilets he found in one stall in a bathroom in Sochi's cross-country skiing and biathlon center with the caption "Seeing double in the Gentlemen's Loo at the Olympic Biathlon Centre #Sochi ."[9][10]

Russians on social media were quick to point out the double toilet wasn't common but not unheard of in Russia, and on January 21st, Rosenberg tweeted a picture BBC photographer Max Lomakin took in 2013 of four toilets in one stall-less room at Russian Kazan University. On February 1st, the Associated Press took a picture of a second double toilet in Sochi, this pair found in a women's rest room in the Main Media Center.[11]


On January 21st, 2014, fast food restaurant chain McDonalds launched a Twitter hashtag #CheersToSochi, encouraging their followers to send well wishes to the athletes competing in the Olympic games.[7] The campaign was met with a lot of criticism because of Russia's anti-LGBT policies and sentiment at the games, and the Twitter hashtag was taken over by people who wanted McDonalds to know they were against their corporate sponsorship of the Olympics.[12] On January 24th McDonalds responded to the backlash by tweeting:

As of February 4th, McDonalds was still tweeting encouraging followers to send their cheers to Sochi, though they have abandoned the hashtag.[13]


On February 4th, the Twitter account @SochiProblems was launched, which began tweeting photographs and complaints of various mishaps observed in Sochi, Russia during the 2014 Olympic games. Within the first 72 hours, the Twitter feed gained over 255,000 followers.

Notable Developments

Opening Ceremony

On February 7th, 2014, the opening ceremony of the Sochi Winter Olympics commenced at the Fisht Olympic Stadium. The event was marked by a series of interpretative dances touching upon various eras of the Russian history, and musical performances by the Russian pop duo t.A.T.u. and the Ministry of Internal Affairs choir's rendition of "Get Lucky" by Daft Punk. The ceremony went smoothly for the most part, except when only four of the five large snowflake-shaped light displays successfully lit up into form the Olympic rings. as a result of a technical error.

Meanwhile on Tumblr, a couple of image macros comparing Russia's president Vladimir Putin to President Snow from The Hunger Games surfaced.

LET THE HUNGER GAMES BEGIN Look at all those countries l used to own.

Bob Costa's Eye

On February 6th, Bob Costas appeared on the Today Show to cover the Sochi Olympics with one eye considerably swollen and red.

The same day, the sports news blog Deadspin[22] published an article about the eye, which included a statement from Costas' assistant who revealed that he was suffering from an eye infection.

"Yes, Bob has some sort of infection which has his left eye completely red and almost completely closed, making it impossible to put a contact lens in it. It just came on within the last 24 hours, the NBC doctors in Sochi are treating it, and they think it should resolve itself by the weekend. Until then, he has no choice but to go with the glasses on air.

Also on February 6th, the novelty Twitter account @CostasLeftEye was launched, featuring tweets from the perspective of the news anchor's infected eye.

On February 8th, Costas addressed the issue on air, explaining to viewers that it was pink eye.[23] On February 9th, the IBI Times published an article about the Internet reaction to Costas' eye, highlighting several notable tweets and photoshopped images mocking the infection.

On February 11th, Costas announced he would be taking the night off from Olympics coverage due to the eye infection and would be replaced by Matt Lauer for the evening.[24]


On February 8th, 2014, U.S. Olympic bobsledder and former NFL athlete Johnny Quinn tweeted a photograph of a bathroom door at the Sochi Olympic Village that had been heavily damaged after he was forced to break through it in order to free himself from being locked inside.

In the following days, a handful of photos illustrating overly physical approaches to everyday problem-solving surfaced on the site with the hashtag #Quinning, such as opening plastic blister packs or clamshell packaging by puncturing a hole through the surface (shown below).

BEVIAMO arkling 心 irma Follow @whatsanirma So the husby decided to go all @JohnnyQuinnUSA on this bottle of Moscato #quinning #datenight 12:50 AM- 16 Feb 2014 from Arlington, TX, United States 2 RETWEETS 23 FAVORITES ←다 Mike Inouye News Personality 1,635 Likes Like Page ▼ #Quinning: You know that tab in the top of the cereal box? Stuck. @JohnnyQuinnUSA, the breakfast food opener of champions. last Tuesday Like -comment →Share 6 people like this. Mike Inouye News Personality 1,635 Likes Like Page ▼ Aw man, that envelope was totally sealed. Busted out my @JohnnyQuinnUSA letter opener. #Quinning last Tuesday 1 Like Comment → Share 1 Comment

Ashley Wagner's Reaction

On February 8th, American figure skater Ashley Wagner made her Olympics debut in the short program for team figure skating event. Wagner's performance was praised by the U.S. commentators as promising, and the 22-year-old skater herself seemed optimistic as she came off the ice, especially in following Japanese figure skater Mao Asada's tumble during her routine.

But upon seeing a score of 63.10, which put in the fourth place, Wagner was seen on camera shaking her head in disbelief before muttering "that's bullshit." Nonetheless, Wagner's score advanced the U.S. team to the medal round.

Soon, GIFs of Wagner's disgusted expression began circulating on Twitter[19], Tumblr[18] and Reddit[17], where she was declared the next Mckayla Maroney. On February 9th, Deadspin[22], The Wire[21] and The Daily Dot[20] reported on the GIF sensation, dubbing it the first meme of The Sochi Olympics.


Johnny Weir's Outfits

On February 8th, former American figure skater and NBC commentator Johnny Weir began sharing daily Instagram[25] pictures of himself dressed in high fashion, Hunger Games-like wardrobes. Being one of the few openly gay athletes to attend the Sochi Olympics, Weir's eye-popping outfits in public and on-air appearances were seen as a bold statement against the anti-gay sentiments running amok in Russia and quickly met with praises from the news media back home.


Kate Hansen's Warmup Dance

On February 10th, the YouTube channel Sportynews uploaded a video of U.S. Olympic luger Kate Hansen doing her warmup dance while listening to Beyonce on her headphones. In just over 72 hours, the video garnered more than 300,000 views and even prompted a shout-out from the singer herself.

Shoshi Games

On February 11th, 2014, the Tumblr blog Shoshi Games[26] was launched with a series of photoshopped images from the Sochi Games in which the faces of Olympic athletes are replaced with Shoshanna Shapiro, a recurring character played by Zosia Mamet in the HBO comedy Girls.


Perfectly Timed Figure Skater Photos

On February 12th, 2014, BuzzFeed[35] published a compilation of well timed photographs from the Olympic games featuring figure skaters with unflattering facial expressions (shown below). In the coming days, several other sites reblogged the figure skating photos, including Distractify,[37] The Telegraph[36] and Sad and Useless.[38]

Closing Ceremony

On February 23rd, the Sochi Olympics came to an end with the closing ceremony, which included a choreographic reference to the Olympic Rings failure that became the butt of a joke during the opening ceremony of the games.

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