'#Dream_Out' Trending As Twitter Cancels 'Minecraft' YouTuber Over Racism, Leak Alleged Face Reveal

June 10th, 2021 - 3:32 PM EDT by Phillip Hamilton

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Alleged face reveal image of Dream on left, image of meme SpongeBob SquarePants panicking over various Dream controversies, right.

Massively popular Minecraft YouTuber Dream, who has recently been dealing with controversy over cheating in a number of Minecraft speedruns, has sunk deeper into hot water recently after a Twitter user accused him of racism.

Yesterday, Twitter user @teenofdenials posted a tweet criticizing Dream, a YouTuber with over 20 million subscribers, of misusing AAVE (African-American Vernacular English) and "demonizing rap music" in a series of tweets, sharing a screenshot of a DM with a rapper named Armani where Dream denies being anti-Black. The user goes on to tweet numerous supporting pieces of evidence pointing to Dream being racist over his career, including clips from past live streams, memes he's shared and old tweets

Among the thread is a post linking to a slideshow detailing how Dream is allegedly a Donald Trump supporter. The hashtag "#Dream_Out" soon began spreading as Twitter users shared the evidence against Dream.

Later that day, Twitter user @oomfed1 posted an image of an overweight young man to the hashtag claiming it to be Dream, who has notably never shown his face to the public. The poster even suggests Dream's brother acts as a body double for the YouTuber during merch shoots and images where he shows his body while wearing the signature Dream mask.

Although the image was never confirmed to be Dream, it spread quickly along with tweets accusing him of being racist. As the hashtag grew, trolls began posting photoshopped tweets making Dream out to be violently racist, as well as posting memes mocking the YouTuber's surprising appearance, and criticizing people for being fans of him at all. Many trolls used the hashtags "#Dream_out" and "#dreamchungus" to post these, and coordinated via the Peniswater Discord server, a known trolling collective largely responsible for the #RIPElon death hoax earlier this year.

Dream has since denied being racist and also denied racism among his community, as well as apologized, allegedly also sharing a list of Black creators he follows on his private second Twitter page. This, however, has sparked further criticism as fans demand a public apology.

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