Bianca Devins' Murder

Bianca Devins' Murder

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Bianca Devins' Murder refers to the murder of 17-year-old Bianca Michelle Devins, known on Instagram by the handle @escty,[5] who was allegedly killed by Brandon Clark in Utica, New York in mid-July 2019. After slitting her throat, Clark, known on Instagram as @yesjuliet,[6] posted several photographs of Devins' body on social media according to authorities.


On July 14th, 2019, the Syracuse, New York news station News Channel 9[3] reported that police were investigating a homicide in East Utica, where a young female was discovered dead along with a "suicidal" young man who claimed "he had killed his girlfriend and was going to harm himself with a knife." According to authorities,[8] Clark began repeatedly stabbing himself in the neck with a knife as officers approached him. That day, the news channel WKTV aired an interview with a police officer near the crime scene (shown below).


Online Reactions

That afternoon, Devins' sister submitted a post to Instagram as a tribute to her sister's memory (shown below).

On July 15th, Twitter user @stillgray posted a thread about the murder, stating that Devins had been murdered by a stalker met on Discord (shown below). That day, Clark's Instagram profile was taken offline.

Also on July 15th, Ebaum's World[1] published an article titled "E-Girl Bianca Michelle Devins Was Murdered By Her Incel Orbiter." Meanwhile, a [2] petition titled "Make Brandon Clark face the Death penalty" was launched (shown below). The same day, a Kiwi Farms[4] thread about the incident was created, which identified Devins as the 4chan user "Oxychan". Start a petition My petitions Browse Membership Log in Make Brandon Clark face the Death penalty 325 have signed. Let's get to 500! yesjuliet First name Last name 33 1,413 4,987 Followers Following Posts Email Brooklyn, 11211 United States Brandon Andrew Clark Display my name and comment on this petition 10/06/1997 7/14/19 Iust know that I feel no nain now Sign this petition Toby Blair started this petition to Governor Andrew M. Cuomo and 1 other By signing, you accept's Terms of Service and Privacy Policy, and agree to receive @Escty was murdered by an insane Ex boyfriend who then tried occasional emails about campaigns on You can unsubscribe at any time. to kill himself but was unsuccessful. She was murdered in cold blood by an insane man who couldn't deal with his own problems so he had to kill another human being and expected to get away with it. He proceeded to post her dead body on his Instagram story (@yesjuliet) with the caption "I'm sorry Bianca." Yet he

Also on July 15th, Twitter user @bebestgf[7] posted several tweets claiming to be a friend of Devins, stating that Devins was not beheaded and that the killer was a real-life friend, not a stranger she met online (shown below).

bebe @bebestgf 4h bebe @bebestgf 4h am saddened by the amount of misinformation spread about bianca. as someone who was a friend of hers and in the server when it happened i can tell you these things which are FACT: who have to grieve and live with such a horrible incident, the pictures, and all of the negative attention this is gaining do your best to respect the not only bianca after death but the people who are directly affected by an angel being ripped away from the world. 1. bianca's head was not cut off 2. nothing was posted on insta live but to discord #ripbianca ta 16 140 1 13 ti 182 559 bebe @bebestgf 4h bebe 3. the killer wasn't a stalker or her ex-boyfriend nor was he some incel she knew Follow @bebestgf online. she was friends with him IRL and he even met her mother. 4. the guy posted bout local murder suicides in bianca's area leading me to believe this was premeditated the spread of rumors and misinformation to fit certain people's agendas or to try and receive clout is absolutely horrific. Bia i will miss you so f------ much. i know you're in a far better place away from this cruel world. i love you babydoll RIP 3 199 t 31 bebe Follow @bebestgf 5. bianca didn't deserve this for the s----- things she did 2 years ago and implying that is absolutely disgusting and you should be 100% ashamed of yourself for thinking that. please for the love of god, for the love of the people who are her friends and family #ripbianca bebe @bebestgf 4:30 AM 15 Jul 2019 rip bia you were a sweet angel taken from us too soon. ilysm and i will never forget about the kindness and love you blessed 4:30 AM-15 Jul 2019 18 Retweets 176 Likes upon my life Joined June 2019 21 Retweets 191 Likes t 18 176 Tweet to Message t 21 2 191

News Media Coverage

On July 15th, 2019, The New York Times[8] published an article titled "#RIPBianca: How a Teenager’s Brutal Murder Ended Up on Instagram." The article contained a statement from Devins' family, which described the deceased teenager as "a talented artist" who would "always be remembered as our Princess." Additionally, the article reported that authorities stated that Devins and Clark planned to attend a concert in New York City and had an argument at the concert venue prior to Devins' murder.

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