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On October 2nd, 2013, an anonymous user of 4chan's /b/ (Random) board[7] laid out a plan for an online prank to convince fans of Miley Cyrus that she had contracted AIDS (shown below). The post cited the singer's recent breakup with actor Liam Hemsworth and her overtly sexual stage performances as reasons why the prank would be believable. It also encouraged people to use the hashtag #CureForMiley[2] on Twitter to draw attention to the campaign. The post was subsequently archived via Pastebin.[1]

Anonymous Wed Oct 02 2013 04:56:24 No.508911621 View Reply Original Report Quoted By: >>508912934 >>508913724 >>508914654 >>508915531 >>508917267>>508918050 >>508919575 >>508924505 >>508926312 Alright anons. If youve ever missed out on previous glorious moments held here on this page, Then this thread is your time to shine, a thread to bring memories of an event that you caused, somthing you'll still remember and laugh about as a 50 year old, as you say "I was a part of that." Cure Fot Miley >>Our Goal: Convince the masses that Miley Cyrus contracted AIDS. >>Why, and how we think it will be believable. 1. Miley's relationship with Liam Hemsworth ended for reasons not speculated. We can make a story that he left her after he told him of her condition 47 kB, 610x521, Cureformiley.jpg Google b SauceNAO 2. It can be used to explain her irrational sexuali ty on stage and in her music videos, she doesnt have much time to live, she wants to get the most out of life, and feels she is doing so through her dancing.

Pregnancy Rumor

The campaign came off the heels of a pregnancy rumor that had been circulating the web on September 30th, suggesting Cyrus was expecting a child with rapper Juicy J. In less than 24 hours, "Miley Cyrus Pregnant" had been mentioned more than 75,000 times on Twitter. Cyrus quickly dismissed the rumor by joking about it on Twitter that day.

Notable Developments

Later that morning, a Facebook fan page titled cureformiley[4] launched, gaining more than 300 likes within six hours. A screenshot of a fake CNN article (shown below) about Miley having HIV was posted to the r/4chan subreddit[3] where it gained more than 2,500 upvotes, 1,300 points overall and nearly 175 comments, many of which admonished the poster for drawing attention to the unfounded nature of the hashtag.

Sign up Log in CNN SET EDITION: U.S. INTERNATIONAL MÉXIco ARABIC TV: CNN CNNi CNN en Español HLN SEARCH POWERED BY HomeT TV & Video CNN Trends U.S. World Politics Justice Entertainment Tech Health Living Travel Opinion IReport Money Sports updated 6:57 AM EDT, Wed October 2, 2013 Make CNN Your Homepage CN TRE ENDS Shutdown Obamacare Pastor shooting Facebook faces Colo. hikers Michelle Rodriguez 2nd biker arrest Barilla apology DEVELOPING STORY WEATHER A cure for Miley NEW DAY 6-9am ET Only on CNN Desperate pledge to abolish Miley's LIVE TV Shows and Schedules illness A leaked, rage-induced tweet from Lukasz Gottwald reveals Miley Cyrus some time. FULL STORY Full Schedules: CNN TV HLN TV #CureForMiley Live blog | Votes fail in the House ·Shutdown: What we do & don't know ·WWII vets storm closed memorial 1995 and 2013: Three differences Dems, GOP and a leap into the abyss

On Facebook and Twitter, users continued to circulate photoshopped images from TMZ and Twitter claiming to be proof of Cyrus’ status, while on YouTube, the hashtag #CureForMiley began appearing in the top comments of her music videos. Around the same time, the hoax was explained on rumor-dismissing site Waffles at Noon[6] and internet culture blogs BuzzFeed[5] and The Inquisitr.[8] As of 2 p.m. (ET), #CureForMiley has been used on Twitter nearly 500 times[9] while “Miley HIV”[10] and “Miley AIDS”[11] have been mentioned more than 460 times combined.

Notable Examples

brad Follow @BradCornman better girl Reply Retweet ★ Favorite Storify More FAVORITE 1:12 PM-2 Oct 13 Jenny B @JennyKragerd Follow Stay strong, Miley. We're here for you <;3 #CureForMiley Reply Retweet ★ Favorite Storify More RETWEET 10:18 AM-2 Oct 13 Liam Hemsworth LiamHemsworth Even though we recently have endured a very public break-up and been through a lot of pain, I'm praying for you Miley #cureformiley 6969 RETWEETS FAVORITES 8:55 PM-2 Od 2013-via Twitter Embed this Tweet Reply Delete ★ Favorite
Ali Moore @mileyfan Help Support Miley And Her Ilness facebook.com/cureformiley 420 RETWEETSFAVORITES 351 3:57 AM-2 Ocd 2013-via Twitter Embed this Tweet Reply Delete ★ Favorite Stefan Carmello @bigdog1279 Follow Unbelievable. "live while we're young" as @NiallOfficial would say. #CureForMiley Reply Retweet ★ Favorite Storify More FAVORITE 12:10 PM-2 Oct 13 Billy. @BustaBily ▼ 步Follow #cureformiley it came in like a wrecking ball Reply Retweet ★ Favorite Ostorify More 4 4 RETWEETSFAVORITES 9:55 AM-2 Oct 13
We will never back down Miley! THEY HANT US TO #Careformilet My HERC Inspirational! Find cure for AD . To AMAZING to die Be strong Miley! oone deserves this! #cureformiley ers cureforniiley C.0

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