Death of Eden Knight 23-year-old Trans Girl from Saudi Arabia.

Death of Eden Knight

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The Death of Eden Knight refers to the suicide of 23-year-old trans woman Eden Knight that occurred in March 2023 when Knight posted her suicide note to her Twitter account @CYBERANGELFAERY. According to Knight, she was being forced out of the U.S. by her family in Saudi Arabia who was set to make her detransition from female to male. The event caused viral discourse on social media, specifically within LGBTQ+ circles. Much of the discourse also centered on Knight's purportedly powerful Saudi family, the Al-Shathri family, and her father Dr. Fahad Al-Shathri who was the Deputy Governor for Supervision at the Saudi Central Bank (SAMA) at the time of her death.


At the time of her death in March 2023, Eden Knight had grown a large following of over 22,000 on her Twitter[1] account @CYBERANGELFAERY, which three months prior (in December 2022)[2] had only over 12,700 followers. Knight often shared shitposting-type memes, many of which were related to being a drainer and trans.

On March 12th, 2023, Knight posted to Twitter,[3] "Final Message," and attached a TwitLonger[4] link that led to an apparent suicide note. The tweet received roughly 42,400 likes in five days. Her TwitLonger[4] post was roughly 1,000 words and started with her writing, "hi. If you’re reading this, I’ve already killed myself."

It went on to state that Knight was coaxed into detransitioning by a Saudi lawyer seemingly hired by her parents overseas. At the time, Knight was illegally in the U.S. and the lawyer was able to make her dependent on him over the fear of her deportation. Eventually, she went back to Saudi Arabia where her situation became worse as her parents were trying to stop her from taking HRT. This purportedly resulted in her decision to take her own life (full text shown below, click to expand).

TwitLonger eden knight O_o @CYBERANGELFAERY 12th Mar 2023 from TwitLonger Final Message Why? hi. If you're reading this, I've already killed myself. I have given life every opportunity, I have given myself every chance to get better. But I couldn't do it, I wasn't strong enough, I don't think there was a universe where I was ever strong enough to survive this. Account Sometime in the summer, I was contacted by Michael Pocalyko (Cybersecurity guy) through an IRL friend who claimed he was a "fixer" and wanted to "fix" the issue that was between me and my parents. I thought this was impossible, I'm transgender and they are strict conservative Muslims, but I decided I would give it a shot because it can't hurt right Imao? Write a Post Over the next couple of months, I had called Michael Pocalyko and his associate Ellen, these calls seemed innocuous and honestly pretty helpful. It was mainly questions about my safety and whether I had my needs met at the place I was staying at. Towards the end of my stay at my friends place, I had witnessed a traumatic event and was already in a bad place mentally, Michael took note of this and decided to push me to leave Georgia and move back to Virginia. Michael and Ellen, along with a Saudi lawyer named Bader met me at the train station. I was taken to a hotel and allowed to experience DC, I genuinely was optimistic and believed this could work. God I wish I wasn't so fucking stupid. At this point, the only person in that group that I was in contact with was Bader, the Saudi lawyer. Bader, throughout this entire time, in his weird way, tried to get me to detransition. First, he pampered me. He got me an apartment temporarily, he took me out to eat, he took me to therapists, but over time, the more conversations I had with him in person, the more I realized what he was trying to do. He tried to get me to be "normal." Gave me examples of feminine men and said that they are transgender but they are hiding it, that it's better to hide it. Told me stories personally about people he knew that successfully hid it. Repeated constantly that I can just hold 2 lives, the female me and the male me. Constantly said I looked like a man, always talked down on my appearance. Bought me masculine clothing and tried to throw away ALL of my feminine clothing. At every step of the way, he tried to detransition me. I had a breakdown over this and bombarded Michael Pocalyko and Ellen with texts about what was happening, they did not respond. I did not realize fast enough what was happening because I'm fucking stupid. At a certain point, I realized I was entirely dependent on Bader for food and shelter, and that if I ran away, he could easily find my location, and since I was illegal, I would have just been deported to Saudi. I subconsciously gave up, I was too tired. I did everything he asked, I cut my hair, I stopped taking estrogen, I changed my wardrobe, I met my dad. And then I had another breakdown. My mom kept telling me to repent or I was going to hell, and I did, I repented. I believed I was going to hell so much that I read the entire Quran front to back in a couple of days, crying the entire fucking time about what a disgusting thing I am, and I didn't sleep. I repented, and I was broken. Bader then booked a flight back to Saudi, and I came back. The first month was fine, okay even. I was on edge the entire time, but I was treated like I was going to run at any second by my family, then came the second month. At this point, I was subjected to daily searches of my belongings, my mom searched all of my electronics whenever she got the chance. I was berated for being a freak when my mom found my private photos, my dad called me a failure and an abomination. I was told that Michael, Ellen, and Bader were actually all specifically hired to get me back and that there was no escape from my situation. I was destroyed, but I wanted to keep going. After the first time they found my HRT, it was traumatizing, but I didn't want to stop. I didn't want to live if I couldn't transition. Then the second time came. After that, I took a month break off of HRT, and got back on it. They have found my HRT again, and I am done fighting. Message to the people I love.l: I wasn't always a good or even decent person, at times I was a fucking asshole, and a disgusting human being. But there were times I feel like I was good. I don't understand why I was given this life with these circumstances, every day hurts, every second stings. I have tried killing myself in the past, but every single time I was still holding on by a thread somewhere deep inside me, I think that's why I survived them. This time, I am done. I am tired. To my friends, to the people I chose to be my family, to my girlfriend, to everyone who has shown me kindness in this life, I sincerely thank you. You made an unbearable existence bearable at times. I am deeply sorry I have disappointed you all, I wish things were different, I wish this message was a message about how I won, how I escaped and built a successful life. How I managed to get FFS, SRS, and beat my dysphoria. I wish I was speaking to you about how proud I am of myself to have done the impossible. But that's not my reality. I wish this world wasn't so fucking comically cruel, I am actually laughing writing this sentence. It's unironically ridiculous how bad my luck has been the past couple of weeks. Someone just walked past my car and glanced at me, I wonder if they know I'm gonna kill myself. I wonder what they would think about me if they knew who I actually was. goodbye <3 I wanted to be a leader for people like me, but that wasn't written to happen. I hope that the world gets better for us. I hope our people get old. I hope we get to see our kids grow up to fight for us. I hope for trans rights world wide. home about privacy api Reply A Report Post TwitLonger is developed entirely by Stuart Gibson (@stuartgibson). TwitLonger is in no way associated with Twitter, but they sure do a swell job over there

Not long after Knight's "Final Message" tweet, posts from her family on Twitter[5] and Telegram accounts surfaced that stated Knight had died.

On March 13th, 2023, Twitter[6] user @punishedmother posted a tweet that attached a Google Doc[7] titled "Eden Abduction Details," which included multiple pages of details about Knight's background, family and death, compiled by Knight's American and internet friends.

According to the document, Knight was living in the U.S. while in college and came out as trans during the COVID-19 pandemic. [7] It was also revealed that Knight came from a powerful Saudi family called the Al-Shathri family. Her father's name was Dr. Fahad Al-Shathri and he was the Deputy Governor for Supervision at the Saudi Central Bank (SAMA).[7][8] Over the course of four days, @punishedmother's tweet gained roughly 31,400 likes (shown below).

Merrick e @punishedmother Eden Knight was tricked into detransitioning & moved to Saudi Arabia by people hired by her family to pose as friends to her. She has taken her own life. We have a doc w all the info in 1 place we submit now for your consideration With love and care: have laid out a timeline and pieces of evidence t ind expose the ways she was failed and violated by ican citizens willing to do anything for money, by a 3 al who posed as a friend and by the US justice and uld have been there offer her asylum and safety. March 12, 2023 Eden posted her suicide note on tw tricked, trapped and manipulated into depending or arents to pose as friends, but whose actual goal wa d move back to Saudi Arabia. They succeeded and g she was going to take her life she exposed this so ay, March 16th, 2023 Eden's family confirmed both I ... Eden Abduction Details To whom it may concern, Journalists, activists, friends, trans sisters and onlookers: hello. We are friends of Eden's... 3:43 PM Mar 13, 2023 4.1M Views

News Coverage

Going into late March 2023, multiple news outlets published articles about Eden Knight's death, sourcing evidence and details from Knight's TwitLonger[4] post and @punishedmother's Google Doc.[7] For instance, VICE News[9] writer Anya Zoledziowski published an article about Knight's death on March 16th. Rolling Stone[10] writer Miles Klee also published an article on March 16th.

Online Reactions

Various reactions to Knight's death and story surfaced on social media soon after her death. For instance, on March 13th, 2023, Twitter[11] user @jhoongism relayed the story in a tweet that received roughly 2,100 likes in four days (shown below, left). On March 16th, 2023, Twitter[12] user @EuphoriTori tweeted a screenshot from YouTube showing that Philip Defranco had covered Knight's story in a recent video. @EuphoriTori captioned the image, "holy shit he covered it," and gained roughly 15,000 likes in one day (shown below, right).

atlas met joe quinn & @jhoongism tw/ suicide eden knight was a trans woman who was abducted by people hired by her religious family to de-transition her. as a result, she ended her life to escape from it. as a fellow trans person, i needed to make people aware of his. please spread her story and be an ally. 6:21 PM Mar 13, 2023 100.5K Views : . Victoria @Euphori Tori holy shit he covered it Philip DeFranco @Philip DeFranco · 6.33M subscribers 1.4K videos New Episodes every Monday - Thursday... & sometimes Friday! Let's talk news and pop culture that matters to me and should mat... HOME VIDEOS Subscribed ✓ SHORTS LIVE I 5:32 PM Mar 16, 2023 2.8M Views Guess Who Wants To Punish Poor Children, Hasan Abi, Ben Shapiro, Eden Knight, & Tod... Philip DeFranco 20K views 10 minutes ago : PLAYLISTS CO 19:21

Meanwhile, Defranco's YouTube[13] video about Knight, which was uploaded on March 16th, gained roughly 600,000 views in one day (shown below, left). On the same day, other YouTubers covered the story, such as YouTuber[14] and streamer Vaush whose video titled "Why Telling Eden's Story Is Important" gained roughly 123,000 views in one day (shown below, right).

Sun Emoji 🔆

Bright Button Emoji 🔆, unofficially referred to as Sun Emoji is a an emoji of a yellow circle with several rays coming out of it. The emoji has been used by Twitter users honoring the memory of Eden Knight, a 23-year-old transgender woman who committed suicide in March 2023. Due to reported earlier unrelated instances of the emoji being used by white supremacists, the use of the emoji has been a subject of viral debates within the transgender community.

Lüka of the sun cult @dainserk. Mar 18 I wanted to stay shut, I really wanted to. The sun emoji is to commemorate Eden, a trans woman and a friend who was killed by bigotry and had more moral integrity than all of you combined. Eden would hate every single one of you, you're ghouls and deserve nothing. 30 Juicy Jai Retweeted traumazine cover girl @slime_succubus. 9m the fact that this question keeps being asked is... telling. it's important to surround yourself with good people is all ima say. princess wand wizard Replying to @LuxOnFiyah and @Dreaded Jai is some kind of dog whistle 1 76 Lüka of the sun cult @dainserk LI 2 833 Rest in power, Eden 6:57 PM. Mar 18, 2023 24.1K Views @princessww.15m 9 33.2K Jai, slime succubus, all of you are horrible people and deserve nothing. You don't even have the decency to let people like me who were friends to Eden mourn in piece, you're so busy making this about yourselves. You should all be ashamed of yourselves. Lüka of the sun cult @dainserk It's been a week since the news of Eden's passing have come. And it still feels like it happened yesterday. It really hurts. Detransition kills, support each other and help each other as much as you can. Rest in power Eden, we miss you so much.-- 2:14 PM Mar 19, 2023 5,232 Views

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