Tweet by Pablo Hidalgo @pablohidalgo Replying to @fellawhomstdve emotions are not for sharing over a pic of a man in a Star Wars hat crying

"Emotions Are Not for Sharing" Star Wars Controversy

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Editor's Note: This entry contains spoilers for season two of The Mandalorian; read at your own caution.


Emotions Are Not For Sharing is a controversy surrounding a tweet made by Lucasfilm executive Pablo Hidalgo in a discussion of YouTuber Star Wars Theory's teary reaction to The Mandalorian season two finale. The tweet became a subject of discussions online, with Higaldo later claiming that the message was misinterpreted.


On December 17th, 2020, YouTuber[1] Star Wars Theory streamed a groupwatch of the season two finale of The Mandalorian series. During the stream, Star Wars Theory teared up during the scene in which young Luke Skywalker makes an appearance. Star Wars Theory later explained his emotional reaction to the unexpected appearance of Luke Skywalker by highlighting the significance the character held for him during his childhood. The broadcast accumulated over a million views in two weeks (shown below, left).

On December 20th, YouTube[2] user Sick Doctor uploaded a video of Star Wars Theory's reaction synced with the episode which received over 1.4 million views in nine days (shown below, right).

On December 26th, Twitter[3] user @fellawhomstdve posted a screenshot of Sick Doctor's video to Twitter. In the thread, Lucasfilm executive Pablo Hidalgo[4] (@pablohidalgo) replied, "emotions are not for sharing," later deleting the tweet and making his account private (thread and reply shown below, top and bottom).

dune opinions account @fellawhomstdve - 11 Min. 9:14 Star Wars Theory Reacts to Luke Skywalker Scene Sick Doctor 967K views • 6 days ago 64 Dieser Tweet ist nicht verfügbar. dune opinions account @fellawhomstdve Folgen Antwort an @pablohidalgo if you feel compelled to have an emotional reaction to star wars by all means have one! hell I almost cried at Crait in the theater and I've never cried at a movie in my life. but don't artificially recreate that shit for your millions of followers! 20:16 - 26. Dez. 2020 >
Pablo Hidalgo Ô @pablohidalgo · Dec Replying to @fellawhomstdve emotions are not for sharing. O 1 7


On December 27th, 2020, Star Wars Theory[5] uploaded a response video expressing his disappointment with Hidalgo's reaction and describing it as unprofessional. The video received over 621,000 views in two days (shown below).

On the same day, Star Wars Theory (@SWTheory66) made a series of tweets[6] about the Hidalgo's reaction (shown below, left and right).

Star Wars Theory @SWTheory66 · Dec 27 Pablo Hidalgo is chiming in on this thread which is making fun of me for being emotional over Luke Skywalker. I don't mind trolls, but I can't see what he's said, and l'd hate to believe he would join in as a Lucasfilm official. Can someone who can see, screenshot his replies? 000 This Tweet is unavailable. 312 17 203 2,9K Star Wars Theory @SWTheory66 00. Replying to @SWTheory66 Well here it is. Basically Pablo validating that post and undermining my emotions. Expected more from someone so high up at Lucasfilm. That's really shitty to see. @IAMGhostClips · 2m I'm pretty sure Pablo was sarcastically saying this. And the @fellawhomstdve guy is trying to say that u artificially made that reaction lol.. trolls Pablo HidalgoÔ @pablo Replying to @fellawhomste emotions are not for sharir 1 Star Wars Theory @SWTheory66 000 Pablo chimes in to make fun. Deletes the tweet. Then puts one of them as his header. How is this acceptable from someone so high up at Lucasfilm? You're telling people it's not ok to have emotions about the work your company produces, and you make fun of them for crying? Not ok. Tweet dune opinions account @fellawho. 1d Hidalgo a ing to @fellaw 9:14 Star Wars Theory Reacts to Luke Skywalker Scene Sick Doctor emotons are notTor sharing. jons are not fo Follow Pablo Hidalgo n @pablohidalgo Retired and having fun O The Hague, The Netherlands B Joined April 2014 1133 Fellenina 558 Followers 12:31 AM · Dec 28, 2020 - Twitter for iPhone

On December 28th, 2020, Pablo Hidalgo[7] made a tweet in which he claimed that his remark was sarcastic self-mockery and was misinterpreted (tweet shown below).

Pablo Hidalgo @pablohidalgo 000 I wish to clarify that my post that "emotions are not to be shared" was sarcastic self-mockery and was certainly not intended to be hurtful to anyone and I'm deeply sorry that it was. As a lifelong fan, I appreciate fans expressing how they feel - it's what being a fan is about! 4:31 PM - Dec 28, 2020 · Twitter Web App 5 Retweets 4 Quote Tweets 45 Likes 27 Pablo Hidalgo @pablohidalgo - 46m 000 Replying to @pablohidalgo We can't all be together in movie theaters or at conventions right now, so express yourself online! (In fact, those of us not prone to such displays will quietly live vicariously through your energy.) 27 2 21

On December 30th, 2020, Star Wars Theory uploaded his final word on the matter[11] (shown below), which gained over 60,000 views in the hour following its upload.

Online Reactions

In late December 2020, the controversy became a viral subject of discussions within the Star Wars fandom. A number of YouTubers made videos about the controversy; for example, on December 28th, YouTube[8] channel Geeks + Gamers posted a video that received nearly 100,000 views in one day (shown below, left).

The controversy was also covered by a number of media outlets, including articles by Daily Dot[9] and Deseret.[10]

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