Farod joined iFunny and then made this TikTok.

Farod Joins iFunny

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Farod Joins iFunny refers to the TikToker Farod joining the meme app iFunny in January 2022. After joining, he received racist comments from the community that he responded to across platforms, resulting in more memes percolating about the situation, becoming self-aware and ironic in nature.



Farod is a notable TikToker that started posting content to the platform in July 2021.[1] His content is mostly greenscreen videos where he performs one-man skits. He also posts reaction-style content. His videos are often loud and fast-paced where he holds a microphone close to his mouth in order to amplify his content. As of January 2022, Farod has roughly 702,700 followers on TikTok.[2]

Move to iFunny

Farod started posting to iFunny[3] on January 4th, 2022. His first post (shown below) received 91 smiles over two days — a repost of one of his "Mic Bite Compilation" TikTok videos.

After uploading, Farod received multiple racist comments underneath the video, making jokes about monkeys, bananas and his identity as a Black man. For instance, iFunnier No_chill_chicken commented, "Why are you black 💀," (shown below) receiving 55 smiles in one day. However, many of the comments were much more insensitive.

Farod continued to post content to the platform despite these comments, however, he addressed them and the platform in general in a TikTok[4] he posted on January 5th, 2022. In the video, he talks about how in only 13 hours of being on the platform, he'd already been called a "poop-colored monkey," among other racist comments. The TikTok (shown below) received roughly 453,200 plays and 82,200 likes over the course of one day.


Farod uploaded another iFunny-related TikTok[5] later the same day, titling it, "ifunny account update." In the video, he details more accounts of racist comments thrown at him and declares that he's, "finna take this app over." The TikTok (shown below) received roughly 33,400 plays and 5,100 likes in less than 24 hours.


Farod uploaded a video to iFunny[6] the same day with text overlay reading, "im so scared of ifunny comments 😂" The video (shown below) received 369 smiles and 460 comments in one day. Again, most of the comments were racist in nature, like one from iFunnier Dash who commented, "Uhhhhhh watermelon," receiving 215 smiles for it in one day.

iFunniers started posting memes about Farod and the entire situation going into January 2022. For instance, on January 5th, iFunnier[7] RacistFestiveSlothv2 posted a meme (shown below) that used the "Happy Little Crackers" video. The meme received roughly 1,400 smiles in one day.

Also on January 5th, iFunnier[8] Chungite posted a screenshot from the TikTok comment section of Farod's iFunny-related video (shown below). The post received 863 smiles in one day.

More memes were posted about "deep" iFunny's reaction to Farod spreading awareness to TikTok of the app's racist underbelly. For instance, iFunnier[9] Kaner posted a meme (shown below) that received 771 smiles in one day.

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