Forbes @BasedBeffJezos E/Acc Article

Forbes @BasedBeffJezos E/Acc Article

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Forbes @BasedBeffJezos E/Acc Article refers to discussions and debates surrounding a December 1st, 2023 article published by Forbes where they reveal the identity of Effective Accelerationism or "e/acc" co-founder X user @BasedBeffJezos. The article followed mounting interest in e/acc thought in 2023, with many accusing Forbes of doxxing or revealing the identity of the X user against his will.


@BasedBeffJezos alluded to a forthcoming "doxxing" on December 1st, 2023,[1] hours before Forbes' official X[2] account posted a link to an article written by Emily Baker-White titled, "Who Is @BasedBeffJezos, The Leader Of The Tech Elite’s ‘E/Acc’ Movement?"[3] The post gathered over 300 likes and 200 quotes (seen below).

F Who Is @Based BeffJezos, The Leader Of The Tech Elite's 'E/Acc' Movement? Forbes @Forbes Beff Jezos-e/acc0BasedBeffiezos Nov 25 which way, anon? 10:58 PM-Nov 28, 2023 Beff Jezos-elace @BasedBeffJezos Follow rate my coffee-making setup 126 Beff Jezos-ejacc @BasedBeffJezos -Follow e/acc nation being forged @BasedBeffJezos - Follow e/acc is simply a viral memetic metacognitive hack to E/ACC cybernetically control the civilizational meta-organism to hyperstitiously induce an acceleration of its own growth and thereby produce massive widespread prosperity and cosmic hyperproliferation of intelligence as a whole Reply @ Copy link . 7:32 AM Nov 9, 2023 - X 0 476 Beff Jezos-e/acc >> Far from thermal equilibrium Joined August 2022 1,211 Following 50.1K Followers Beff Jezos-e/ace BasedBeteros-Nov 23 American Acceleration . Vittorio-(-/acc) delectus-Nov 23 this thanksgiving lam grateful to the e/faccs for keeping us safe 9:24 PM Dec 1, 2023 1.1M Views 1-ras @BasedBeffJezos chief accelerator & founder @e/acc // thermodynamic priest // entropic flux enjoyer // Kardashev gradient climber // memetic landscape sculptor OpenAl Classic ACCELERAT OR vs DIE SamCo 5 Subscriptions BECOME UNALIGNADE 13 Beff Jezos-e/acceposted kache (yacine) @yacineMTB-Nov 30 oh my god » Owen-72B Owen Beff Jezos-efacce @BasedBeffJezos - Follow Voss-eface @vossaustin Replying to @wagleeacc Pick your ideology. G Follow A decel elacc @Copy link Read 5 replies EACCES 600 Jeff Jezos-e/ace Pass me the space Turkey this is the future e/acc's wa accele ACCELERATE, or DIE. Cyber Monday is an official techno-capital mach - Nov 25 de starting a new kingdom on them and sophie -25 peloponsan warwas fought over govs Beff Jezos-ejacc @BasedBeffJezo-Follow 4:54 PM Nov 26, 2023 "I tried to picture clusters of information as they moved through the computer. What do they look like? U I kept dreaming of a world I thought I'd never see. And then, one day, I got in." ... VIDA 96 Reply Copy link Read 9 replies (ma 10 host my Al super

The article delved into @BasedBeffJezos and his influence in promoting the fringe Effective Accelerationist ideology, a play on the "Effective Altruism" movement and Nick Land's theory of Accelerationism. At one point, the article enlists the help of a media forensics expert who conducts a comparative voice analysis to determine that @BasedBeffJezos's real identity is "former Google quantum computing engineer […] Guillaume Verdon who founded a stealth AI hardware startup Extropic in 2022."

Online Reactions

Beff Jezos Response

@BasedBeffJezos posted an initial response acknowledging the voice analysis section of the article,[4] followed by a longer response where he presents his reasons for keeping his identity hidden initially, and delves into his real-life professional accomplishments.[5]

Beff Jezos-e/acc @Based BeffJezos Hey everyone, serious post for a second. Subscribe As you may have seen, I have unfortunately gotten my identity and stealth startup doxxed by reporters via voice forensics and web sleuthing. As the day has finally come, I thought I'd share more about who I am. I've kept my identity secretive for various reasons, one of which is for my personal security and that of those who work for me, as I have always worked on secretive/sensitive technologies. I started this account as a means to spread hope, optimism, and a will to build the future, and as an outlet to share my thoughts despite to the secretive nature of my work. Throughout this journey, I got to meet amazing people. Became close friends with my e/acc co-founder @bayeslord, and forged a potent community that is now starting to transduce from the online to the physical world. While my doxx was seemingly inevitable, this is not the end, but a new beginning for e/acc. One where I can step up and make our voice heard in the traditional world beyond X, and use my credentials to provide backing for our community's interests. Around the same time as founding e/acc, I founded @Extropic_Al. A deep tech startup where we are building the ultimate substrate for Generative Al in the physical world by harnessing thermodynamic physics. Ideas simmering while inventing a this paradigm of computing definitely influenced the initial e/acc writings. I very much look forward to sharing more about our vision for the technology we are building soon. In terms of my background, as you've now learned, my main identity is @GillVerd. I used to work on special projects at the intersection of physics and Al at Alphabet, X and Google. Before this, I was a theoretical physicist working on information theory and black hole physics. Currently working on our Al Manhattan project to bring fundamentally new computing to the world with an amazing team of physics and Al geniuses, including my former TensorFlow Quantum co-founder @trevormccrt1 as CTO. Grateful every day to get to build this technology I have been dreaming of for over 8 years now with an amazing team. Much more info to come on all of the above. Excited to be able to share our journey as it unfolds over the months and years. Please stay tuned. Much love. Keep on accelerating. -Beff 10:19 PM Dec 1, 2023 3.4M Views

Doxxing Allegations

Various e/acc proponents and tech enthusiasts following @BasedBeffJezos accused Forbes of doxxing an anonymous internet personality under the guise of investigative journalism. X[6] user @AutismCapital posted a quote from the article on December 1st, accusing Forbes of doxxing @BasedBeffJezos (seen below, left).

X[7] user @WilliamTurton quoted the post and refuted the doxxing allegations, stating that @BasedBeffJezos agreed to an interview (seen below, right). @AutismCapital and @BasedBeffJezos maintain that the interview was achieved through coercion.

Autism Capital @AutismCapital Subscribe New Forbes article on e/acc and unfortunately doxxing Beff Jezos. It goes without saying that doxxing is incredibly messed up on so many levels and Forbes disguising their clickbait intentions as "This is in the world's public interest" is so f**ked up. it was any other person. Forbes is revealing his identity because we believe it to be in the public interest as Jezos's influence grows. 10:09 PM . Dec 1, 2023 402.5K Views William Turton @WilliamTurton. Dec 1 "doxxing" has lost all meaning. the guy confirms his identity and gives an interview in the story Autism Capital @AutismCapital. Dec 1 New Forbes article on e/acc and unfortunately doxxing Beff Jezos. It goes without saying that doxxing is incredibly messed up on so many levels and Forbes disguising their clickbait intentions as "This is in the world's public interest" is so f**ked up. it was any other person. Forbes is revealing his identity because we believe it to be in the public interest as Jezos's influence grows. 126 12 1 66 Autism Capital @AutismCapital. Dec 1 What choice did he have? Forbes comes to him and says "we know this is you and we're going to run the story. do you want to comment?" and his thinking is "if this is going to happen I may as well try to get my narrative heard." That's still a dox. Obviously he was loose with his... Show more 178 Beff Jezos - e/acc @BasedBeffJezos • That's literally what happened. 6:30 AM · Dec 2, 2023 3,222 Views 432 ₁155K 518 口企 ₁27K 口企 Subscribe

On December 2nd, Effective Altruism proponent Eliezer Yudkowsky criticized the Forbes article as well (seen below, left).[8] Also on December 2nd, X[9] user @yacineMTB posted a Is Fortnite Overrated meme about the issue (seen below, right).

Eliezer Yudkowsky @ESYudkowsky We disagree about almost everything, but a major frown at Forbes for doxxing the e/acc in question. Many of society's problems are Things We Can't Say. Building up a pseudonym with a reputation is one remedy. Society is worse off as people become more afraid to speak. xlr8harder @xlr8harder. Dec 1 Guys don't worry, Forbes says it's not doxxing. "Dude needs to dox himself, and start speaking math and engineering," said another person. (Revealing the name behind an anonymous account of public note is not "doxxing," which is an often-gendered form of online harassment that reveals private information - like an address or phone number — about a person without consent and with malicious intent.) 1:35 PM Dec 2, 2023 307.6K Views • : ... kache (yacine) @yacineMTB live: has forbes gone too far? 161 views 01 AL forbes dox - what does it mean for e/acc? bayes (e/acc) is hosting I am Beff Jezos Last edited 2:53 AM Dec 2, 2023 37.1K Views +672 ALC NIT :

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