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"I Towed Joey Graceffa's Car"

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"I Towed Joey Graceffa's Car"
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"I Towed Joey Graceffa's Car"


"I Towed Joey Graceffa's Car" is a monologue video uploaded by Los Angeles comedian Nate Clark in response to YouTube celebrity vlogger Joey Graceffa's ranting about getting his car towed for slightly blocking a neighbor's driveway. In the response video, Clark reveals himself as the neighbor who called in the impound and offers a thorough and witty account from his point of view.


On October 17th, 2013, Joey Graceffa uploaded a video titled "Stolen Car" to share a story about getting his car towed overnight and having to pay a $200 fine, while repeatedly claiming that he didn't violate traffic laws. In addition, Graceffa speculated that the impound may have been a result of a neighbor overreacting to his car partially blocking the driveway.

Then on October 22nd, Los Angels comedian Nate Clark uploaded a YouTube video titled "I TOWED JOEY GRACEFFA'S CAR," identifying himself as the neighbor who called in the report and offering a point-by-point rebuttal to Graceffa's claims, asserting that his driveway was completely blocked in by the car, along with other witty retorts to the vlogger's grievances.

In closing, the comedian goes on to mention that Graceffa had left his federal tax return on the passenger seat of his card, quipping that he still owes unpaid taxes despite his presumably significant earnings from YouTube. Within 48 hours of upload, Clark's video accumulated more than 1.9 million views.

Notable Developments

On October 23rd, Redditor mamacas66 submitted a link to Clark's rebuttal clip in a post titled "Famous YouTuber gets towed, bitches about it. Guy who towed him makes hilarious response video " via /r/videos, where it racked up more than 53,000 up votes and 5,600 comments.

News Media Coverage

Meanwhile, some Redditors divulged into a side discussion regarding Graceffa and other famous YouTube bloggers' revenue earnings. That same day, Nate Clark's witty response was highlighted on Gawker[5], Uproxx[4], The Daily Dot[6] and Daily Mail[7], followed by The Huffington Post[7] on October 24th.

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Tags: rant, rebuttal, parking,

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