Pringles vs. Donkey Kong

Pringles vs. Donkey Kong

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Pringles vs. Donkey Kong refers to a decentralized Twitter raid participants of which reply bombed chips brand Pringles with an image of Donkey Kong from Super Smash Bros. 4. Ignited by a ratio attack on a Pringles' tweet in October 2020, the reply bombing ultimately led to Pringles posting an image of a gorilla with a can of chips in December 2020.


On October 15th, 2020, Pringles' official Twitter account @Pringles posted a now-deleted tweet about custom Pringles app icon pack. On the same day, an Twitter user @rat_food quote retweeted[1] the post, writing "raito'd by donkey kong smash 4 render" and attaching a render of Donkey Kong model from Super Smash Bros. 4. After the tweet outratioed @Pringles' post (video shown below), Pringles deleted the original tweet, replacing it with an identical tweet.[11]

Also on the same day, @rat_food made another tweet[1] in which they called for reply bombing @Pringles' posts with the image (tweet no longer available). On October 16th, @rat_food posted[2] a video documenting the bombing (shown below). The video received over 430 retweets and 1,500 likes in two months.


Starting on October 16th, 2020, Twitter[3][4][5] users posted the image in replies to @Pringles' tweets and DM'd it to the account (examples shown below).

A Pringles @Pringles Eating Pringles and @MLS actually have a lot in common. For one, both can technically be done without using your hands. 3:06 PM - Oct 17, 2020 - Kharas 5 Retweets 74 Likes Noseybonk PuppetTheClown Oct 17 Replying to @Pringles and @MLS Is this a challenge Sky @Serenading Sky Oct 17 O Replying to @Pringles and @MLS Do you guys have merch? Vin Deeznuts is doing a live esnazzy_dog - Oct 17 O Replying ta ePringles and EMLS Alpha 2 GAlphaßl u- Oct 17 Replying to @Pringles and @MLS peckpeck e peckpeck - Oct 17 Replying to Pringles and @MLS Scratch-O @Chimp1Chump - Oct 17 Replying to @Pringles and @MLS Hi Pringles! Pri Pringles @Pringles Just found out American Cheese Month is October and not every month? Which cheese is your favorite? WAVY 1:17 PM - Oct 16, 2020 - Kharas 188 Retweets 84 Quote Tweets 586 Likes fasttracker 2 @TheEssem - Oct 17 O Replying to @Pringles Carson @Carson 2006 - Dec 9 E Replying to ePringles Kevin @imnotkevin3703 - Dec 10 Replying to @Pringles BluToad124 @kaicommercia - Dec 10 Replying to ePringles Pringles O @Pringles Our favorite color change of fall. Pringles pringles Pringles Pringles Original SQUR CREAM LONION HONEY MUSTARD CHEDDAR CHEESE 12:35 PM - Oct 23, 2020 - Khoros 90 Retweets 118 Quote Tweets 811 Likes DiscordBoy @DiscordReturns - Oct 23 Replying to @Pringles 47 Bonfire @bonfire14_guy Oct 23 Replying to @Pringles Funny monkey 16

In the following months, posting this and other images of Donkey Kong continued daily, with @Pringles blocking[6][7] a number of participating users.

A ExpandDong A (pic till Sunday) @ExpandDong15 000 Welp Pringles Pringles O @Pringles @Pringles blocked you You are blocked from following @Pringles and viewing @Pringles's Tweets. 12:19 AM - Nov 24, 2020 · Twitter for iPhone Jon Cartwright @JonComms 000 Pringles are blocking people for posting Donkey Kong Pringles is run by K Rool confirmed Tweet Pringles pinjk @Pringles Voyager @EternalVoyager 5h Replying to @Pringles Which heat do you crave the most? Choose one below to let us monke know. Hotdog Leader @LeaderHotdog 2d Replying to @Pringles 17:08 - 20 Nov 20 Twitter Web App 45 Retweets 25 Quote Tweets 226 Likes ExpandDong A (pic till Sunday) @ExpandDong15 · Nov 24 Welp Show this thread @Pringles @Pringles blocked you You are blocked from following @Pringles and viewing @Pringles's Tweets. 6:09 AM - Nov 24, 2020 · Twitter for Android William Cheese 000 @rat_food im @diddy_knog - 20h les i have a problem regarding your product. I just bought a d when I opened it there was at the most 25 crisps in there." al? 9 Pringles O les ddy_knog s not supposed to happen. Please send our full name, mailing address, email, date/location, and product information y date), and we'll make this up to you. 3:18 PM / Send us a private message You can no longer send Direct Messages to this person. Learn more 5, 2020 - Khoros 8:33 PM · Nov 25, 2020 · Twitter Web App

On December 16th, @Pringles[8] posted a photograph of a gorilla with a Pringles can to appease the reply bombers, writing, "You asked us to post a certain image of a certain gorilla to our feed. So here’s what we can legally do," (post shown below). The post received over 100 retweets and 560 likes in one day.

Pringles @Pringles 000 You asked us to post a certain image of a certain gorilla to our feed. So here's what we can legally do. Hope you enjoy. Pringles ORIGINAL 9:56 AM · Dec 16, 2020 · Twitter Web App .......

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Between October 16th and December 16th, a number of Twitter users unaware of the reply bombing inquired about the image. Several renowned content creators including Stickfab[9] and Playtronic[10] participated in the raids.

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