Ew, I Stepped In Shit

Ew, I Stepped In Shit

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Ew, I stepped in s---.


"Ew, I Stepped In Shit" refers to an exploitable comic and reaction image, used to convey disgust or hate for a specific type of image, person, etc. The image is usually used in the context of discussions of media like anime or video games, especially in regards to waifus, as a mutation of the “Your Waifu Is Shit!” meme.


The original comic was posted on the website "lolnein",[1] by German webcomic artist "Vincent Kunert". He posted the comic on the site on June 3rd, 2013 under the title of "Ew, shit",[2] where a man accidentally steps onto a pile of poop and says "Ew, shit" only for the feces to respond him by saying "Ew, Human".

Ew, s---. Ew, human. lolnein.com


The original comic itself was very popular, but a few years later on June 9th, 2015 another variation of the comic was made with the same premise, expandin on the words "Ew, Shit" and changing the punchline to "Your Opinion." The Original Comic was titled "Ew, I stepped in Shit".[3] After this comic was posted, many other variations started to emerge, and an exploitable version of the comic was made, which encouraged others to edit the comic to express their own opinions. Uses of the comic can be found on communities like Tumblr.[4]

Ew, I stepped in s---.

Various Examples

Ew, I stepped in s---. Ci, 3 steppe) ín s---. lolnein.com ew I stepped in s--- Ew, I stepped in s---. Dl FANT 4STI C ew I stepped in s--- ew I stepped in s---


Ew, I stepped in s---.

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