Fuck Yeah Seaking

Fuck Yeah Seaking

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Fuck Yeah Seaking is a photoshop meme that superimposes an exploitable cutout of Seaking, a water-type fish Pokémon character, in images depicting various natural disasters and scenes of horror. While it has been often criticized as a largely forced meme on the imageboard site 4chan, it eventually gained a solid fanbase and spawned a number of rhyming derivatives in similar fashion to Haters Gonna Hate.


Seaking (Japanese: アズマオウ, Azumao) is a first-generation Water-type Pokémon originally introduced in the Red and Green editions of the game in 1996.

TITANIC F--- yar Seaking Image Hosting.com

The photoshopping phenomenon began in a thread posted to 4chan's /b/ (random) board[1] on April 22nd, 2007. The first post included a picture of Seaking ramming into the side of the Titanic, presumably causing it to sink. A passenger in a lifeboat is captioned with "Fuck yea! Seaking!" cheering on the oversized monster.


According to Lurkmore Wiki[2], the photoshop trend gradually spread out to different boards including /v/ (video games)[4] before appearing on other forums in 2008.[8] In April 2009, the single topic blog Fuck Yeah Seaking[9] was created, collecting images of Seaking's destructive behaviors.

There are also comic book variants featuring Marvel's Namor or DC's Aquaman[7] with the caption reading 'FUCK YEAH! SEA KING!', both characters being rulers of their respective universes' oceans. A similar variant also pops up occasionally in /k/, using a military helicopter called the Sea King. Additionally, people will often use phrases with words spelled very similarly, including "sneaking"[5] or "sleeping."[6]

Notable Examples

TITANIC F--- yar Seaking Image Hosting.com V' FUR VEAH SEAKING F--- YEAH, SEAKING

On Tumblr

In addition, "Fuck Yeah Seaking" has been also identified as Tumblr's very first single topic blog featuring the subdomain name "FuckYeah," though the site itself only received a limited amount of online exposure. For more, please read KYM Blog – Interview with Ned Hepburn, the Pioneer of Fuck Yeah Tumblrs.


Search Interest

Google Insights[3] shows that "Fuck Yeah Seaking" began to pick up search interest circa mid-2007.

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