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Gatekeeping Yuri

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Gatekeeping Yuri refers to art that parody images that set up a contrast between two or more people or characters typically used to compare different gender stereotypes. These images intend to subvert those stereotypes by illustrating the characters finding love in each other. Common examples make use of Virgin vs. Chad and Bimbofication and often feature same-sex relationships.


On December 23rd, 2019, Redditor [4]F8CKNOI posted an image in the /r/wholesomeyuri subreddit of "Gamer Girl" and "Girl That Plays Video Games" in love. The post recieved more than 4,200 points (95% upvoted) and 65 comments in less than one month. Redditor RandomBtty responded to the post, "There should be a subreddit dedicated to gatekeeping post turned into cute relationships. It would mainly be yuri but."

Redditor[2] Jayayaje responded, "I made one lol r/GatekeepingYuri." Within one week, the group attracted more than 15,000 readers. They describe the trend:

This sub is for turning gatekeeping into something cute and wholesome! Gatekeeping in this context is typically things like other girls/guys vs. me. The resulting submissions are relationships (platonic is allowed too) between the multiple opposing characters. The characters may be of any gender. The sub name is a bit misleading, as more than yuri is acceptable. The majority of posts tend to be yuri, which is where the name came from.


While the subreddit came about in late 2019, examples existed prior to its launch. For example, on April 3, 2019, Redditor loonycatty posted a parody (shown below) of images that deride "other girls" to the /r/notliketheothergirls subreddit. It obtained more than 21,000 points(96% upvoted) and 475 comments.[1] On December 19th, posted a version showing two panels, one of a woman receiving more likes online than the other, and another panel in which the two characters find love in each other. The post received more than 28,000 points (86% upvoted) and 700 comments (shown below, center).

On December 23rd, Redditor[3] Thomas_Crafty posted a variation, showing the characters from Bimbofication and Virgin vs. Chad celebrating Pride Month together. The post received more than 2,600 points (100% upvoted) in less than one month (shown below, right).

OTHER GIRLS: ME: - gay -false lashes - hair extensions |-insta Popular pop music @thianeminter 600 15 61 @gigis lab Hey babe I drew you Oh my ... xX My GF isso VTALENTED! d 69,420 Oobing Loon it OUCH! Ha py Price Mont ! HAPPY PRIDE MONTH UCH!!

Various Examples

You know that T/E/RF incel post with the “Cesbian” and “Transbian” well / Oopisies / They’re lesbians! | drawing of a girl with short red hair wearing a yellow crop top blushing while holding the hand of a darker skinned girl with pink hair tied in a bow "Happy pride month to these two couples" Bimbofication | tanned girl with blonde hair and a low cut pink tank top looking over the shoulder of a shorter girl with dark hair tied back and wearing a grey shirt. the background of the drawing is the lesbian f I LOVE TORTURING BABIES TO DEATH That's immoral AND EATING THEIR CORPSES 7.
THIS IS SKYE. SKYE WANTS TO BE A TRANS BOY, BUT SHE'S JUST A CIS CIRL WHO NEEDS TO FEEL SPECIAL. HE S SO CUTE... THIS IS DAMAN. DAMIAN IS A TRANS MAN. THEY MET I JUST WANT TO LIVE MY LIFE LIKE EVERYONE ELSE. iN COLLEGE SOFT BOY SPACE CHILD ! YOU DON'T NEED DYSPHORIA TO BE TRANS GENDER IS A FEELING TRUSCUM DON'T INTERACT CISGENDER PEOPLE ARE SOOO BORING ! I BOUGHT A BINDER SO 'M A REAL TRANS BOYTM NOW ! NOW THEY'RE bOY FAIENDS "Happy pride month to these two couples" Virgin vs. Chad | tall buff guy with a blonde mohawk wearing a pink shirt with the word "ouch" written on it with his arm around a shorter guy with dark hair and glasses wearing a black hoodie. both are blushing an

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[4] Reddit – /r/wholesomeyuri

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