Can't Stump the Trump

Can't Stump the Trump

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"Can't Stump the Trump" is a slogan often used by supporters of the 2016 Republican presidential primary candidate Donald Trump, indicating that he is incapable of being flustered or defeated by critics.


While the exact origin of the phrase is unclear, the earliest known use of the expression was posted to the /pol/[1] (politically incorrect) board on 4chan on June 15th, 2015 (shown below).[1]

Can't Stump the Trump Anonymous ID: £C2S3Qz/ Mon 15 Jun 2015 16:05:17 No.46537428 View Reply Original Report Quoted By: >46538408465388404653890146538905>46539111 46539127>46539169 46539280 >46539319 So based donald is announcing his presidential campaign tomorrow. 29320181/donald-trump-expected-to-announce-run-for-white-house Anyone else who would seriously vote for this guy? I will if he makes it to Super Tuesday. P.S. Ignore flag. I'm from NJ on vacation in the fatherland.


On July 28th, 2015, the conservative news site The Ralph Retort[2] published an article titled "Can't Stump the Trump," which lauded Trump's ability to deflect criticism. On August 9th, YouTuber ZarosTemplar uploaded a montage parody titled "Can't Stump the Trump," featuring footage of Trump from the first 2016 Republican presidential debate (shown below, left). On August 26th, YouTuber Can't Stump the Trump uploaded a video titled "Can't Stump the Trump (Volume 1)," containing footage of Trump dismissing a Univision reported during a press conference (shown below, right).

On September 26th, Redditor Townidiot submitted a Facebook comment screenshot titled "Can't Stump the Trump," which refuted the authenticity of an image macro claiming the Simpsons predicted Trump's run for presidency many years prior (shown below). Within three weeks, the post gained over 4,900 votes (93% upvoted) and 180 comments on the /r/quityourbullshit[3] subreddit.

shared s photo 25 mins . PAID 20002015 TRUMP TRUMP AMERICA YOU CAN BE MY EX-WIFE Like -comment Share 2 people like this This is not from 2000. This is from an online clip called trumptastic voyage" released in July of 2015, after trump announced his campaign. Like . Reply .11 . 4 mins (YT: THE SIMPSONS I Trumptastic Voyage I ANIMATION on FOx) D THE SIMPSONS |Trumptastic »Voyage | ANIMATION on FOX YOUTUBE.COM

On October 13th, 2015, Trump tweeted an illustration of himself as Pepe the Frog along with a link to a montage parody titled "Can't Stump the Trump (Volume 4)".[4] In less than 24 hours, the tweet gathered upwards of 3,000 favorites and 2,800 retweets. The same day, the news sites RealClear Politics[5] and Vocativ[6] published articles about the online reaction to the tweet.

3 Donald J. Trump @realDonaldTrump Follow "@codyave:@drudgereport @BreitbartNews @Writeintrump "You Can't Stump the Trump" KH6 PA" 4:53 AM 13 Oct 2015 わ 다 2,862 ★ 3,035

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