Gohan's "You Retard."

Gohan's "You Retard."

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Gohan's "You Retard" refers to a quote made by Son Gohan from the Dragon Ball series during his fight against Majin Buu. The quote became the subject of various memes, edits, captions and exploitable images that primarily focus on Gohan's iconically smug face as he delivered the insult.


The original scene of Gohan insulting Buu is from the Dragon Ball manga, chapter 497, which was released on November 29th, 1994.[1] Its adaptation into anime, Dragon Ball Z's 263rd episode, aired in Japan on May 3rd, 1995.[2] In Japanese, Gohan calls Buu "うすのろ" (in the manga panel, it is written in katakana as "ウスノロ"), which can be translated to English as "half-wit", "fool" or "simpleton."[3][4][5] Gohan's confident insult, after he had just finished outclassing Buu, left everyone in the scene speechless (shown, below).

ががつ・・・!!! こっちだ (ウスノロ・・・ SUN

Gohan's quote has been translated differently by various scanlators, with "You retard" being one that particularly stood out and was used by multiple fansubs. [6]


On February 23rd, 2018, Mangaalot uploaded on YouTube a video titled "Gohan calls buu a retard (Japanese)", which played the scene in the anime in its original dub and fansubs. The video (shown, below) received over 113,000 views and 2,900 likes in 4 years.[7]

On September 21st, 2018, someonedie uploaded a YouTube video in which he humorously dubbed in English over the scene uploaded by Mangaalot (shown, below). The video received over 76,000 views and 2,500 likes in 4 years.[8]

The next day, on September 22nd, YouTube channel WBC uploaded a clip that showcased the difference between the original scene in Japanese and the English dub of the anime. The video (shown, below), received over 1,078,000 views and 30,000 likes in 4 years.[9]

On April 17th, 2020, a fan art of Gohan saying "You retard" was posted on r/dbz by peeheep (shown below, left).[10] The comments under WBC's video caught the attention of Reddit user AvnvPS, who posted a screenshot of one of the top comments on r/Dragonballsuper (shown below, left). The post garnered over 1,200 points in 2 years.[11]

You Retard. Comments 1.4K Add a public comment... You retard. 16K months ago Gohan gets cancelled from Tournament of Power after offensive tweets from 2013 get leaked. 116 replies ITI 116 :

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YOU F------ RETARD You monkey. S You retard. 14 36 Incoming call 10:11 You retard. You retard.

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J. The Perverted Summoner
J. The Perverted Summoner Moderator

in reply to Pyroniusburn

It's like that for the One Piece manga. Most fans who follow the manga weekly prefer the fans' scanlations, because the "official" scans by VIZ are terrible and their translations are objectively worse.
On VIZ scans, they still refer to Zoro as "ZoLo" even though it's been established decades ago that his name is written and pronounced with the R, and it's written that way on his bounty poster too.

Ultimately, even this case of Gohan calling Buu a "retard" isn't exactly too far off from a proper direct translation in English, especially when you consider that in the anime Buu was absolutely furious for being called that way

There isn't exactly a word that directly translates to "retard" in Japanese, but judging from Buu's reaction, as well as Piccolo, Trunks and Goten's reactions saying that Gohan shouldn't have said that and that he went too far, you can probably guess that "ウスノロ" is something that is about as offensive in Japanese as "retard" is in English


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