Here Comes Pacman

Here Comes Pacman

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Here Comes Pacman is a viral video about a 3D-rendered Pac-Man that offers crack cocaine to two acquaintances. When they refuse, he proceeds to light it himself and dance to a remix of his theme song. Since first appearing in a music video for The Bloodhound Gang in 2001, the clip has periodically gained popularity over the following sixteen years.


The original scene comes from the music video for the song "Mope" by The Bloodhound Gang. The song itself contains samples from other works such as "Rock Me, Amadeus", "For Whom The Bell Tolls", and Pac-Man's own theme song in which he makes an appearance.[1]

Pac-Man: Yo yo yo yo yo! What it is, motherfuckers!
Guy #1: Aw shit, here comes Pac-Man!
Guy #2: Hey, Pac-Man! What's up?
Pac-Man: Me, you bitches! I'm high on crack. Wanna freebase?
Guy #2: No, Pac-Man! Drugs are bad.
Guy #1: No, can't help you, man.
Pac-Man: Pussies! (smokes crack) Whoa! Holy shit!
(Pac-Man dances to a remix of his theme song while high)

Afterward, a fan video of the scene scene by YouTube user haakor was uploaded to the site. It involves a 3D model of Pac-Man and has the first two lines of the dialogue swapped. It was uploaded on YouTube on July 6th, 2006. The origin of the original video is unknown as he claimed to have created it on 2001, which is before YouTube's inception.[2] The video gained over 695,000 views. The 3D model of Pac-Man would be the clip used in future edits.


A small resurgence of the video was made in June 2015 when Tumblr user phalania submitted a post with the message β€œhere come dat boi!!”, further popularizing the "Dat Boi" meme.[3]

ㄇ phalania phalania o s--- waddup! 75,897 notes

On January 6th, 2016, YouTuber moozey uploaded a harmonized edit of the clip, gaining over 17,000 views (shown below, left). This was the first edit of the scene to be posted to YouTube. However, it wasn't until 2017 that the clip began being regularly edited in Replacement Remixes. On May 31st, 2017, YouTuber Flutter posted an edit with Pac-Man's voice pitched downward, gaining 26,000 views (shown below, right).

Also in 2017, the SiIvaGunner fan channel VvvvaVvvvvr began uploading audio edits involving the "Mope" sketch under the "Pacman Smoking Crack" series. A playlist created by the channel contains over 80 of these edits.[4]

Over the following several months, the clip would be edited in various ways. Popular edits include an edit where Pac-Man screeches loudly that gained over 160,000 views (shown below, left) and an edit posted with the characters talking as pirates that gained over 113,000 views (shown below, right).

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