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HIWIRE is an irregular electronic music rave party at a fictional techno/hip-hop nightculb Club-Shinnippori, usually written as "crab(蟹)-shinnippori" on the Japanese web, which is in Shinnippori (Japanese: 新日暮里) that is also a fictional section of Nippori (日暮里), one of the existent east Tokyo areas.

These words also refer to a series of the musical remixes in Billy Herrington/Wrestling series on Nico Nico Douga (NND).


With the developments in Billy's "Gachimuchi" phenomena, many kind of creators had joined into it and released their own works. Among them, amatuer/semi-professional music composers and DJs introduced techno/house music to this phenomena, and have been making orthodox dance music remixes sampling the voice of Billy and others, and competing its quality.

This music movement gradually began in early 2008, and was led to a substantial increase in popularity by the song uploaded to NND in July 14th, 2008.[1] Though the original video caught no attention and was soon deleted, it spreaded to the web by the promoting style video by another user on October 8th, 2008.[2] The song is "Billy Herrington is Still Alive !" by a user called Macedonia.


The series of those music remix videos is called "crab-shinnippori" which is a pun for club and crab, and it comes from a phonetic translation "I wanna be a crab!" (蟹になりたい!, Kani ni naritai !) in Billy Herrington videos. NND users also give the other name "HIWIRE" to this series. This is also a pun for Hiwai (卑猥) that means "lewd" in Japanese and WIRE that is the Japanese techno rave event.

The amount of video related to both key words on NND are about 300.[3] Most of those videos are original music by composers, but they are sometimes audaciously sampling classic techno/house anthems.

In addition, Super Kazuya's Theme is one of the popular sub-series in this series.

IRL Event

Since 2010, HIWIRE has been actually held yearly by NND users.[4] The 1st session in 2010 was held in MOGRA, a club which is famous as the stage of many music events related to online phenomenon in Akihabara. Popular composers in this series have joined into this event as regular DJs.

Ustream Recorded Live from HIWIRE2011

Various Examples

Electro pop mix[5]

minimal house mix[6]

Short DJ mix[7]

PSY-Trance mix[8]

HIWIRE-001-Long bt sysecond

Billy Herrington Is DEAD or ALIVE?(re:construct of BHISA) by pullphone

Hi-Tech Jazz(nanostudio Hi-Tech Jock Mix) by numaitu

Funkot/Indonesian Funky House: The theme of Dark Parade funky rmx by minafune

Search Interest

External References

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