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Super Kazuya Theme Song Remixes

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Added 11 years ago by mona_jpn • Updated a day ago by RandomMan

Super Kazuya Theme Song Remixes
Super Kazuya Theme Song Remixes
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Super Kazuya Theme Song Remixes (Japanese: スーパーカズヤのテーマ, Super Kazuya no Theme) refer to a series of musical remixes for a nondescript audio track played in a sexy performance by a Canadian profesional dancer Danny Lee who is nicknamed Kazuya Kiyoshi (木吉カズヤ)[1] which comes from phonetic translations in his videos in Billy Herrington/Wrestling series on Nico Nico Douga (NND).


Because of many funny phonetic translated dialogues with Billy Herrington in the 1st video in wrestling series[2], Danny Lee a.k.a Kazuya Kiyoshi is one of the most popular sub-characters in this series. As a proof of this, many MAD videos featuring him have been posted on NND[3] and he has many fan illustrations on pixiv.[4]

In addition to this, his solo performance video including the audio track which is nicknamed "Super Kazuya Theme" by NND users has been also watched hundreds of thousands of times on NND.[5][6] That video was first uploaded to NND on October 11th, 2008.


The music remix movement was suddenly begun by 3 videos uploaded by each different NND users on June 14th, 2009. Those are "Super Kazuya Theme (Ver. Purple)",[7] "Super Kazuya Theme (Ver. Blue)"[8] and "Super Kazuya Theme (Ver. Pink)".[9]

Left: Ver. Purple | Center: Ver. Blue | Right: Ver. Pink


Other music creators in HIWIRE, a music remix movement in wrestling series, followed those strange remixes, started making their own remixes mostly with the phrasal template "Super Kazuya Theme (ver. X)". Because many of versions are colors, the catchphrase for this fad on NND is "Please select your favorite color" ( お好きな色をお選び下さい).

As of July 2012, the amount of videos in this series on NND is about 180.[10] This is the most popular subject in HIWIRE movement.

Notable Examples

Ver. Grey[11]

Ver. Skin[12]

Ver. Hot Blood (Shuzo Matsuoka)[13]

Ver. Jazz Guitar[14]

Search Interest

External References

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