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"Huahuehuahue" is an onomatopoeic expression of hearty laughter in Portuguese, equivalent to "hahahaha" in English. Due to its frequent use by Brazilians in massively multiplayer online games such as Ragnarok Online and League of Legends, the phrase is also used by non-Brazilians in a pejorative manner similar to the connotation carried by the Korean expression "KEKEKE" in the multiplayer real-time strategy game Starcraft.


According to League of Legends forum user GreenEyedMonster's explanation, "Huahue" and its variations, along with other phrases like "BR?" (are you Brazilian?) and "Gibe moni plos" ("give me money please) became widespread through the massively multi-player online game Ragnarok Online in 2003, which saw a "literal race war" break out between Brazilian players and an alliance of non-Portuguese speaking players. This sentiment is thought to be embodied in a webcomic portraying the Brazilian takeover of a massively multi-player online game, created by an unknown artist and posted to the Brazilian Arena IG forums[1] on September 24th, 2008.

Wow this qame is actually pretty decent I wonder why not many people play it BR In Town BR BR? BRI Hmm? BR BR BR? Uh. I'm not Brazilian this is the North American version of the ga- Gibe moni plos Sorry I only have enough for a few potions I report yu
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On August 15th, 2009, it was posted to the War Bunnies Forums.[2] A Portuguese version was posted to the Brazilian site Barbalonga[3] in January 2011. On February 10th, 2010, YouTuber MrLegiaoo uploaded a computer-narrated slideshow featuring each pane from the comic with English translations.

An Urban Dictionary[4] entry was created for "Huehuehue" on March 10th, 2011:

Huehuehue: Laughter – most prominent with speakers of Brazilian Portuguese. The Brazilian equivalent of "haha".
MMOplayer1: "gibe moni plos"
MMOplayer2: "buff plis"
MMOplayer1: "br?"

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As a BR I must comment that this is wrong…
As many nations in the world, we are diverse.
Some HUE, but not all!
There some that kkkkkk (reproduced by saying "kikikiki" lowly, as if you were whispering), some hahaha, some hehehe,
but most just AHEUHAEUHEUH out loud

Tutorial if you ever want to pass as a BR:
Shift + Randomly press H, U, E or A.
This is way more natural.

Now I must go feed my monkey…


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