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Ooga Booga / Where The White Women At

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Ooga Booga Where Da White Women At is a phrase typically used to caption images of black men, arising from the stereotype that black males are naturally inclined to desire sexual relations with white women.


The origin of the term "Ooga Booga" is uncertain. Entries on Urban Dictionary[1] offer several interpretations of its meaning, with the most popular definition suggesting that it is slang for Ebonics, a term referring to a variant of the English language unique to the African-American community.

The term also has tribal connotations, as demonstrated by one of its first uses in modern popular culture as a sound clip in Crash Bandicoot (shown below).[2]

The term "where the white women at?" comes from the 1974 Western comedy film Blazing Saddles, spoken by the character Bart, played by Cleavon Little[3] (shown below).


The term "Ooga Booga" saw a sharp increase in search interest in early 2013 due to the release of the movie of the same name.[4] A cartoon with the phrase "Ooga Booga Git Da Money", likely originating on 4chan and featuring the Happy Merchant exploitable, has become a popular variant of the meme (shown below).

nigguh nigguh money nigguh fuck nigguh shit We must spend responsibly and not beyond our means and hope to enter the s that our economy can political arena one day grow steadily meaning enough to uphold gender and resources and opportunities yo yo shit fuck nigguh shit bitch! fuck yo shit mufuckuh! yo nigguh fuck shit yo nigguh nigguh ooga booga muhfugga smoke weed I too value education fuck I'm going to study hard at school, go to college and become a lawyer or doctor gif dat money racial equality for everyone nigguh Agreed! An educated country is a fair and prosperous country. Let's make the most of our lives, friends yo yo nigguh Swag ass nigguh fuck nigguh ass nigguh fuck shit yo nigguh fuck u nigguh ooga boogoa Excuse me, how would you filthy nig- er, I mean, fine folks like a record deal? hey yo one two one two.. fuck nigguh shit fuck nigguh fuck shit! ass nigguh fuck nigga ass shit bitch! git money smoke weed fuck bitches fuck shit! Goldstein Records fuck yeah 99uh! We on top now muhfugguh! ooga booga git da mone ni YESSSSSSSSSS ni it bitch bitch ait/dat mopey shit at ass yo school is 4 fagits yo! yo bitch let me hit dat! im drivin dat ferrari uck sioke węed yo nigguh im ridin' derty from da hood git dat money niagukl niagu 2 fuken sxc 4 u imma twerk it fo dat child support ait dem diamonds yo! u aint neva fuk a slut lyk dis befo! whose dick i gotta suk 2 git dat ice? 9ga! shit bitch dss imma cap a muhfuckuh wit my 9! igga ass bitch where my coke at?

On June 9th, 2014, the image was posted to the /r/lewronggeneration subreddit, where it garnered 843 points (94% upvoted) before being archived.[5] On June 25th, 2014, the subreddit /r/oogaboogagitdamoney[6] was created.

Variants featuring photoshopped covers of Barack Obama's book The Audacity of Hope are among the most popular examples of the meme. Though their exact origins are unclear, the earliest archived image was posted to FunnyJunk in November 2010.[7] The image was reposted to Memerial in 2012,[8] garnering 45 upvotes.

BARACK OBAMA Where Da HITE WOMEN Al? THOUGHTS ON WHITE W OMENSs & WHERE DEY Is AT Fron the Author of the #1 Nett York Times Bestseller CHOCOLATE RAIN From the New York Times Best Selling Author WHERE WHITE all the WOMEN ate BARACK OBAMA

Various Examples

00GA BOOGA Where the white wimminat? O0GA BOOGA WHERE DA WHITE WOMEN AT

Search Interest

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