I am Lonely Will Anyone Speak To Me

I am Lonely Will Anyone Speak To Me

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"I am Lonely Will Anyone Speak To Me" is the title of a discussion thread originally created by a guest forum member on the video codec download site Moviecodec.com in 2004. The thread was once ranked the top Google search result for the query “I am lonely” and has since generated more than 43,000 responses from other users as of September 2013.


On July 14th, 2004, a guest poster using the handle "Lonely" posted a message asking anyone to talk to him about any subject to the MovieCodec.com forums.[1] In the first 24 hours, the post only gained two replies from what seemed to be spambots[9] which were later removed.

Www moVIECODEC.com MovieCodec.com Lounge i am lonely will anyone speak to me Free Movies TV Shows Music Videos Free MP3 O First page 2 3 4... Last page Posted by lonely (Guest) please will anyone speak to about anything to me post reply back to forum 14 Jul 2004 09:49 am


Nine days after the thread began, a guest user known as wetfeet2000 reported finding the thread by typing the phrase “I am lonely” into Google. Thanks to an optimization code added to MovieCodec.com by its creator Bjarne Ljundgren, the site quickly became the top Google search result for the phrase and drove hundreds of people to the thread, generating more than 70 pages of responses by June 2005.

07-20-2004 07:12 AM [Reply] #2 Fairylady Guest Why are you lonely? Are you on your own? Don't worry i'll talk to you. So, what are you doing now, i'm eating chocolate ice cream in fairy land. Close your eyes and dream of a better place and you'll see me, you should feel better now..i've sprinkled my magic dust over you. 07-23-2004 02:10 AM [Reply] #2 wetfeet2000 Guest dude, i typed in “I am lonely" in google, and your post was the very first reposnse, does that make you the most popular lonliest person on the planet ? 07-23-2004 04:50 AM [Reply] #3 rhombus Guest ha, i did that too..."i am lonely" on google...i found it kinda funny and also kinda sad that somebody else did the same thing 07-27-2004 08:59 PM [Reply] #4 jonesb2 Guest i am lonely too...sometimes life is no fun

That same month, blogger Andy Baio, known for coining the term “"Supercut":/memes/supercuts,” linked to the thread on his personal website, noting that Google search results were drawing lonely people together. Also in June, the thread was featured on Google Blogoscoped[10] and SearchNewz[7], leading to an article on the thread and some of its posters (shown below) in Wired[2] on June 30th.

"It is a sad thing that there are so many of us that will type 'I am lonely' on Google," wrote another. "But the happy part is now we have a chance -- if anyone is sad, if anyone is really lonely, drop me a line; then maybe we won't be so lonely anymore."

In August 2005, the thread was discussed in a print issue of The New Yorker[8], noting there were 107 pages of replies. Days later, another article on it was posted by The Guardian.[3] The popularity of the thread led Ljundgren to launch ALonelyLife.com[11], a separate forum dedicated to connecting lonely people, in June 2006. However, people still continued to post in the original thread, which accrued 1614 pages by October 2007.[12] By 2008, the phrase "I am lonely, will anyone speak to me?" appeared as the title of a thread on The Student Room[6] forums, but did not have the same success. Since 2010, similar threads have appeared on My Anime List[13], Fairfax Underground[5], Simtropolis[14], deviantART[4], Gamers First[15], the Team Fortress 2 Community[16] and MMO Champion.[17]

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