I'm an Anteater!!!

I'm an Anteater!!!

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Plush Dacron fibers, Bitches! TM AN ANTEATER


"I'm an Anteater" is an image macro series that combines pictures of anteaters and captions that are decidedly written in proper English as to set itself apart from the rest of LOLcat and FAILdog macros composed in faulty grammar.


F--- YOU I'M AN ANTEATER thewolfweb.com

The original "Fuck You, I'm an Anteater" image first appeared online in spring of 2008, as a witty protest against the massive amounts of cute cat and dog pics circulating around internet humor sites, while many other species had largely been neglected.

The anteater's proper manner of speech certainly stood out and caught on quickly, appearing on the front page of Digg.com on May 10th, 2008. On the next day, Single Topic Blog fuck-you-im-an-anteater.com was launched. The same instance of "Fuck You, I'm an Anteater" was reposted on Fotolog.com on May 11th, followed by another reblog two days later on Boredom.net on May 13th.


An interesting phenomenon among anteater image macros is the discontinuation of LOLspeak. While most other animal-based macros employ lolspeak, "I'm an Anteater" macros generally use correct spelling as means of protest against the widespread nature of other animal-based memes. Although the species is still less popular than its feline and canine counterparts, it remains a notable mutation of animal image macros, like the Bukkit Walrus.

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