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ima_butterflyy's 5v1 Fight Video, also known as ima_butterflyy's 1v5 Fight Video, refers to a viral video of a fight that took place at Phoenix, Arizona's West Point High School (WPHA) showing a female student named @ima_butterflyy (also known as the 5v1 Girl) who purportedly took on five of her female classmates in a fight, resulting in blood coming from her mouth while she smiled back at them menacingly. The clip was uploaded to Instagram, Twitter and TikTok in late January 2023. The 5v1 fight video inspired lots of memes and fan edits across social media, mostly based on ima_butterflyy's nonchalant attitude about being injured and bleeding.


Sometime before January 28th, 2023, Instagram[1] user noticeableshayy posted videos to her story of a 5v1 fight that happened at her high school. According to an Instagram[4] post from noticeableshayy, the videos kept getting taken down. However, a screen recording of noticeableshayy's original story of the 5v1 fight video was posted by Twitter[5] user lleahpresley on January 29th in which her username is visible at the top.

On January 28th, 2023, the Twitter[2] account news_wphs posted noticeableshayy's video, becoming the first known, still accessible source. The fight happened at West Point High School (WPHS) in Phoenix, Arizona. In the video, one girl is seen fighting against five other girls while male students and teachers try to intervene. The fight ultimately ends with the one girl having a bloody mouth as she smiles at the other girls while another student pulls her by her sweatshirt. The video received roughly 53,700 views and 2,700 likes in three days (shown below).

Minutes later on January 28th, the Twitter[3] account news_wphs added another video of the fight as a reply, earning roughly 34,500 views and 1,400 likes in three days (shown below).


As stated, on January 29th, 2023, Twitter[5] user lleahpresley posted a screen recording of noticeableshayy's original Instagram story, gaining roughly 140,600 views and 3,400 likes in two days (shown below).

5v1 Fight TikTok Edits

Starting on January 29th, 2023, ima_butterflyy's 5v1 fight video spread to TikTok, going viral via multiple fan edits that stylized the moment of her bloody smile and being pulled by her sweatshirt. On January 29th, TikToker[6] ogswhake posted an edit, gaining roughly 2.8 million plays and 215,000 likes in two days (shown below, left). Also on January 29th, TikToker[7] whotfisnyny posted their own edit, gaining roughly 2.1 million plays and 104,700 likes in two days (shown below, right).

@ogswhake she’s so finee #swhake #ogswhake #ogswhake @ima_butterflyy ♬ original sound – •alicia•

@whotfisnyny @ima_butterflyy so fine. they had her f’ed up osrss 😭😭😭 !!! #foryoupage #ReadySetLift #fyp #vsedit #whotfisnyny #imabutterflyy #ima_butterflyyvideo #noviolence #fakefighting⚠️ #fine #fakeeverything⚠️ #instagram #noticeableshayy ♬ original sound – 𝐓𝐈𝐍𝐊

Other than fan edits, general reactions surfaced on TikTok as well. For instance, on January 30th, 2023, TikToker[8] livefordrew posted a video with text overlay reading, "me watching the 50th edit of a girl smiling after 5 other girls jumped her and she still won," and earned roughly 1.5 million plays and 438,300 likes in one day (shown below).

@livefordrew thats so embarrassing 😭 #ima_butterflyy #fight #ReadySetLift ♬ original sound – Zach

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