Increasingly Verbose Memes

Increasingly Verbose Memes

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Increasingly Verbose Memes, also known as Deconstruction Comics, are a series of multi-pane images featuring a preexisting meme poorly redrawn in MS Paint several times – or, alternatively, successively degraded using JPEG compression – accompanied by a caption rewritten to become increasingly verbose with each successive illustration. The reciprocal relationship between the increasing verbosity and the decreasing graphic fidelity is a characteristic of some ironic memes.


On May 8th, 2016, Imgur[2] user AFuckingWhiteMale posted a gallery of Breath-in, Boi examples, featuring several redrawn illustrations of the original image with verbose variations of the caption "breath in / boi" (shown below).

*breath in* っ inhale a certain amount of air young male person brain sending signals to ungs to toke in slighthy more oxygen than what the respiratory system requires while ina resting state takes air into lungs 85 the male gender possessing X chromosomes and male geneaio used to impregnate females and produce testosterone of whom hos sald something that snintel gent which requres me to make a homosapian of the male gender hand sign showing that you indeed hove ust said


This type of meme has a number of names attached to it due, in part, to a lack of comprehensive structure when creating these types of memes. Some early, alternate names to 'increasingly verbose' include meme corruption, deconstructed memes, verbose memes, and meme decay .

In November 2016, YouTuber The Kase Reibe called the meme style a "progressively verbose" meme[6], giving rise to the now common name "increasingly verbose" as it picked up in /r/coaxedintoasnafu in December 2016.


The series Coaxed Into a Snafu features poorly redrawn variations of internet meme characters, along with reworded versions of their associated catchphrases (shown below, left). Additionally, the series bears many similarities to Verbose Memes, an image macro series featuring lengthy reworded variations of internet meme references (shown below, right). Similarly, the meme may be derived from Archaic Rap.

you have been you just g ENRAGED? Are yoou haeving Droblema tricked! coaxed into a snafu UNCOMFORTABLE? You Appear to Be You have Frustrated Bothered? OPPOS Problems? ITIONS? TROUBLES? what is the problem COMPLICATIONS? I have trolled you. from reaching your destination? conclusion? OFFICER? ISSUES? bad mood? HAHAHA I hurt you in the bum I have purposely led you to a alse conclusiorn BAMB00ZLED? PREDICAMENT? ARE YOU ANGRY, having concerns about the current turn of events? chevous shenaeDUDE? Grievances? chyckle ISAY,WHAT WHAT OLD CHA


One of the earliest spin-offs dates back to October 7th, whenYouTube user 'The Kase Reibe' uploaded Press X to Doubt (below), a video spin-off of an L.A.Noire Increasingly Verbose Meme of the same name. Kase Reibe (presumably) narrates the increasingly verbose meme with their own voice, with their audio quality degrading over time in tandem with the video resolution.

On December 11th, Redditor Stop_Drop_And_Roll submitted an increasingly verbose image based on a picture of the Heavy Weapons Guy from Team Fortress 2 with the caption "put a dispenser here" (shown below, left). Within three weeks, the post garnered upwards of 3,700 votes (89% upvoted) and 70 comments on /r/tf2.[5] On December 20th, Redditor ChronicVenom submitted a post asking about the series to /r/OutOfTheLoop,[4] including an increasingly verbose version of Big Smoke's Order (shown below, right).

put a dispenser here dear man known as "engineer", I request a dispenser be erected in a qeneral loci around or at our current location Dear sir "Engineer" who is a person who generally is related to constructing and repairing mechanical devices, I am currently making a request of you. I have run out of health or ammunition, and as a result need a dispenser erected in this general area My most sincere apologies to you, sir engineer; as it pains me to interrupt your everyday activities here in the badlands, but I have an urgent request pending that I absolutely need attended to. Due to the fact that I am low on either ammunition or health (some may refer to them as HP or "Hit Points") which are used as digital representations of how much damage a character can take before it will die. Due to me being low on one of these two things, I am requesting that you construct, and erect a device that will dispense both ammunition and medical supplies to me in order to fix these two issues L am naving pootis I'll have two number a number 9 large,a number 6 with extra dip, a number 7, two number 45s, one with cheese, and a large soda. I will order the number 9 twice, also once again but larger, alongside a number 6 with more than average dip, plus one number 7, and the number 45 twice, once with cheese from a cow, and a large beverage May I please acquire not one but two number 9s, as well as a larger version of the previous item I have ordered, and also including a product named a number six, with additional dipping sauce, a number 7 hould also be added, as well as two products known as number 45s, and may one of them have a dairy based product known as cheese on it, and to finish my order a larger sized drinking beverage. The food of which I shall be requesting right now will consist of a food you serve referred to as the "Number 9" of which I will request two. I would also like a variation of this but with a significant increase in it's size. May I also perchance obtain another product, the ber 6, with a substantially increased nge of dippable sauces to use. Furthermore next obtainable food would have to be a 7, but of course not forgetting the two products I desire known as Number 45s which will be split into a category with and out cheese. To finish off my order of which will shortly consume, I request a fluid tance to quench my constant thirst. I, a male of the human race, need to acquire sustenance in order to suvive. You may provide this for me in the shape of calorie filled food products. For example, the calorie-filled meal called a Number 9, but in fact doubled to increase the ount of sustenance obtained. To induce further nger removal, I must simply demand that a ber9, but with more atomic particles sing the size, is served. A non- nown as dip, that can come in a variety placed within my order of a Number 6 still craveable meal called the Number 7 is to the meal, but let us not forget the humble at b Nunaber 45s, that are often served as a twin meal to satiate the Humans also must intake fluid in order to survive quire an assembly of particles that form liquid, altered to become fizzy, thus maki... A homosapien of my variety needs two number 9s a number 9 large a number 6 with extra dip a number dip with extra sevena large soda wi dip two number 47s, one with cheese forty-five amber 7s with two extra dip a dip with extra dip and one wit cheese and a number vith extra 6and a large number 45 with homosae number 9 anid extra numbe69s apsmber cheese with dip and cheese extra dip c and a irge cheesewit/ aber 745 with two extra soda 9s and and din the oda cheese dip with a eesenumber 46s cheese extra number a nunber 9 larg eese a large soda with soda dip an two number 79s with a with cheese with dip with a number 7 with two number 45s ala ge soda large soda large soda arge soda large soda large sodo number Y and ularge soda. A la arge soda large sodglarg K SOMPA SoDA LargE SoDa

On December 25th, Redditor Thomasvdw14 submitted a Bee Movie-themed increasingly verbose image to the /r/dankmemes[3] subreddit, where it accumulated more than 1,200 votes (96% upvoted) and 30 comments (shown below, left). On December 27th, 2016, an increasingly verbose meme posted on /r/MemeEconomy[1] reached the front page of Reddit, amassing over 17,000 votes (84% upvoted) in 24 hours (shown below, right).

You like iazz? Do you particularly enjoy jazz music! I would like to inquire about your opinion regarding the combination of improvisation, swing notes, and ragtime rhythms in musical form. In regards to your personal opinion on topics relating to certain malters, do the musical pallerns which feature such known manners as swing notes improvisation and response vocals, and othersuch similar techniques of musical art under the influence of previously commonly used musical patterns sucd folk, and trihal African and European musical combinations, create ajoyful emotion that you expeienco as you listen to his particular style of musical work? ucs "Are ya ready kids?" "Are you all prepared, children?" "Are you, a group of young people both male and female who are too young to be considered adults, prepared for the following unspecified actions?"

Various Examples

Think different Regard a subject in an original way Use your mental capabilities to achieve an idea, opinion and/or belief, in a way that diferentiates from other individuals of the human species Through electrical pulses in the encephalon located inside the cranium wich you possess, concede a vision about a certain topic which is recommended not to be in any way equal to another living being's one, so that it becomes disparate, more specifically, unique. X gon give it to ya An individual named X is going to give something to you There is a person who has been given the identity of X who has decided to distribute something of an ambigous nature to you because of an unknown IT reason Sir, I wish to inform you that you have been selected in an unclear process by a black clothed man in the style of a rapper who has recieved the given name of "X" and as a result of being selected in this process the man known as "X" has a plan which he will soon execute in which he will decide to distribute something that is of an unknown quantity or nature but is likely to be dangerous to yourself gotta go fast it is essential for you to move swiftly it is of utmost importance that your body be travelling across the land at a speed one would consider significantly higher than average you as an entity within our planet must have forces exerted on yourself in order to propel yourself forward in a manner one could describe as rapid or prompt, as it is vital to our existance! for without such 'speed' one would fail to assert our right as the entity in this planet most capable of propelling one's self using the bones and flesh to accellerate at a rapid pace! in the physical plane of existance, our universe has many 'forces' (an interaction that will change the motion of an object when unopposed). as you serve a physical presence in this universe then one can easily conclude that forces will impose an action upon the carbon based life form we will now refer to as 'you' (a multi cell organism, notable for being a spiny mammal in the subfamily of "Erinaceinae" and of a shade of blue most unusual for an organism belonging to this family). as such, perhaps you have already come to the same conclusion as i. for you see, we must not resist these forces. rather, we must use them to our advantage! you may not be aware but you are in posession of a weight-bearing and locomotive anatomical structure we refer to as legtruly a blessing, a miracle of life! one must pause to appreciate such wonders, and how we we came to be. but i digress your 'legs are capable of converting energy from your organisms energy storages to direet force! this results in momentum, through the 'inverted pendulum' gait in which you as a carbon based life form is capable of propelling yourself with! but this is not enough! we must exert as much force as possible, converting all avaliable energy sources and pushing yourself with as much forces as possible! you will ache! you will be sore! but there is an age-old saying among creatures such as yoursl "no pain, no gain". this statement is likely a jest taking the physical pain set off by your incredible momentum which ultimately results in a benefit for yourself for with progress comes pain! there is no alternative, but this is your goal in life. by why must we as a Physical being be travelling over the surface of this Planet at such velocity? we hold a title that is significant to other creatures, a meaningless self-esteem boosting which without we are nothing! it is unfortunate but this is the way of life. we are imperfect creatures and we crave attention! there are those who claim otherwise but they are wrong. but this is what our meaning in life is. to be swift and claim our title of the being in this planet capable of moving at what is currently greater than any other creature. of the billions of creatures in this universe, we are able to hurtle through this planet's atmosphere at a greater velocity! oh what a title! oh what a claim! with this achievement we will truly be remembered forever, and our life may have some meaning It's high noon The current time is twelve o clock I am informing you that the current time is twelve o' clock in the afternoon which the sun is at its highest elevation in thy sky. Us h--- sapiens refer the present passage of continued progress of existence and events that occur in irreversible succesion from the pass through the future as twelve o clock in the afternoon where the sun in which this Earth revolves around is at its highest elevation in the sky and h--- sapiens can usually be found eating a light meal which is typically eaten after breakfast and before dinner Love is an open door The feeling of love is like a Door that is open The emotion of humans of which We call love is almost like An entrance that has been Opened The human nature of feelings And emotions of compassion Is metaphorically compared to a Rectangular wooden entrance Attached to the wall that has been Pivoted most likely to a 90Β° angle To reveal the egress or other Destination HANS F------ JUICE IN ME MAKB AMERICA GREAT AGAN "Make America Great Again!" Transform North America into a more preferable location, as it once was. Alter the condition of the democratic republic of fifty states to be better than its current condition, making it as high quality as it was previously. I, Donald J. Trump, am currently inclined to use a position of power to modify the location that is above the country of Mexico and below the country of Canada to be held up to the standards it cemented to be of excellent status, at an earlier point in the country's lifetime. USA

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