I've Seen Some Shit

I've Seen Some Shit

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I've seen some s---.


"I've Seen Some Shit" is a notable phrase commonly found as a caption on images of baffled subjects. These images can often be found as a reaction to images or videos that can have a significant impact on a person, in either a positive or negative way, similar to What Has Been Seen Cannot Be Unseen.


Though the phrase is relatively common, one of the earliest notable examples of its use appeared in the 1994 film Pulp Fiction. After Vincent (played by John Travolta) accidentally shoots their informant Marvin (played by Phil LaMarr) point blank in the face, his partner Jules (played by Samuel L. Jackson) comments that he had seen "some crazy ass shit in [his] time," but it did not compare to what had just happened.


Online, the phrase has been used since as early as 2001 to describe bizarre experiences, for example, a poster on the Bluelight.ru forums[7] reported watching a man have a thirty-minute conversation with a shower curtain after taking ecstasy. By 2004, the phrase was found in a LiveJournal post[8] in response to watching a Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles slash fan video titled "The Real Secret of the Ooze."

Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles: The Real Secret of the Ooze, or Suddenly Gay Invaders from Dimension X Some time ago, someone uploaded a file to my FTP server. This is not in itself unusual; when my FTP and AIM servers were up and running, I'd receive at least five or ten items of random crap per day. The overwhelming majority of this was bizarre or funny p---. Now, I've been using the Internet since before there was an internet- believe me, I've seen some strange s---. I've seen scat p---, b--------- p---, manga tentacle r---, and vomit p--- (not surprisingly, mostly Asian) in my time, and let me tell you, nothing has disturbed me more fundamentally than this file. It is, I s--- you not, Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles slash. For those not "in the know", slash is defined by the Wikipedia as: "...fan fiction, describing ffrequently] gay pairings between media characters, often in explicit detail, and very frequently outside the canon of the source."

In 2005, the phrase was used literally on PoopReport.com[9] in describing the daily activities of an assistant plumber. Th same year, the phrase was found on the commentary of a SomethingPositive comic[10] and in a thread on taxidermy on the Soulstrut forums.[11] In 2009, "I've Seen Some Shit" was used on message boards in response to a number of different topics including a video of a man throwing a dog off of a bridge[13] and experiencing supernatural phenomena.[14] It was used on 4chan as early as June 2009[15] on /a/ (Anime and Manga) in response to a photo of Lucky Star branded motor oil (shown below).

つき、すた おい付き らき すた Anonymous Mon Jun 08 2009 19:19:22 No.21999209 Report Quoted By:21999255 >>21999141 Ive seen some s--- in my time but... What the f---? Really?I had thought it to be hand soap or bubble bath mix, but motor oil?

By March 2011, "I've Seen Some Shit" had become associated with a photo of Dead Space's Isaac Clarke looking stunned in a post on FunnyJunk.[16] By the end of that year, the phrase expanded to other reaction images[17] and began appearing in geek blog comments.[18] "I've Seen Some Shit" can also be found as a tag on Tumblr[1], for both image macros and text reaction posts. On Reddit, "I've Seen Some Shit" is commonly featured in the title of a post as form of reaction[2], especially on the /r/WTF subreddit.[12] The phrase can also be found as a tag on sites such as Funnyjunk[3], 9gag[4] and Troll.me[5]

Notable Examples

I'VE SEEN SOME S--- I'VE SEEN SOME S--- IVE SEEN SOME S--- TVE SEEN SOME S--- VESEEN SOME S--- en No way. These are just the eyes of a man who has seen things. A shaman's eyes. Terrible things, that you can't imagine. Ive Seen Some Sht

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