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Ken M is the online identity of Kenneth McCarthy, who is known for his humorous comment trolling on sites like Yahoo News and the Huffington Post. Screenshots of his comments are posted on a variety of forums, including a dedicated subreddit, and admired for their satire of comment-board culture and characters.


According to an interview with Reddit's Upvoted blog, Ken M is Kenneth McCarthy, a copywriter for Comedy Central.[1] He used to leave sincere comments on news articles and in other forums, "but hardly anyone responded rationally to what he had to say. “I was appalled by the Yahoo comment section. It was such a toxic, shitty space,” he explained." In April of 2011, he began leaving satirical comments on posts in the newsfeed of Yahoo News.[2]

Once a Great Flop, Now Sold for Billions CheAew JorkEimes Companies: Diamond Foods, Inc. I Procter&Gamble Co. I Walgreen Co Share 4retweet 422 EPrint ANDREW MARTIN, On Tuesday April 5, 2011, 10:10 pm EDT Related Quotes Symbol DMND In announcing the sale of Pringles on Tuesday, Procter & Gamble concluded what had been a tumultuous, sometimes zany, 50-year experiment in engineered food. Price Change +0.62 61.61 Ken M Wed Apr 06, 2011 05:51 pm EDT 12.3 4 This is one of those tried-and-true products that has become part of everyday American life for generations. When I was 6, I'd pretend the empty can was a telescope. When I was 13, I'd pretend it was Sara McKenzie from my english class.
The first known Ken M troll comment.

Online Presence

Ken M began by keeping a record of his comments on Tumblr as user HorseySurprise,[3] and then created a Twitter account with the same handle for the character as well.[4] The Ken M character generally uses photographs of elderly men as avatars, although Ken himself is in his mid-30s. In 2012, Ken M began writing a column entitled "The Troll"[5] for CollegeHumor and in 2013 he started another column for the comedy site The Runt.[6] Both columns featured collections of screenshots of Ken M comments.

On May 13th, 2013, the /r/kenm subreddit was founded, and as of October 2015 it has more than 61,500 subscribers.[7] In addition, the official Ken M Facebook page, which Ken often uses to comment on corporate social media profiles, has more than 20,000 likes.[8] Articles about the work of Ken M have appeared on Uproxx[9] and Gizmodo.[10]

Vatican takes legal action over kissing ads UNHATE UNITED COLORS BENETTON what if a child were to see this? So what if a child saw this. Why would that be such a bad thing? t will make them think it's ok for the pope to kiss them Brain Cells Can Outlive the Body By Tia Ghose, LiveScience Staff Writer | - Mon, Feb 25, 2013 260 Tweet 198 i Share5Print Email f Share in Share 5 Ken M 11 hrs ago | Remove um cells can't be destroyed, they just get recycled. The cells we're made of were once the cells of dinasaurs and before that they were the cells of a star etc Anti- Atheist11 hrs ago Report Abuse ATHEISTS STUPID statement from any world view point Ophelia Keith10 hrs ago Report Abuse t isn't stupid, although it isn't the cells per se, but rather the molecules that make up the cells. We are all a part of everything. I think it's kind of beautiful Ken M 10 hrs ago | Remove the very cells in our brains were once the cells of planets, it make us all related Anti- Atheist 10 hrs ago Report Abuse THEISTS "t isn't stupid, although it isn't the cells per se" says Ophelia THAT IS MY POINT It isn't cells, and Ken just continues with his ignorance Ken M.2 hrs 0 mins ago Remove theres actualy more cells in our brains than there are brains in our entire body Top Shots of the Week: October 14, 2013 Getty Images October 16, 2013 12:00 PMM RADELLAITALI Ken M 3 days ago | Remove most restaurants have giant servings of spaghetti that only consist of a few noodles and that is how they rip off their customers Monty 3 days ago | Report Abuse So they rip off their customers with more meat than noodles? Ken M 3 days ago I Remove no they make extra long spaghetti so they can fill a giant plate with only 2 or 3 A Tastier - and Prettier! - Alternative to Baked Potatoes By Good Housekeeping I Shine Food-4 hours ago For seriously satisfying spuds, try these vitamin-rich reds. Ken M 1 hour 41 minutes ago | Remove also you get more vitamin if you eat the shell 220 Big Voice 1 hour 38 minutes ago Report Abuse t's called the skin.. potatoes have skins Ken M 1 hour 17 minutes ago Remove technicaly a shell cause potatos are in the peanut family Matt 51 minutes ago Report Abuse No Ken you need to stop smoking what ever your smoking there buddy. Ken M 6 minutes ago | Remove then how come potato is latin for king of the peanuts Shifting sands from lsaac reveal 1923 shipwreck By MELISSA NELSON-GABRIEL | Associated Press - Fri, Sep 7, 2012 Ken M 3 days ago Remove no doubt filled with priceless treasure from ages past Mark2 days 23 hrs ago Report Abuse Uh...they hauled lumber Ken M .2 days 23 hrs ago Remove but old lumber is priceless because no one wants to buy it 0吆ヂ0 Eclipse season on Mars, so Curiosity took photos By SETH BORENSTEIN Associated Press -9 hrs ago In this Thursday, Sept. 13, 2012 photo made available by NASA, the Martian moon Phobos grazes the sun's disk as seen by the Curiosity rover Ken M7 hrs ago Remove The Rover would be wise to refrain from sight-seeing and stick to its job Chris 6 hrs ago | Report Abuse Ken M 6hrs ago Remove It can do that on it's own time-every minute there cost billions of MY tax dollars 0내书7 Thacranksta 6 hrs ago | Report Abuse 3020 you are an idiot THE WHOLE POINT OF EVERY MISSION TO MARS IS TO SIGHT SEE #$%$ Ken M 6 hrs ago | Remove well it must be nice to be paid to be a tourist when the rest of us are busting our butts on earth
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