Lov the Cronch

Lov the Cronch

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Lov the Cronch, an intentional misspelling of "Love the Crunch," is an expression used predominantly on Tumblr stemming from a screenshot of a text conversation in which a person eating a bath bomb says they "lov the cronch."


On October 10th, 2016, popular Tumblr user straightboyfriend (Harlow)[1] posted a screenshot of a text conversation he had with his boyfriend, bipp-elle (Jared). Jared was working at Lush, a skincare and product store. Harlow encouraged him to eat a bath bomb, to which he responded that he was eating one right now, and that he "lov the cronch." The conversation, shown below, has gained over 127,000 notes as of April 24th, 2017.

l'm working at LUSH the soap store eat a bath bomb I already have l'm eating one rn actuslly Lov the cronch


Following straightboyfriend's post, Tumblr users began incorporating "lov the cronch" into text post and photoshop jokes, particularly related to subjects eating inedible or non-traditional foods. In December of 2016, Tumblr user elasticitymudflap added "Lov the Cronch" onto a popular text post where the original poster wondered why people eat ice. The post, shown below, has gained over 266,000 notes.

iamnotangela: uniklo: elovers: WHY THE FUCK DO PEOPLE EAT ICH Crunchy Cold. Ice cold Lov The Cronch

After the text spread through Tumblr through the end of 2016, A small fandom headcanon emerged on the site for the musical Dear Evan Hansen that the character Jared Kleinman eats bath bombs.[2][3]

AT&T LTE 4:20 PM Jared l'm working at LUSH the soap store eat a bath bomb Delivered I already have I'm eating one rn actuslly Lov the cronch IMessage Okay Yes No 123 return space

Various Examples

GOD LOVE LEAVES A REALTMY AND DEICIous (OH Howt Love THE CRUNC SnACK lov the cronch ARE YOU WONDERING WHY I WAS EATING THOSE OOOH ROCKS THE CR COULDN'T WITHOUT THISX ooD CRON내 2009: omnomnom 2017: CRONCH un cooked nooales wow lov -the Cronch 20m ago Pirate Treasure Ahoy Mateyt Thar be every bath owb 84.99 each lov the cronch

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