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Meme Chimera, also known as Crossover Meme, is an internet slang expression referring to images that combine two or more meme templates, which are typically used to create an absurd narrative.


On Semptember 14th, 2017, Redditor [1] Lithium1024 posted an image called "Heartbreaking story" that combined Powder that makes you say yes, I Killed a Man comic and You Don't Surf on /r/bonehurtingjuice subreddit. Within one month, the post (shown below) received more than 9,300 points (91% upvoted) and 90 comments.

Meme Chimera of Heart Breaking story that combines the memes of I Killed A Man, You don't Surf and Powder that makes you say Yes into one long webcomic meme


Though the image wasn't a considered a traditional Bone Hurting Juice meme, one moderator of the subreddit, kiribizia, approved its posting for creativity and meta_[2]. That day, user TempusCavus launched the subreddit /r/MemeChimera[3] for memes such as this.

Over the following days, similar posts were appearing on both, /r/bonehurtingjuice and /r/MemeChimera subreddits. On September 26th, Redditor[4][5] Jackattack413 posted the first part of a Meme Chimera on /r/bonehurtingjuice and received more than 1,100 points (97% upvoted) and 60 comments in less than a month (shown below, right). The second part (shown below, right), posted on October 5th, received more than 200 points (98% upvoted) in three weeks in the /r/2juicy4bones[6] subreddit.

One of my friends told me that someone's making bone hurting powder, but disguising it so everyone thinks that it won't hurt your bones. Have you consumed any? No, but thank you for telling me. I will inform my friends o this. Oof, I took these pills so my bones wouldn't hurt, but they made my bones hurt. Pills that don't make your bones hurt Whoever gave these to me is a monster I don't like it when my bones hurt. Maybe this will help. Owie! My bones are hurting! I've been tricked! Thanks for teling me this. I will get revenge on whoever tried to trick Don't eat that honey that doesn't hurt your bones!!! It's bone hurting honey in disguise!! Hey, did you sell all of those bone hurting foods? Yeah I did but I think that it's evil to sell bone hurting juice but say that it doesn't hurt bones, ce it's trickery Th use I'm evil, remember? hahahahahahahahahahahahahahahahaha Magical bowling ball, who keeps hurting our bones? It is Mr Jameson Thank you. I must stop him from hurting more This task is too tough for one person. You need help people's bones. Brother, do you have any oats that don't hurt bones? ok. no Everybody! Mr Jameson is selli Mr. Jameson is evil! Mr. Jameson illegal Tll call 9 illegal bone hurt stuffl!! stuff! It was Mr. Jameson! go tel that man GEN I'm chopping onions right now, so leave if you don't want to cry Mr. Jameson, you are about to be killed for disguising bone hurting juice as stuff that doesnt hurt bones. Do have any last words? Yes please, that would be nice. 4000 Ok, here you go You look sad. Do you want some juice that doesn't hurt bones? Oof owie ouchll!!l have been tricked! I'm freell To be continued oid you hear? Mr lameson was notklied Hey, have you see the Emoji Movie? my One of my Juice, so l gave it to the kill me and tricked him into thinking that I was s gave me some Mr how did you escape the mank who was tring pto kill you with a train? eiving hirp juice that doesn't hurt vour banes Oh no Susan, are you ck? GENC You leave, since your friend is in the hospital Dangit, Me, Janeson discovered that I con owoys try agein wanted te arnest Okay, here's your buy food that doesn' lameson Maybe this ind Mr. Jameson Mr. Jameson, I'm ordering pizza. Um, can you get it with pineapples on it? I like toppi do you want on lt?pineapples on my pizza. Hahaha order my pizza bonel Magic 8 Ball, how do I defeat Mr lameson? That's disapointing. I wanted to arrest Mr. Jameson so I could Ask aga n later. help our world be a better place defeating him. All hal Mr. n Fan l go home? After I get my pizza. It still hasn't arrived. Yeah it's been 4 hours since ordered your It's getting late. I'm yawn s kind of weird Oops, I fell and drapped s Holla Jom we have finaly s ok, it's still pizza Why did it take you4 hours? 've beern Ssop right there, M lamesant am Darth Dutch, and I will stap youl guard! You don't have a hall youl You cannet go from using the restroom Zooo wll defeat you and Bur i need to use the restroom!! Mr. Jameon

Various Examples

2+2= Pass it forward Okay Three of you will come with me to the principal's office Who asked for help? I didn't I didn't I did 2+2 = 2+2 = 4 2+2 = 3 hello doggo you are now a cat boom i reversed your spell b*tcH
Hello, dog. How is life? MY BRAIN HURTS STOP EVERYTHING!! Oh no WHAT THIS POOR DOG NEEDS IS BRAIN HEALING PILLS! WHEN THE BRAIN HURTS, JUST ONE PILU TAKES IT ALL AWAY!!! THE HURTING LITERALLY SHOOTS OUT FROM THE BRAIN* AS A REPUTABLE THIRD PERSON CANNOT STRESS ENOUGH THE NEED TO TAKE BRAIN HEALING PILLS BUY YOUR BRAIN HEALING PILLS TODAY!! *SIDE E AY I DE MINOR BONE PAIN 9.5k ↓ 142 くShare BEST u/kenhurtbonezz. 4h This comic hurts my brain... 763 ↓ ← Reply u/gildedUP 1h Sounds like you need some brain healing pills 173 ↓ ←Reply : u/brainpleez 38m 23 ↓ ← Reply u/elnachato 2m META 1 ↓ ← Reply u/nomorebraaaainpain 7m Reading this on mobile hurt my brain too Oof ow ouchie my brain! *Takes brain healing pill* Now I feel like a spry young kid again and not a planted commenter assigned to drum up sales Edit: MY BONESIII LINK YOUR PAIN HAS BEEN REDIRECTED REDIR buenos dios Oh boy:lsure cant wait to get some food DIOUjustbng somethR ohwellzIuess not JUSTRAN OVER SOMEONE 2 1 WILL TAKE RESPONSIBILETY OVER UNDERSTANDABEE.MYACTIONS AND VISITHIM AT THE ALY HOSPITAL GENC Majtt 8-6all how me yor Now show me YAY your happy face Now agairn suprised This is not suprised D*

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