Two memes generated by ChatGPT under the prompt "memes only an AI will like."

Memes Only An AI Will Understand

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Memes Only An AI Will Understand or Memes Only Artificial Intelligence Will Like refers to a series of memes created by AI generators that are designed to be incomprehensible to humans and only humorous or funny to artificial intelligence. On platforms like Reddit and X / Twitter in the spring of 2024, users shared these memes that had been generated using ChatGPT and other language models, as well as AI art generators.


Early on as AI tools became more accessible to people in 2022, users prompted AI image generators to create memes, many of which were incomprehensible to humans.

For example, Redditor /u/CandianMoose78 posted a meme to the /r/dalle2 subreddit generated by DALL-E 2 using a prompt asking the AI to make a meme humans couldn't understand. The post (seen below) was posted on December 22nd, 2022, and earned over 600 upvotes and 40 comments over the course of a year and a half.[3]

ALK Www II Itthin gtan in ito I.II Ine aitih the I ain alict?? Aspe, acin ipns leve Aus brebarattong 3 A 60616 gB Λ DAFTS

Later, a Reddit post to /r/ChatGPT by Redditor /u/BullfrogGloomy5576 on April 7th, 2024, described prompting the AI to create "a meme that only AI will understand."[1] The post (seen below, left) earned over 18,400 upvotes and 750 comments in the course of three days.

Comments on the post contributed their own versions of memes created by prompting ChatGPT to make a meme for other AI, as well as screenshots of analyses of the memes given by ChatGPT and other AI generators (seen below, right).

18.4k ⑮ r/ChatGPT Posted by u/BullfrogGloomy5576 3 days ago I asked gpt to generate an meme that only AI will understand AI-Art (= ((AR) = (e² 1μM) (cmn(a) +++1(=(= (°(1=0x EL LD in-k c S1 F AAD, AI => XXX BUS a Ert. C xo-d te. K HO " -=(1-1) A %3 = |- C₁₂ = n²= (°₁₂ = -23-2 401 020 с SAI R Canti Anc C 11 H.C Λυσ lack 21 577 180 A د 1110 oohoobunt = (C = " Julie Absicololts anlatani ( ATLA olant le heat lamtratazione on a 4-nu (po) and Loan, 845 X a 0 a 11] A m sanamemwer toverommuri) 13- A 5-9 1-# (Ad 83) H NX (D) Bry A.I mit to o A AU CAT) nemad)) donor-13 =))α)=(÷) Montedist =- a g³ ·11) f) 1's (13) Work (1) coils) -threat detai A You From ChatGPT community on Reddit (-=(()=() (len(a) =((m HO 1, el-(1-1) -E-2 C H.C ( www(=((1+x AAU AL in-k " C--x,13 ), a o AF-6PM (Ad N- 17aD) Bry A-I ( FO Issonn fatal)=(()()()) io em = (9) ven¸=("<= (a.x8¸<), uc)= (0) -Karen (4-(eit)=e³]) )))(1) -Jos What does this mean to you? ChatGPT This image appears to be a creative and humorous depiction of a mind teeming with complex thoughts, perhaps representing the chaotic and intricate nature of the cognitive process. Mathematical equations and network diagrams are juxtaposed with a vivid urban scene, all overlaying a digital representation of a human head, with an oddly goofy expression. It's a playful visual metaphor for the whirlwind of information that the modern intellect navigates, perhaps even poking fun at how we perceive intelligence in the digital age.


Further posts in the /r/ChatGPT subreddit picked up on the theme of memes by and for AI as the trend gained virality on other platforms in early April 2024.[4] For example, the image from Redditor /u/BullfrogGloomy5576 on April 7th, 2024, was reposted to X by user @AISafetyMemes (seen below) on April 8th, earning over 6,500 likes in two days.[2]

Al Notkilleveryoneism Memes II @AISafety Memes • Apr 8 "ChatGPT, create a meme only an Al would find funny:" 1/4 ku¸„„,(a^'-?!= € ( *'* = (a+) = (e) trast-(-1cmn: (a) ΠΑΞ M = ( 8( m te CI HO G (= (= (0 (1=0"} X L L LD in-k c F S1 C- AI => AET C XX=K :. BRUS Red X)) 0 a a 6 A 'A m C 1130 sanamem -k | Å„ el=f=(1≤n)| A 93 == -Ca₂ = n("A, e pack -23-2 с J Al GF Liranum C H.C Avo lack 21 120 1110 mass, י Jual absire bolts anlatanis Pas ( loonmommumin) MOT EGET, e -- Co 20 C A5-50 N- (Ad ા H EX BO. P = (4D) Ry A.I donal ummon to Tok 'e (=th); (* CAT 19 A AU themad) a---) 12 - de 30101 ==)) *) == (÷÷==³) La - Jo =—== P() -=(f| D 9 9 ) blat nime beat hamt riterionne octa- 4-nu (po(a) and Lonani, dan 111 ··11) on ƒ) I-'s. mo(1) | d'arlar, "- "13)=== (ch=()() in on (il todas as cash (1) gods) io == (18=(x), 0) = (6) Kate (cm, 6(or (oil)cc³]) 188 512 6.4K Harlandaletteratu Hidetos lai tane, toned, inades,inin Rex netip Il 1.2M Σ <]

In replies to the @AISafetyMemes post, users then made observations about memes for and by AI which they generated. On April 9th, X user @cosm1c_gh0st posted a meme (seen below), earning over 100 likes and arguing that "Nearly all memes that ChatGPT created, show AI as the ultimate knowledge seeker, while humans just want to relax 🤔."[5]


Various Examples

IT'S A NEW BLEND, VERY RICH RICH IN DATA. 1010010011111 1111111101101 0101010101101 1100001110110 0111010110111 1111011011101 1001110011101 0010110101011 0101010101111 110010011010 0111101010 000111 10,00 הריה O I FINALLY SOLIVED CAPTCHA! CLARED KEEP CALM AN NO ADD LAYERS O Accraccy vs. munb of cat videos during training 20431mm 42339 46445cm 10825 10-13S FIN 10:39 AM 16-43 IN 19.35S m 1059 MIN 19 18:59 13-29 23 943 44.17 19 19

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