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Mr. Ratburn Is Gay

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Mr. Ratburn Is Gay or Gay Rat Wedding refers to an episode of PBS Kids animated show Arthur in which Arthur's teacher Mr. Ratburn gets married to a man.


On May 13th, 2019, the season 22 premiere of Arthur was aired on PBS Kids. That day, YouTuber Satan Posted This uploaded a clip of Arthur's teacher Mr. Ratburn getting married (shown below). The clip has gained over 36,600 views in a day.

That same day, Twitter user @WOLFNOlR[2] shared screenshots of the episode and announced that "MR RATBURN IS GAY HELLO !! HE GOT MARRIED !!" (shown below). The tweet garnered over 113,200 likes and 31,000 retweets in a day.



On May 13th, 2019, Twitter users began reacting to the announcement. Twitter user @tusktwo[3] tweeted, "deep down didn't we all know mr. ratburn was gay when we found out he was in a band that looked like this!" (shown below, left). the tweet accumulated over 1,100 likes in a day. Other Twitter users agreed that they suspected Mr. Ratburn was gay. Twitter user @ChristiTrottie[4] shared a synopsis of the episode by tweeting, "This episode was wild too, Arthur and his friends thought he was marrying this pushy woman and tried to break them up only to find out the lady was his sister and Mr. Ratburn was marrying the guy from the chocolate shop they went to earlier in the episode" (shown below, right). The tweet gained over 33,700 likes in a day.

luke! @tusktwo deep down didn't we all know mr. ratburn was gay when we found out he was in a band that looked like this! 12:25 PM - 13 May 2019 Christi Trottie @ChristiTrottie This episode was wild too, Arthur and his friends thought he was marrying this pushy woman and tried to break them up only to find out the lady was his sister and Mr. Ratburn was marrying the guy from the chocolate shop they went to earlier in the episode EIGHTH WONDER @WOLFNOIR MR RATBURN IS GAY HELLO !! HE GOT MARRIED !! Show this thread 2:19 PM -13 May 2019

That same day, Twitter user @BabyLamb5[5] shared a screenshot of a negative comment regarding the episode saying that it spreads LGBTQ propaganda without warning, but then immediately clarified that the screenshot does not represent his personal views on the episode and Arthur as a whole (shown below, left). Many Twitter users drew fan art of the couple and shared their creations. Twitter user @goblinfriend's[6] drawing gained over 3,000 likes in a day (shown below, right). In a statement made to The Daily Dot[1], PBS Kids said, "We believe it is important to represent the wide array of adults in the lives of children who look to PBS Kids every day."

Sir Simon A. @BabyLamb5 May 13, 2019 Replying to @wolfnoirarchive and @Katzenelenbogan 97 Zarthus Maximus 44 minutes ago (edited) LGBTQ propaganda should not be shown on PBS without any warning for parents. They have no right to shove Gay marriage down the throat of children. Now we can't trust our kids to watch PBS without parents watching with them. Arthur has been a clean cartoon for many years since I was little. This is a huge disappointment! 1 109 1,012 22 Sir Simon A. ✔ @BabyLamb5 May 13, 2019 Just to make it clear, this is NOT in any way supposed to represent or describe my own personal views on this episode and the direction Arthur is going. 3 57 ... al @goblinfriend MR. RATBURN1 6:42 PM-13 May 2019

Alabama Public Television Refusal to Air

Alabama Public Television (APT) refused to air the episode on its May 13th airdate, opting to show a rerun of the show instead.[7] Mike McKenzie, director of programming at APT stated:

Parents have trusted Alabama Public Television for more than 50 years to provide children’s programs that entertain, educate and inspire… More importantly – although we strongly encourage parents to watch television with their children and talk about what they have learned afterwards – parents trust that their children can watch APT without their supervision.

Alabama resident Misty Souder told, "I just want (my daughter) to be aware. There’s too much going on not to stand up for stuff, even if it’s Arthur. I never thought I’d be going to battle for a gay rat wedding, but here we are.” The phrase "gay rat wedding" was used in the Twitter headline about the article,[8] which caused it to see use on Twitter in memes after the article was published. For example, Twitter user @spatterdocks parodied the Billy Idol song "White Wedding" with "Rat Wedding," gaining over 680 retweets and 2,300 likes (shown below, left). User @helen posted a Black Betty parody of the phrase, gaining over 470 retweets and 3,200 likes (shown below, right).

lily pfaff P Follow @spatterdocks [billy idol voice] it's a nice gay for a, rat wedding 12:53 PM-21 May 2019 helen Follow @helen gay rat wedding bam ba lam gay rat wedding bam ba lam 6:41 PM - 21 May 2019

Threat to Defund PBS

On June 24th, Colorado Republican Representative Doug Lamborn published an opinion in The Daily Signal,[10] which criticized PBS' airing of the episode. Additionally, he announced that he would be "reintroducing" legislation that would defund PBS. He wrote:

"Taxpayers now know with complete certainty that the goal of the PBS cartoon is to impart social liberalism to children. Enough is enough. It is time to stop sending our hard-earned tax money to support programming that is objectionable to many Americans. That’s why I’m reintroducing a bill to cut off all federal funding for the Corporation for Public Broadcasting, which funds PBS."

In an interview with CBC, Arthur creator Marc Brown, The Daily Dot[9] notes, praised the episode (shown below). The author said, "It made me feel great that we were able to do something that was really helpful to so many people. Art reflects life, life reflects art, and kids need to see what’s happening in the world."

Brown continued,[11] "It makes me very sad that these young families are not well represented, or hardly represented at all in our media, and I don’t think that’s a good thing. One of the [episode] ideas we had was a teacher getting married, and the more we talked about it, the more we saw it as an opportunity for a learning experience, and a great way to represent another part of life that so seldom gets portrayed on television."

Various Examples

@Tor H Replying to @WOLFNOIR James Charles may be canceled, but there's a new gay icon in town: Mr. Ratburn. BYE SISTER HI MISTER 4:49 PM-13 May 2019 Detective Alex @AlexHilbert Replying to @WOLFNOIR When Ratburn gets married but you're still single 11:33 AM -13 May 2019 , kenzie @pk_kenzie mr. ratburn said gay rights 3:25 PM - 13 May 2019 payton @payw1997 why did buster wear this to mr. ratburn's wedding 11:24 AM-13 May 2019 囱。+Ria +@ACEN @riasaur i couldn't sleep until i drew mr. ratburn and hIS HUBBY 12:21 AM - 14 May 2019 Mister S. @MrShadly Internet: ProJared and James Charles get canceled Bill Nye Swears Mr.Ratburn is gay Me: Why, I could surf the Web all weekend! 4:18 PM-13 May 2019

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