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Beanbag Adventure, also spelled Bean Bag Adventure, is a Chinese Douyin (TikTok) user and urban explorer who, in January 2022, discovered and filmed what is purportedly an abandoned organ harvesting lab in China or Vietnam filled with the decomposing bodies of children — though some believe the footage is fake. In the videos, Beanbag claims the bodies are props from a movie, which some speculate he said to avoid censorship. The series of three separate videos have since been removed and reuploaded online multiple times. In late February 2023, YouTuber Nick Crowley posted a video exploring the topic, which subsequently sparked widespread discussions and theories about the mystery online. Some people claim the location is an old air raid shelter for Bethune Medical College of Jilin University in Changchun City, Jilin Province. Others believe the base is located in Bao Tan, Vietnam.


Child Organ Harvesting Lab

In February 2022, a Chinese Douyin[7] user and urban explorer who goes by Beanbag Adventure posted a video (shown below, reuploaded)[1] in which he explores an abandoned building, claiming there's a "stench" as he enters. He goes into the building's basement, following the smell, and comes across a pool-like structure filled with murky water and what appears to be children's bodies decaying in it, causing him to gag. Before he shows the water, he says the bodies are props from an old movie set. Some believed the video was fake, while others believed he only said they were props to avoid censorship or prosecution.

(Rough Translation From YouTube Comment):

  • 00:00~00:14 — Brothers, this is the lab in that air-raid shelter (This is not his first-time visit), there is a whole pool of children(‘s body), I'm gonna get some footage, people that are faint-hearted, do not watch this.
  • 00:15 — From now on pay attention to the details.
  • 00:17 — That's a children's hat lying on the ground.
  • 00:20~00:35 — In… in the pool (stutter), look at the details, after the formalin soaking, and there's maybe some seepage of water (probably from the ceiling), the pool is full of water and expired formalin (I did some amend, the original poster is speaking incoherently, probably from the anxiety and the stench).
  • 00:40~00:44 — (Inaudible) Holy fuck.
  • 00:46~00:57 — Look at the details, bro, this smell, I'm impressed by myself, somehow I'm withstanding this smell (original poster only has a basic medical mask on), probably it's because I'm currently infected with covid.
  • 00:58~01:05 — Oh, fuck this (smell), check the time, it's currently 2022.12.26 11:26.
  • 01:06~01:24 — Bros, this smells, I can't believe I'm withstanding it, my covid is still not cured, it's not easy to film this (suggesting somebody is stopping him to reenter?), look at the details.
  • 01:28~01:31 — Ummmm (bitter laughter).
  • 01:38~01:43 — I don't even know what should I even say anymore, and in this corner are some bottled medicine as well.
  • 01:46~02:04 — Bye-bye, I'm gonna go, look at my shoes, damn this stench, bye-bye, bye-bye (inaudible).

He returned to the building on December 26th, 2022, where he finds bottles that weren't there on the first exploration. He also finds children's clothing around the pool structure, which is now covered by a blue tarp, although the bodies are still visible through an opening. They appear to be further decayed, with their skeletons visibly showing. Beanbag purportedly does not claim they're props this time (shown below, reupload).[2]

Beanbag then returned again a few days later for a third video in late December 2022,[3] traveling deeper into the underground lab. This time, he finds a fetus in a jar and piles of bones, including bags filled with bones. Many of the bones appear to be from adults (shown below, reupload).

Beanbag's account was removed following the upload of the videos. The account then returned later with the videos removed. He continued to post his usual urban exploration content and has not talked about the purported "organ lab" since.

Online Presence

The speculated "organ harvesting lab" became a subject of interest online outside of China in early 2023, initially on Reddit before spreading to other platforms. On January 14th, 2023, Twitter[8] user @minshengbaitai shared the video. The next day, Twitter[9] user @mayoutie1 commented, "I have been to this place before. It is located in Changchun City, Jilin Province. It is an underground air-raid shelter of the Bethune Medical College of Jilin University. The adjacent houses are laboratories. When I went there last time, I found a report written in 1992, which should be about that time."

On January 18th, Redditor u/Far-Influence-2355 posted a thread to /r/NoRules[4] in which they share the videos and what they suspect is the location of the lab via Google Maps, pointing to an isolated location in Bao Tan, Vietnam (shown below).

bilibili 慶第十余年医院 0:00/1:53 23 I don't know if this is the hospital, but if it is, the video was probably shot from this side of the building.

On February 28th, YouTuber[5] Nick Crowley then posted a video about the case, explaining some of the most popular theories about the location. One theory is that it's a hiding spot for a serial killer's victims, but one of the most prominent theories is that it is the location of a black market organ harvesting trade. This theory purportedly became popularized online after the second video, showing bodies without organs and with their chest cavities opened up. Some theorize that the location is only used as a dumping ground for the harvested bodies (shown below). The video gained over 340,000 views in a day.

According to Crowley's video, some people speculate that the Chinese government is responsible for the bodies. He discusses that while China has a low number of organ donors, it's also considered one of the easiest places to get an organ transplant, with wealthy foreigners often traveling to China to get transplants. In recent years, it was discovered that China was killing prisoners to harvest their organs.[6] Crowley goes on to discuss how some people believe an unconfirmed theory that the Chinese government kills children to harvest their organs for child organ transplants due to how profitable the organ trade is.

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Nox Lucis
Nox Lucis

If this is fakery, I'll give it credit for being some high-effort fakery. I probably have more experience with eviscerated children than anyone else here, so my weigh-in is that the lighting is poor, the supposed bodies have been soaked in a cocktail of who-knows-what, but if those are props then whoever made them is uncommonly familiar with what the rotting inside of a child's chest cavity looks like.

Nox Lucis
Nox Lucis

in reply to Phhase

Undertaker. I'm just saying that based on what I'm already familiar with, things do look somewhat occluded and theatrical here, but otherwise those are some pretty convincing looking rotten corpses. If this is fakery, it's expert-level fakery. Of course, with resources and using real anatomy as a reference one can make some standout props, so I'm not ready to call this one yet. People have gone a long way for a hoax before.

I have seen some shit.


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