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Mang0 is the handle of professional Super Smash Brothers Melee player Joseph Manuel Marquez. He is best known for his presence in the Super Smash Brothers Melee community, most notably playing Fox and Falco. He is widely regarded as one of the best players in the world.


Mang0 was born on December 10th, 1991. He got his name when he began playing Counter-Strike at age ten with the handle "I want a mango."[1] He first came onto the Melee scene after defeating well-known players including Mew2King at EVO 2007 playing Jigglypuff. By 2009, he was considered one of the best players in the world after defeating many top players and winning national tournaments. In 2010, after getting banned from Smashboards, he pranked the community by entering as ScorpionMaster94 and attending tournaments as Mario. By 2011 he was maining as Fox and Falco, and performed well in tournaments for the following decade. In 2014, he gained sponsorship from Cloud9. He has also played well in Project M and came 4th in the first Super Smash Brothers Ultimate invitational tournament.


Mang0's skill and dominance in Melee garnered him an episode of focus in the documentary The Smash Brothers, with his history and skill documented in Episode 8, "The Natural."

Mang0 is generally well-liked by the Melee community but has been the source of some controversy in his career.

2013 Reddit AMA

In 2013, Mang0 held an AMA on Reddit after winning EVO 2013.[2] There, he was criticized for flippant responses with poor grammar, and for being a poor representative of the Melee community. Additionally, fellow professional player Hungrybox criticized Mang0 for his rude conduct towards him at tournaments and accused him of turning the Melee community against him.[3] Mang0 responded flippantly, saying "I think ur a disgrace to the game and i think ur god awful," gaining -1112 points.[4]

Twitch Ban

On January 7th, 2019, mang0 was banned on Twitch for appearing to pass out drunk while watching football on stream (clip shown below).

Mang0 admitted that he was drunk but denied passing out and that the clip was intended to be a joke so he could take a break from streaming.[5] He has since tweeted updates about his life while Twitch keeps him banned (shown below).

Joseph Marquez Follow @C9Mango Day 1 update from unpaid vacation Played ultimate and dota till 2 am Ate McDonald's and 2 many hot Cheetos Dogs woke me up and my stomach really hurts now 1:17 PM- 8 Jan 2019 Joseph Marquez @C9Mango Follow Day 1.5 update Realized I haven't showered since the bar Always showered right before I started stream.. Now l'm lost and don't know when Also out of clean underwear Life is pairn 8:08 PM-8 Jan 2019

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PYRO Beatrice
PYRO Beatrice

"Melee Legend"
"Hasn't showered since the ban"

It's like the jokes write themselves!

No but really, this is dumb. It'd be one thing if he did pass out for real, but if it was actually just a joke intended to the end the stream, then it's pretty stupid Twitch banned him.

Also passing out drunk is a stupid reason for banning someone anyway, but whatever.


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