Fire Emblem character Roy in Super Smash Bros Melee

A Skilled Roy Can Beat Any Fox

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A Skilled Roy Can Beat Any Fox is a catchphrase within the competitive Super Smash Bros. Melee community. Popularized by the SSBM meme community Melee Hell, the phrase has been often used to mock ignorant statements of Melee's metagame.


Fire Emblem character Roy made his debut in the Super Smash Bros. series in Super Smash Bros. Melee. As a clone of Marth, Roy's playstyle is a mirror opposite, where Marth relies on the tip of his sword for massive damage on opponents while Roy relies on the hilt of his sword to get the most damage. Despite Roy's popularity among the Super Smash Bros. fandom, Roy has often been seen as a mediocre character in competitive Melee for his lack of reliable KO moves, combo weight, and mediocre recovery.

The origin of the quote "a skilled Roy can beat any Fox" has been contested among the Smash community. Some say the quote originates from a now-deleted YouTube comment on an IGN video showcasing Axe's Pikachu four stocking Silent Wolf's Fox in under a minute at EVO 2014, while others state that it started as an in-joke within the Melee Hell community, arguably as a forced meme by users until it gained traction.[1]


Despite the quote's origin being uncertain, the phrase has been used sarcastically in tier list debates within the Super Smash Bros. Melee community, mostly towards those who either argue the existence of tier lists in general or those who argue that the differences between Marth and Roy are so minuscule that the disparity in potential between the characters is almost trivial.

On June 22nd, 2015, a video was uploaded to Melee Hell's YouTube channel titled "A Skilled Roy Can Beat Any Fox." The video showcases Roy trying to prove that he can defeat Fox, with the video exaggerating Roy's weaknesses and Fox defeating him effortlessly.

Zain's Performance at Rona Rumble 3

On May 16th, 2020, Super Smash Bros. Melee top professional Zain Naghmi entered the third installment of the Rona Rumble online tournament series for Super Smash Bros. Melee. Entered in as "DontTestMe," Zain's performance garnered notoriety among the Smash community for using Roy and winning the tournament, defeating other ranked top professionals along the way. A highlight reel of Zain's performance was uploaded the following day on May 17th, 2020 by YouTuber Pengboys, garnering over 115K views as of November 14th, 2020.

Zain's performance would be reacted to and discussed by other notable top players, including Juan "Hungrybox" DeBiedma and Adam "Armada" Lindgren. Zain's performance and tournament win reignited discussion about Roy's potential in the game as a competitive character.

A Skilled Roy Can Beat Any Azura

An offshoot of the phrase is used within the Fire Emblem Heroes community where Fox is replaced with Azura, due to the character matchup in battles being heavily in Azura's favor due to her better equipment and stats.

"V ROY Azura 27 Danger Area End Turn ITS TRUE. ALL OF IT. THE SKILLED ROY. THE MEMES. ITS ALL TRUE. WHO WOULD WIN? The most popular Heroes in the game, dominating the top of the tier lists and being the rarest units in the game A skilled Roy Skilled Roy Stamina 99199 18.805 Azura By any chance, are you perhaps Skilled Roy?

Various Examples

Who would win? 1 trillion lions A skilled Roy FOX 23 TIER IT WAS HIS HAT ROY! HE WAS NUMBER 1! 1000 a skilled roy CCCC A ORIGINAL HELU Hey man a skilled roy can beat any fox ORIGINAL MELEE HEL Oh no It's retarded oh no one of them new beast heroes are bam coming to attaack me someone help aaaaaaaaaaaaaa aaaaaaaaaaaaaa a wow roy thanks! that is very simple lililina but how did you pull that off with your humongous and awe inspiring base attack stat of 30???? a skilled roy can beat any fox NNIA 78% 6:40 PM Q Search CARFAX MANAGE Active now CARFAX 217K people like this including lyana RMuhammad and 2 friends Cars 4.55 PM A skilled roy can beat any fox. 640 PM Perhaps, Jordan, but a skilled player can beat an unskilled player no matter who they main. Fox is fast, reliable, and accurate - just like the Car Fox! Write a message.

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[1] Reddit – /r/smashbros

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Fun fact: Roy is also pretty bad in his own game, basically being a big weight you have to lug around for like half the game (because you are forced to get him to the end of every single chapter), though he does eventually get better because he gets access to the strongest weapon I have ever seen in a Fire Emblem game, but the 3 chapters where he is like that hardly makes up for the dozen before it where he's nearly worthless.

He's still probably tiered better than he is in Melee because armor knights are fucking terrible in every FE as far as I'm aware and Binding Blade thinks that giving you extremely underleveled units is hilarious so they do it like half a dozen times. In general, the game has a billion units and half of them are crappy for various reasons; my favorite is Fae, who is actually great except for her only getting 30 attacks ever which is makes her nearly unusable. You can do a complicated and risky glitch to get her an infinite supply of weaker attacks but there's one map and a boss fight left at that point so it's not really worth the effort.


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