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ProZD is the internet handle of voice actor SungWon Cho, who rose to internet prominence via videos posted to his Vine, YouTube, and Instagram accounts in which he often makes fun of tropes in video games and anime.


Cho uploaded the first video to his YouTube account on May 16th, 2006.[1] His first video to gain significant interest utilizing his voice-acting talents, posted June 4th, 2010, featured him singing a parody of the Disney song "Under the Sea" in the voice of Bioshock character Andrew Ryan (shown below).

Over the next few years, Cho built a YouTube following by doing dubs of animations for video games like Phoenix Wright: Ace Attorney and Professor Layton.[2]

Goofy Covers

On February 7th, 2014, he uploaded to his Tumblr what would become his most viral work yet, a cover of the Frozen song "Let It Go" sung in the voice of Disney character Goofy.[3] On Tumblr, it has gained over 70,000 notes. The same day, he uploaded the song to YouTube, where it gained over 653,000 views (shown below).

The popularity of his Goofy-voice covers brought Cho his widest audience yet. Two months after his Frozen covers, Cho uploaded a video of himself singing Evanescense's Bring Me to Life, which garnered over 3.2 million views (shown below).


On November 14th, 2014, Cho started a Vine account with a post of him singing in the voice of a dancing turtle (YouTube repost shown below).[4]

On his Vine, Cho introduced one of his most recognizable styles, filming himself as he imitates popular video game and anime tropes. On Vine, he gained over 196.7k followers before the site shut down. He has posted all of his Vines to his Instagram account,[5] which has over 37.6k followers, to his YouTube account, which has over 215,000 subscribers.

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About time. This guy's been steadily growing in popularity, his vines and other stuff are extremely applicable to a lot of situations, and, of course, who could forget his greatest creation?


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