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The Amazing Atheist is the YouTube handle of Terroja Kincaid, a vlogger who produces monologue videos expressing his opinions on controversial topics. Initially, he spoke mostly about atheism and anti-theism, but later branched out to cover a wider variety of political and social issues.

Online History

On November 20th, 2006, TheAmazingAtheist[1] released his first video titled "Rant #1," in which he discussed his views on various world religions and atheism (shown below). Many people criticized the video for Kincaid's use of ethnic slurs, including "towel head" and "nigger."

On January 7th, 2009, the @amazingatheist Twitter[11] feed was created, which received over 26,000 followers within the next four years. On December 27th, 2010, "The Amazing Atheist" Facebook[10] page was created, accumulating over 38,500 likes within the next two years. As of October 30th, 2012, TheAmazingAtheist YouTube channel has over 118 million video views, 320,000 subscribers and 530 video uploads.

On That Guy With Glasses

In 2009, TheAmazingAtheist joined the review team on Doug Walker's website That Guy With The Glasses[2], where he took the alias of TheDistressedWatcher.[3] Among his contributions to the site were Trailer Failure,[4] a show in which he would review numerous movie trailers, and Sour Note[5] , which featured his sarcastic commentaries on music videos. His videos were poorly received by the audience, who created numerous petitions for him to be removed from the site. After being ousted from the site in September of 2011, he posted a video on YouTube stating that he understood why he was no longer part of the site's review team.

Notable Videos


Kincaid has written four books, including In Defense of Evil,[12] Neckbeard Uprising,[16] Scumbag: Musings of a Subhuman[13] and The Final Revelation.[14] Each book contains Kincaid's beliefs on various topics written in a similar style to his YouTube videos.


October 2011: Banana-Gate

In October 2011, a personal video of TheAmazingAtheist was leaked on the internet depicting him performing a sexual act with a banana. The video quickly spread across other internet culture blogs, soon leading 4chan users to mobilize a raid against his Facebook page and website. On October 31st, Kincaid posted a video titled "BananaGate 2011," in which he attempted to explain the context of the banana video (shown below). The video was subsequently reblogged by IGN[6], DailyDot[7] and Escapist Magazine.[8]

February 2012: Rape Joke Controversy

On February 8th, 2012, Kincaid mocked a proclaimed rape survivor on the social news site Reddit and was subsequently attacked by many members of the community. Kincaid reacted by deleting his Reddit account, but several screenshots of his comments were taken prior to their removal (shown below).

[-] Lorrdernie 2 points 31 minutes ago (210) I'm so surprised that you don't believe in triggers. You're such a wonderful human being. ) Wait, that's not right, you're actually still an enormous s------- permalink parent source report save reply hide child comments MensRights Use subreddit style 30,012 readers Show my flair on this reddit. It looks like: ↑ [-] CR50 [S] 0 points 23 minutes ago (2 2) ArchangelleGabrielle OH MY GOD. THAT'S TRIGGERING LANGUAGE! MY PTS IS ACTING UP NOW! Advocacy isn't just about what is popular - stay Seriously, if you buy into the "triggers" thing, then why is using "triggering" language towards me okay? Because I'm scum informed, keep up with r/MensRights by sorting by NEW Lorrdernie 2 points 18 minutes ago (210) Yeah. Because you're scum. Also, because you're not actually being triggered Do you know any r--- victims? Statistically you probably do. Do you happily make r--- jokes around them? The Men's Rights subreddit is a place for people who believe that en are currently being disadvantaged by society. Due to this belief, this subreddit has been earning scorn from bigoted feminists and white knights since 2008 ↑ [-] CR50 On the differences between Feminism and the Men's Rights Movement. [S] -2 points 18 minutes ago (2|4) I will make you a r--- victim if you don't f--- off Short list of the challenges faced by males: False accusations 1 2 34 5 Vilification 1 2 3 4 5 ↑ [-] CR50 [S] -2 points 18 minutes ago (215) That was a joke, by the way. Did it trigger you? I hope it did permalink parent source report save reply Custody Discrimination 1 2 Legal Discrimination 1 Education Discrimination 1 2 [-] Lorrdernie 2 points 16 minutes ago (31) I already am a r--- victim thanks and no it didn't. Thanks though. Hoping that people will relive some of the worst experiences of their lives is pretty cool of you though. Real edgy Edit: P.S. http://i.imgur.com/yp83u.gif permalink parent source report save reply Lack of social support 1 2 Uneven distribution of workplace deaths 1 Sole gender for selective service Prevalence of Male Genital Mutilation 1 2 3 Some general information ↑ [-] CR50 S] -1 points 14 minutes ago (2|3) . What is r/MensRights? . What is r/MensRights' take on Yeah. Well, you deserved it. So, f--- you. I hope it happens again soon. I'm tired of being treated like s--- by you mean little c---- and then you using your r--- as an excuse. Fuclk you. I think we should give the guy who r---- you a medal. I hope you f------ drown in r--- semen, you ugly, mean-spirited cow. Actually, I don't believe you were ever r----! What man would be tasteless enough to stick his d--- into a human cesspool like you? Nice gif of a turd going into my mouth. Is that kind of like the way that rapists d--- went in your p----? Or did he use your a------? Or was it both? Maybe you should think about it really hard for the next few hours. Relive it as much as possible. You know? Try to recall: was it my p---- or my ass? Feminism? . Frequently Asked Questions . Men's Rights Moderation Policy . Details on anti-male legislation Reddit Shout-outs: Egalitarianism as ism [-] Lorrdernie 2 points 8 minutes ago (210) It was actually a girl. You should cut out your misandry P.S. I'm not using my r--- as an excuse, I'm using you being an enormous misogynist, racist, ableist, walking embodiment of white male privilege as an excuse Daddit . MensRightsLaw Intactivists TrueFeminism Malestudies NOMAAM BigotryShowcase permalink parent source report save reply ↑ [-] CR50 S] 0 points 7 minutes ago (111) No, I'm not mad. I'm just trying to trigger you. It's not working, I guess. So, I guess the whole triggering thing is b------- after all? External shout-outs: American Coalition for Fathers and Children Fathers and Families S] 0 points 6 minutes ago (111) . Men's voting alliance BTW, you have to admit, when I told you that I hope you drown in r--- semen, you got a little wet, didn't you? It's okay. We're friends now. You can share Foundation for male studies - intro at Wagner College Swiss Antifeminist movement

On The following day, the Internet news site The Daily Dot[15] published an article titled "The Amazing Atheist Quits Reddit After Rape Comments," reporting that the controversy may have resulted in hundreds of people unsubscribing from Kincaid's YouTube channel. The article also included a screenshot showing Kincaid's apology to the Redditor he had insulted (shown below).

terrojaApology exp and all collapse all I- from terroja sent 14 minutes ago My comments to you were wrong and I regret them, not just because I'm getting s--- for them but because they were genuinely out of line. I was angry and I said stupid things, thinking I was making a point. I realize now that the point I was trying to make was totally over-ridden by the crudeness and cruelty with which I expressed myself. For my behavior, I apologize. I realize that you probably will not believe the sincerity of my apology, or will not accept it, but I apologize nonetheless permalink report block user mark unread reply full comments -] to terroja sent 4 minutes ago I'd be more willing to accept your apology if you were willing to post it in a public space, on your tumblr or on your facebook page or as a response to the video you made complaining about us. I do not, at this point forgive you in any way shape or form. If you are truly remorseful I would encourage you to make a public apology not only to me, but to the others that you might have hurt with your graphic descriptions of r---. Your comments were cruel, it's true, but you have a chance to make things a little bit better by pointing out to your fanbase that what you did was unacceptable permalink full comments I don't normally let other people bully me into doing what they want. Sorry, but a private apology is the best I'm willing to do. I have already publicly stated that what I said was wrong permalink report block user mark unread reply full comments

August 2013: Mysterious Takedowns

On August 19th, 2013, TheAmazingAtheist posted an urgent announcement (shown below) via his YouTube channel revealing that at least a dozen of his video commentaries were recently removed without an explanation. Although it still remain unclear as to what exactly prompted the mass removal, TheAmazingAtheist's update instantly sparked a debate between his fans and the critics in the comments section of the video page, garnering more than 127,000 views and 9,200 comments within the first 24 hours.

Later that same day, TheAmazingAtheist posted a screenshot of a YouTube Community Guidelines warning notification he had received on the grounds of "hate speech."

ATTENTION Text comments you posted to YouTube have been identified as containing hate speech, and have been deleted from the site. We encourage free speech and defend everyone's right to express their points of view even if unpopular. But YouTube does not permit hate speech. "Hate speech" means content that promotes hatred or violence against members of a protected group (race or ethnic origin religion, disability, gender, age, veteran status, and sexual orientation/gender identity). Sometimes there is a fine line between what is and what is not considered hate speech. If you're not sure whether or not your content crosses the line, dont post it. Your account has received one Community Guidelines warning strike, which will expire in six months. Additional violations may result in the temporary disabling of your ability to póst content to YouTübe and/or the permanent termination of your account. For more information on YouTube's Community Guidelines and how they are enforced, please visit the help center. I Acknowledge Date Received: Aug 19, 2013

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>Makes entire video begging for sympathy after his dad died
>"I was more saddened by this movie than my father's death"

>Blames Christians for the Holocaust
>"Transformers fans should be put into concentration camps"

>And his comments about rape…
>"I will make you a rape victim if you don’t fuck off."
>"BTW, you have to admit, when I told you that I hope you drown in rape semen, you got a little wet, didn't you? It’s okay. We’re friends now. You can share."
>"Fuck you, liar. All night you douches have tried to shit on me and tear me down. Then when I do the same it’s like, “Whoa man! That’s too far. Calm down.” No. Fuck you. Go get raped in whatever orifice you have to get fucking raped in. I am sick of your shit. I regret nothing."
>"I’m pretty sure I could rape you without getting killed if it was really on my agenda. I mean, you didn't kill the first guy, right?"

I think it's safe to say TJ is about the worst person who ever lived.


I'm a Christian, and while I disagree with them on many things, I have respect for many outspoken atheists, including Penn Jillette, Richard Dawkins, ZJ, Nonstampcollector, heck, even Darkmatter; also, I've disliked many Christian youtubers I've heard of (besides Jefferson Bethke, The5thWatcher, and thepursuitblog, although I don't 100% agree with any of them.)
However, I cannot stand theamazingatheist, and I seriously doubt that would change if I was an atheist.


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