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Towel is the pseudonym used by an anonymous hacker who gained minor notoriety for hacking and vandalizing the YouTube and Twitter accounts of several notable video bloggers in late October 2015.


Little biographical information is available about the anonymous hacker. The name "Towel" remained rather obscure until early November 2015, when several YouTube channels and Twitter accounts of popular video bloggers, including YourMovieSucks, Exinthevatican (Joel Johansson of Vinesauce) and Lyle McDouchebag, as well as the Tumblr account of Markiplier, were breached and vandalized with the pseudonymous signature.

Exinthevatican Channel Hijack

On November 4th, the hacker claimed responsibility for breaching and hijacking the YouTube and Twitch channels of Joel Johansson, a well-known member of the popular video game streaming channel Vinesauce, replacing his YouTube avatar and channel name with images bearing the signature "Towel." In addition to vandalizing Johansson's social media channels, Towel also uploaded three videos in which he taunts the subscribers by stating that he now owns the channel, while banning nearly everyone who commented on the Vinesauce streamer's Twitch channel.

Towel Subscribe 187,773 Home Videos Playlists Channels Discussion About Uploads ▼ Date added (newest-oldest) ▼ Grid ▼ WINDOWS18 DESTRUCTION WINDOWS 8 DESTRUCTION 9 3:54 3:18 5:32 12:01 Goodbye. (Read Desc.) 33,992 views 7 hours ago #viva la Towel @Towel 107,977 views 2 days ago [Vinesauce] Joel - Destroying Vinesauce] Joel - PC Optimizer Vinesaucel Joel -Windows8 Rollercoaster Tycoon 461,780 views 2 months ago Pro Scammer Prank Call( 311,940 views 3 months ago Destruction 645,634 views 3 months ago FACADE PIRATED GTA GAMES FROM 20 SHOTS CORRUPTIONS FROM HELL 8:13 8:31 8:46 8.28 7:40 Vinesaucel Joel - Mugen ( Batshit Fighter) 177,567 views 3 months ago [Vinesauce] Joel - Ripoff Mario Vinesauce] Joel - Facade Vinesauce] Joel-Pirated GTA Vinesauce] Joel-Illegal Bootleg Games From Indonesia Games From Hell 263,401 views 4 months ago Corruptions 2 245,993 views 5months ago Fireworks 214,160 views 6 months ago 292,863 views 5months ago

Shortly after the hack, Johansson's subscribers began discussing the events on Vinesauce's official forum, the /r/vinesauce subreddit and 4chan's /v/ board, with some reportedly attempting to identify and mobilize a raid against the hacker. On the following day, a brief article about the anonymous hacker "Towel" was created on Vinesauce's Wikia site. On November 8th, Towel uploaded a video titled "Goodbye" to Johansson's YouTube channel, seemingly suggesting that he would release his control over the channel. However, by the next day, all of Johansson's videos had been deleted from the channel. As of November 10th, all of the videos that had been removed were restored and a short video of Johansson announcing the recovery of his channel was uploaded.

Lyle McDouchebag's Twitter Account

On November 7th, Towel claimed responsibility for taking control of popular Machinima filmmaker Lyle McDouchebag's Twitter account and renaming it to "Towel McDouchebag." By November 10th, Lyle McDouchebag's Twitter feed had been restored.

01 10 FOLLOWERS LIKES 40.7K47 TWEETSFOLLOWING Follow 7,457365 Tweets Tweets & replies Photos &videos Towel McDouchebag @LyleMcDouchebag New to Twitter? Sign up now to get your own personalized timeline! Pinned Tweet I love hate and hate everything else Towel McDouchebag @LyleMcDouchebag Oct 24 Are you ready to get BRUTAL? Los Angeles, CA θ O Joined August 2011 Sign up YouTube You may also like Refresh 838 Photos and videos Life is Brutal-Lyle McDouchebag & FamilyJule...。 Spazkid @Spazkidin3d Kotra @Kootra auce quash Seamus He﹃eh @SSoHPKC ull Stream Sp00nerism 47141 Mamasp0On 291 Dexter Manning @DexterJManning Trends #5DaysTI!PURPOSE Life is Brutal Lyle McDouchebag & FamilyJules7x

YourMovieSucks' Twitter Account

On November 7th, Towel took control of YouTube film critic YourMovieSucks' Twitter account. As of November 10th, the account appears to be restored.

TWEETS 3,499 FOLLOWING FOLLOWERS LIKES + Follow 136 15.1K 2,955 Tweets Tweets & replies Photos &videos YMS (Towel) @2gay2lift The official YMS Twitter account. Follows are not endorsements New to Twitter? Sign up now to get your own personalized timeline! YMS (Towel) @2gay 2lift Nov 7 Towel Signing out... aaaaaaaaaaaaaaacyaaaaa Sign up θ YourMovie-Sucks O Joined August 2013 YMS (Towel) @2gay 2lift Nov 7 You may also like Refresh 4 Jeremy Jahns @JeremyJahns Chris Stuckmann @Chris_Stuckmann 441 Photos and videos YMS (Towel) @2gay 2lift Nov 7 Let's see if twitter is as fun as YouTube huehue reath w shouting·AAAR 20 Cool Cat @CoolCatlovesyou

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