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Vinesauce is a video game streaming website which features hosts commentating on a wide variety of games, including corrupted versions of games on the NES/SNES/N64 etc. played on an emulator. Most of their videos on YouTube consist of snippets taken from their main Twitch livestreams[11].


The original Vinesauce YouTube page[1] was created on February 20th, 2010 by a video streamer identifying himself as "Vinny." The name "Vinesauce" originally comes from an inside joke his friends came up with when remarking that the vines in the game Mario Party appeared to be "coming out of an ass."[2] The YouTube channel initially featured recordings of video game playthroughs and amateur comedy videos.

On May 11th, 2010, Vinny launched the Vinesauce website[3] and was joined by several additional streamers, including KY, Joel, Fred, MentalJen, Limes, Darren, Studyguy, Rev, Hootey, Imakuni and FearGingers.[4] On April 13th, 2013, a page for "Vinesauce" was created on TV Tropes.[5] On April 17th, the Vinesauce Tumblr[7] blog was launched. On January 25th, 2014, a Facebook[10] page titled "Vinesauce" was created, gained over 2,100 likes in the first four months.


The Vinesauce website contains feeds for each Vinesauce streamer, archives of past video feeds and a user discussion forum.

Mario 64 Corruptions

The Vinesauce YouTube channel uploaded a video featuring game footage of a corrupted version of the 1996 Nintendo 64 game Super Mario 64 in November 2013 (shown below). The video gathered upwards of 1.33 million views and 2,600 comments in the first year.

Supra Mayro Kratt

Mayro is a poorly drawn version of the famous video game character Mario, who stars in his own surrealistic series of fan games. Vinny commentated a fan game called Super Mayro Kratt[8] on August 27, 2012.


Sanic, much like Mayro, is a poorly drawn version of the video game character Sonic The Hedgehog. [9] Vinesauce has used the character in fan games in videos, including The Legend of Sanic: Ocarina of Fast (shown below).

Bonzi Buddy

Bonzi Buddy is an infamous adware program designed for Windows XP. It received a boost in popularity in February of 2014 after streamer Joel featured it prominently in his "Windows XP Destruction" video.

Grand Dad

Grand Dad (formerly named 7 GRAND DAD) is an infamous Famicom bootleg of The Flintstones: The Rescue of Dino & Hoppy. It become famous during Joel's "Insane Mario Bootleg Games" stream, and is a recurring Vinesauce in-joke.


The Vinebooru[14] is a booru created for the purpose of allowing fans to submit artwork. It is often related to a stream or an event during a stream or can simply be art related to Vinesauce in general.


Speen (a play on the word spin) is a catchphrase created by Vinny. Whenever a character in a video game spins around, whether naturally or due to a glitch, Vinny says "speen" in a comedic accent. This comes from a 2018 Mario & Luigi Let's Play.


As of May 2014, the Vinesauce YouTube channel has accumulated over 59 million video views, and the Vinesauce Twitch channel has more than 14 million views.[11]

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Moby The Duck
Moby The Duck

- Obviously spliced audio (breaks with literally no noise can be seen if you open it on an audio editor, that is impossible to happen on a phone call)
- They talk about Danny's drama during the audio. That only unfolded like two weeks ago but supposedly this call only happened in February.
- Talking about personal stuff in an email address that is monitored by his mods
- Wrong email icon
- Emails full of emojis and memespeak (Vinny is an english major)
- Some of said memes (Pepperoni Secret, bobs) didnt show up until 2019, "email" was sent in 2018
- "Dude trust me" source
- Twitter posts from a brand new account were retwitted IMMEDIATELY after posing by GPM (ex-Vinesauce streamer that was let go because lying for donations) and a friend of his
- "Evidence" in protected document that keeps updating after every hole is found
- Vinny has streaming during the emails (accuser then said "whoops wrong timezone)
- Happening right after the whole Dan thing
- Vinny is a guy that cant stand to stay in the same room as other people and gave up on relationships long ago



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