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Picrew Hate refers to negative discussions and jokes about internet users that use display pictures made on the avatar generation website Picrew.me. Picrew avatars are stereotypically associated with tenderqueers, a term used for young and overly emotional LGBTQ+ people. Picrew avis and PFPs are also sometimes associated with neo-nazis and radical trans-exclusionary feminists (TERFs). A Picrew template made by creator "sangled" is often singled out for attracting users that deliver the worst takes on Twitter.


The digital avatar-maker Picrew.me was officially released by two staff at the Japanese company TetraChroma Inc in December 2018. In July 2019, the artist @Sangled on Twitter[1] posted the earliest known art from her Picrew template, gathering over 50 likes in roughly three years (seen below, left). The template has since been deleted but can be accessed via a private link.[2] On May 5th, 2020, @Sangled posted a screenshot of a Tumblr interaction with a tweet[3] that read, "words can’t describe the feeling of seeing a passion project turn into a vehicle for the most absurd shit so whenever i see my picrew out of context i just refer to this interaction." The tweet gathered over 8,000 likes in roughly three years (seen below, right).

sang @Sangled i'm happy to say that i'm currently 80% done with my picrew! here are some randomly generated folks picrew.me β€’ γ¨γ˜γ‚‹ 7:18 AM Jul 13, 2019 A A - N : peteseeger SANDERS @bloomfilters 26% wheat witch β˜† . SANDERS VS. MODERATES BUTTIGIEG 3:25 PM 2/13/20 - Twitter Web App KLOBUCHAR TOTAL: 53% doritokittenthesecond @sangled you did this BIDEN sangled was god responsible for the crimes of man


On October 3rd, 2020, Twitter[4] user @basedpi posted a meme hating on Sangled Picrews, gathering over 4,000 likes in over three years (seen below, left). On April 10th, 2020, Twitter[5] user @strangeauthor posted a tweet criticizing how many picrews have limited skin tone options, gathering over 2,000 likes in over three years (seen below, right)

NEVER TRUST THESE BITCHES WITH THIS PICREW ICON WORST MISTAKE OF MY LIFE! watch sonic 2 @strangeauthor 3:18 AM - Apr 10, 2020 hello picrew fucker heres the deal if you only have these two skinstones and no other i will come to your house and break your fucking computer and that is a promise OO : 615 Retweets 12 Quote Tweets 2,750 Likes ...

On January 8th, 2021, Picrew creator @Sangled[6] posted art about how their Picrew template had become associated with people they didn't like on the internet, including neo-nazis. The post gathered over 5,000 likes in over two years (seen below).

On May 2nd, 2021, Twitter[7] user @momimiracle posted a tweet showing the Sangled Picrew, saying "I want every Twitter user who uses an icon from this picrew put on an isolated island and watch them fight to the death danganronpa battle royale among us hunger games style." The tweet gathered over 7,000 likes in roughly two years (seen below, left). On June 5th, 2021, Twitter[8] user @bog_chaser posted a tweet that read, "Obviously rushed picrew avi account made three days ago: Reminder that NOMAPs and MAPs are LGBTQIP+ β€οΈπŸ§‘πŸ’›πŸ’šπŸ’™πŸ’œ / KineticRapist (quote tweeting): they’re not even HIDING it anymore!!!" gathering over 1,000 likes in a similar timeframe (seen below, right).

hee.....hheee @momimiracle I want every Twitter user who uses an icon from this picrew put on an isolated island and watch them fight to the death danganronpa battle royale among us hunger games style γγ›γ‹γˆ 12:01 PM-May 2, 2021 : Character Creator Sangled ○個人 β—‹ιžε•†η”¨|x商用|x加ε·₯ Twitter: https://twitter.com/Sangled He There's a lot of customization, 1,526 Retweets 91 Quote Tweets 7,955 Likes sapphic white boy @bog_chaser Obviously rushed picrew avi account made three days ago: Reminder that NOMAPs and MAPs are LGBTQIP+ KineticRapist (quote tweeting): they're not even HIDING it anymore!!! 11:08 PM Jun 5, 2021 . 107 Retweets 3 Quote Tweets 1,041 Likes :

Various Reddit threads inquiring as to why people hate Picrew avis and Angled Picrew avis, in particular, began to appear after the year 2020.[9][10] In April 2022, the original creator of the Sangled Picrew decided to remove the template from the official website.[11]

Various Examples

REPOST IF YOU HATE THIS FUCKING ART STYLE Mista CHUD Isolation @twinkophrenia ... If you had a picrew avi and posted directly out of a 1950s offensive joke book, but subbed "women" out for "bottoms" in every one, i honestly think you could hit 10k within a month 10:01 PM Nov 28, 2022 2,028 Retweets 96 Quote Tweets 19.2K Likes Co S I no longer active saph @saphinical rt to scare picrew artists 4:28 AM Nov 17, 2022 7,381 Retweets 99 Quote Tweets 35.1K Likes : lu @daeshi_.4h Is it really that big of a deal.. not his fault arabs dont have standardized spellings for their names in latin 5,745 Ψ¨Ψ§Ψ± 3 27 6 5 Hurt CoPain @Saeed DiCaprio 4h that's crazy I wonder if there is a way to find out someone's name spelling, perhaps somewhere on the email right above the subject line ₁4,867 1 12 1 247 企 lu @daeshi_.4h BFFR.. Its ableist to expect everyone to read EVERYTHING 1,714 27 5 ↑ 3 企 E Bataan Twink Death March @Java_jigga Genuinely why do all these war crimes companies hire/support so many of the uwu soft core fanfic types? Is every picrew avi a sneak Aerospace engineer or is this just every adult like this now 4:20 AM. Aug 1, 2022 125 Retweets 37 Quote Tweets 3,596 Likes

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