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Plane Bae is the nickname given to Euan Holden, a man who was the subject of a viral Twitter thread in which he was documented making a romantic connection with a woman he sat next to on a plane.


On July 3rd, 2018, Twitter user @roseybeeme[1] tweeted a thread detailing her experience on a plane in which she asked a man to switch seats with her to one row forward so that she could sit next to her boyfriend on the flight. After joking with her boyfriend that it would be funny if the man and his new row partner would be the love of each other's lives, she discovered that the couple actually did seem compatible and documented some details of their conversation, physical contact, and their trip to the airplane bathroom on the flight. The first tweet in the thread gained over 362,000 retweets and 889,000 likes.

Rosey Blair @roseybeeme ( Follow ) 、 / Last night on a flight home, my boyfriend and I asked a woman to together. We made a joke that maybe of her life and well, now I present you switch seats with me so we could sit her new seat partner would be the love with this thread. 9:25 AM-3 Jul 2018 BEYOND Breaking. They just left for the bathroom at the SAME TIME.


The viral thread was covered by several news organizations including USA Today,[2] who discovered that Holden is the brother of former US Men's National Soccer Team player Stu Holden. Other publications like Vox[3] and the Atlantic[4] were more suspicious and critical of the ordeal, bringing up that the incident may have been a hoax and that even if it wasn't, it could be an invasion of privacy. Holden tweeted after the thread went viral that it was "hilarious," telling @roseybeeme he knew she was taking pictures (shown below, left). He also created a hashtag for the event, #catchflightsandfeelings (shown below, right).

Euan Holden @EuanHolden Follow v Hilarious... Knew you were taking pictures Rosey Blair @roseybeeme Last night on a flight home, my boyfriend and I asked a woman to switch seats with me so we could sit together. We made a joke that maybe her new seat partner would be the love of her life and well, now I present you with this thread. Show this thread 10:49 PM-3 Jul 2018 Euan Holden @EuanHolden Follow Millennials let me help you- it's #CatchingFlightsANDFeelings 1:22 AM -4 Jul 2018

The story was covered by news organizations as well, as Holden and the documenting couple appeared on national news, while the woman in the story, identified as Helen, has not stepped into the limelight.


In the days following the viral thread, the woman who was filmed, known as "Helen," confirmed that she'd been doxxed and harassed in real life since the thread's spread.[5] In a statement to Business Insider, the woman wrote:

"I am a young professional woman. On July 2, I took a commercial flight from New York to Dallas. Without my knowledge or consent, other passengers photographed me and recorded my conversation with a seatmate. They posted images and recordings to social media, and speculated unfairly about my private conduct.
"Since then, my personal information has been widely distributed online. Strangers publicly discussed my private life based on patently false information. I have been doxxed, shamed, insulted and harassed. Voyeurs have come looking for me online and in the real world.
"I did not ask for and do not seek attention. #PlaneBae is not a romance – it is a digital-age cautionary tale about privacy, identity, ethics and consent.
"Please continue to respect my privacy, and my desire to remain anonymous."

Beeme also deleted the original viral thread, saying, "The last thing I want to do is remove agency and autonomy from another woman… I wish I could communicate the shame I feel in having done this, but I truly feel that at this point my feelings are irrelevant." (Full apology shown below).

Rosey Blair @rosevbeeme Follow I don't know what to do. I am at a loss. When I Helen, to you although you're not much of an made this and shared it, I was happy, joyful and overcome with authentic and sincere excitement. So much so that I could not see the potential exploitative nature of the outcome and my actions. The last thing I want to do is to remove agency and autonomy from another woman. I wish I could communicate the shame l feel in having done this, but I truly feel that at this point my feelings are irrelevant. This may be coming too little too late. I've been instructed by peers who have experienced similar waves of positive and negative attention to let it blow over. That does not sit well with my conscience. internet fan, I hope you see this I apologize for utilizing what could have been a beautiful charming moment among strangers as a tool to communicate a narrative I am fond of. I apologize for taking what should have been a small mundane moment of cheeriness and turning it into something foul and over- amplified. I apologize for taking away something that I myself value quite a bit which is sharing one's own story publicly as means to inspire others. What I have done is in no ways inspirational. Every woman has a right to her own story. And to have taken away yours and turned it into my own was wrong on many levels. Helen to you, I offer my 2:50 PM 10 Jul 2018

Euan Holden posted to YouTube his thoughts on the situation, calling it a humbling experience for him (shown below).

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