Protegent Antivirus' "Yes"

Protegent Antivirus' "Yes"

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Protegent Antivirus' "Yes" refers to a still image of a 3D-animated man experiencing computer issues taken from a 2016 commercial for Protegent Antivirus. The image, captioned "Yes," has been used online as a reaction, with the implied meaning of "yes" often being "many" or "every single one."


On September 9th, 2016, Indian software company Unistal uploaded a commercial for its antivirus software Protegent to YouTube (original commercial removed, reupload shown below).[1] In the animated commercial, a mustached man wearing an orange suit experienced computer issues, with Protegent mascot Proto recommending him to use the software.

- Oops, my system crashed! I lost my data. But I had an antivirus!
- Antivirus is not enough! You need Protegent: the world's only antivirus with data recovery software!


On August 19th, 2019, Redditor Foliblox used a reaction image from the commercial captioned "Yes," with the post receiving over 88,300 upvotes in three months (shown below).[2]

Me: How many viruses do i have? Free Anti-Virus: Yes

In the following months, the image saw moderate spread on Reddit as a reaction, with "yes" interpreted as "many" or "every single one." For example, a September 9th, 2019, post by Redditor dcxr received over 33,100 upvotes in two months (shown below, left).[3] An October 17th, 2019, post by Redditor Arsene_Lupine_The_7th accumulated over 41,400 upvotes in one month (shown below, right).[4]

Cabinet advisor: How many people do you want executed? Stalin: Yes Russians: How long will Putin be President? Putin: Yes

Various Examples

Germany: Who are we at war with? Hitler: Yes Me: Someday we will die, and someday nobody will remember us. And someday the universe will be all gone. What is life? What do we live for? Why were we put on earth? My Magic 8-ball: Yes
Me: *is two weeks into high school* My parents: how much homework do you have? Me: Yes DP: Ok so for Giorno's theme we were thinking either orchestral, jazz, electronic, rock, rap, or choir. What do you think? Yugo Kanno: Yes Wife: What's that lipstick doing on your collar? Me: Yes



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