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Renderforest Memes

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Renderforest Memes refers to a series of videos made using the business and marketing presentation template platform Renderforest,[1] which uses prefabbed, computer-generated three-dimensional models to create slideshow-type video sequences.


The animated video presentation template platform RenderForest.com launched on March 19th, 2013.[2][4]

The origin of the meme is unknown. On July 27th, 2017, YouTuber Fusi the Meme published one of the earliest known remixes using RenderForest for meme-ing, which features the video game Undertale character Sans (shown below, left). Two years later, on November 18th, 2019, YouTuber soldierdotcfg shared the earliest known version of the meme, "top 10 reasons why i should be a moderator in this server." The post received more than 8,000 views in less than two years (shown below, right).


Following the post, people began sharing memes that use the format of the RenderForest.com presentation template, adding their own comments, jokes and parodies of the RenderForest.com format. For example, on December 2nd, 2019, YouTuber Blitz AshSpear shared the video "tf2 epic win 240p," which is a version of a Team Fortress 2 video in which the memer willfully mistakes the video game weapon "eviction notice" for one sent by a landlord. The post received more than 22,000 views in less than two years (shown below).[3]

Over the next year, usage of the format continued to grow, generally using the same presentation format that features a character in a green shirt guiding the viewer through a presentation. On July 18th, 2020, YouTuber Vaxyppah published one of the most viewed version on YouTuber, "top 10 resons i hate minecraf!!" The post received more than 22,000 views in less than one year (shown below, left).

On January 10th, 2021, the YouTube channel Lessons in Meme Culture published the video "Why Renderforest Memes Criticize Corporate Art." In the video, Lessons in Meme Culture argues that memers use the Renderforest format to provide a "commentary on the annoying banality of common presentation templates." Lessons in Meme Culture presents two sides to this argument, stating that while its effective to use Renderforests own tools to satirize these templates, Renderforest could also benefit from these memes by say using a Renderforest meme to sell their own product. The post received more than 335,000 views in less than one week (shown below, right).

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