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Sans is a non-playable character from the 2015 role-playing game Undertale. The character is one of the most popular in the game and has spawned numerous memes and fanworks.

Origin and Character

Sans' first appeared in 2013 as a bonus in the demo for Undertale, as well as in a video created for the game's Kickstarter.[1] He later appeared in the game proper when it was released in 2015.

Sans is a skeleton who appears several times throughout the game; while he is primarily a supporting character, depending on the player's actions, he may also act as the game's final boss, which is considered one of the most difficult battles in the game. Within the game, he is characterized as a slacker and a practical joker with a penchant for puns, albeit with moments of seriousness, and lives in the Snowdin area of the game alongside his younger brother Papyrus.

You're Gonna Have A Bad Time

You're Gonna Have A Bad Time is a quote stated by Sans before his fight as a final boss.

Get Dunked On

Get Dunked On is a phrase popularized within the Undertale fandom due to its use during Sans' final boss fight. If the player chooses to spare Sans, Sans will kill the player, resulting in this quote.


"Megalovania" is the name of the song which plays while the player fights Sans as a final boss. Originally appearing in Toby Fox's EarthBound Halloween Hack, the game was arranged as part of the soundtrack for the webcomic Homestuck before being rearranged for its appearance in Undertale.

The Truth About Sans / Sans Is Ness

The Truth About Sans / Sans Is Ness refers to a fan theory that Sans is actually the cahracter Ness from the Super Nintendo role-playing game EarthBound. The theory, originally proposed by The Game Theorists, has been widely mocked online.

Sans Gaming

Sans Gaming is a parody YouTube gaming channel whose name is derived from the Undertale character of the same name.

Sans in Super Smash Bros.

Sans in Smash refers to the joke that Sans could appear as a guest fighter in the Nintendo party game Super Smash Bros. The character appeared in the game as Mii Gunner costumer.[3]

Comic Sans

Sans is named after the infamous font Comic Sans. Within the game, Sans' dialogue is primarily written in the font. The concept of associating skeletons with fonts was inspired by the webcomic Helvetica.[2]

Sans Undertale

Sans Undertale is a name for the character which is typically used with ironic Undertale jokes.

Glowing Eye

At some points during Sans' fight as a final boss, his left eye will flash blue and orange. In fan works, this is often interpreted as a flaming, glowing blue eye. This has become known as a primary trait of the character and is sometimes used to reference the character in some contexts such as edits.

Glowing Genitalia

Due to his status as a skeleton, Sans is sometimes given glowing genitalia within Undertale Rule 34, which resembles his previously mentioned eye as well as some of his attacks within his boss fight. The concept is sometimes mocked within the fandom.

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